Why is the Church Wrong?

Four years ago, I began my journey to understand a religion that appeared to be genuine and easy to understand. But to my chagrin, this religion is decreasing in membership year after year. This is a religion I grew up with, where my father and mother were and are reverends of the church. I wanted to understand the core of its teachings, so I began with the most sacred doctrine of the church, which is the Ofudesaki. The Ofudesaki is said to be 17 chapters of verses that were written by God through the foundress, Miki Nakayama.

This book (Ofudesaki) explains what the purpose of life is, and why man was created. It gives us the instructions on how we as members of the church can begin to create a joyous life for all mankind. But as I began my translation and interpretation of this book, I found that the previous translation from Japanese to English were inaccurate. I found the interpretations also might be inaccurate due to God’s frequent use of agriculture terminology in teaching people how to increase church membership. I will give examples later on.

To my disappointment, I have been called selfish, arrogant, and stupid by some of my closest relatives. I have been accused of trying to change an established religion of 200 years. But my intent is not to malign this religion, but to spread a religion that would save all mankind. I have asked the main church in America to give me an opportunity to give my views on how to spread the religion to the world, but to my disappointment, they have ignored me. I believe this is the Japanese method of saying, “bleep you”. In the future, I would be happy to share my views at any time or place.

Why am I so motivated to share my views! I see the turmoil and suffering in the world. I see people trying to find purpose in life. I see people trying to be spirited, where it feels good to be alive. The Ofudesaki, which I call the Book of Prophecy, tells us how to get this spirit. We in the church have the responsibility of sharing this religion with the world. I believe truly that the Book of Prophecy tells us how to do it. It is the Joyous Service (prayer) which God calls the fertilizer (koe) that will save mankind, and not the 12 dances which some say must be performed perfectly in traditional Japanese garments.   Even in the songs 7 and 10, although the translations say without fertilizer(koe), I believe the correct translation is, with the fertilizer (Joyous Service), we shall receive a rich harvest (new members)

Please read the Ofudesaki, and tell me if I am wrong. Again I will be happy to give my views at any of your churches.



About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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