God created the universe.

Then God created mankind to live a joyous life.

But greed, arrogance, and self love became wide spread, creating suffering in this world.

By ourselves, it is sometimes difficult to acknowledge and rid ourselves of greed, arrogance and self love.

For love of his children, God grants us a special prayer to eliminate these evils from our minds.


Evil sweeping, save us please, Universal Saving God

(Repeat 21 times)

Note: abbreviated prayer (see official Heaven’s Truth site for complete prayer)

With the acceptance of our prayer, God guides us by placing disorder and illness on our selves appropriate to how we are using our minds today. God is showing us our future by these disorders. We have the ability to change our future by pondering over God’s guidance, and eliminate greed, arrogance and self love from our minds.

With our continual daily prayers, these illnesses and disorders will disappear and our minds will become spirited, and our future will become bright.

With this sincere prayer, anger, temptations and worry will also lessen in our lives.

Our goal is to have the entire world praying for world salvation. When this occurs, crime and wars will cease to exist.

To hasten this world of joy, please prove this prayer to yourselves and share it with others.

For further information please visit a Heaven’s Truth Church, or go to our website at heaventruth.com

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