OFUDESAKI/ CHAPTER 14 /1880  (Shuji opposses Oyasama)

Dono yona yume o miru no mo Tsukihi nari

Nani o yu no mo mina Tsukihi ya de 14-1

Whatever you may dream, it is done by God.

Whatever is said (Ofudesaki) also is all by God.

Tsukihi yori nichinichi kokoro sekikomedo

Soba no kokoro wa izumu bakari de 14-2

The mind of God hastens day after day,

but the minds of you close to me are only depressed (mind not pure yet).

Izumu no mo doshite izumu koto naraba

kami niwa nanimo shiran yue nari 14-3

The depressed ones, why are they so depressed?

It is because those in high places know nothing.

Sekai niwa sore o shirazu ni nani goto mo

Mina shitagote izumi iru nari 14-4

Unaware of this, the whole world follows them in all matters

and is depressed.

Tsukihi niwa daiichi kore ga zannen na

Sokode dono yona koto mo suru no ya 14-5

For God, this is the greatest regret.

Therefore, that is why I do whatever things.

Tsukihi yori nichinichi kokoro seta tote

Kuchi dewa domu yu ni yuwaren 14-6

The mind of God hastens day by day,

but I cannot tell of it in words, even should I so desire.

Soreyue ni yume de nari tomo nioigake

Hayaku shiyan o shite kureru yo 14-7

That is why I put the fragrance even into your dreams.

Please quickly ponder over it and come.

Tsukihi niwa kono zannen to yu mono wa

Kuchi de yu yona koto de nai zo ya 14-8

This regret of God

is not something that can be told in words.

Kyomade wa donna hanashi mo dandan to

Iroiro toite kitaru naredomo 14-9

Until today, in my talks (Ofudesaki)  on whatever matters,

I have taught you various things step by step.

Nani yu mo higara kokugen kitaran de

Nanimo mietaru koto wa nai node 14-10

What was said, since the day of the appointed time (Jan. 26, 1887) has not yet come,

has not been seen.

Soreyue ni nani o Tsukihi ga yuta tote

Mina utagote yuikesu bakari 14-11

That is why all of you doubt

and erase by your words whatever God says.

Tsukihi niwa daiichi kore ga zannen na

Nandemo kore o shikato arawasu 14-12

For God, this is the greatest regret.

By all means, I shall clearly reveal what I have said.

Imamade wa donna koto oba yuta tote

Suguni mietaru koto wa nakeredo 14-13

Though until now there was never a time

that whatever I said was immediately seen (guidance not seen to others).

Konotabi wa mikka no uchi ni dandan to

Sekai no hanashi nani o kiku yara 14-14

This time, within three days,

no one knows what you will hear step by step.

Korekara wa nichinichi Tsukihi hataraku de

Donna shigoto o suru ya shiren de 14-15

From now on, God will work day after day.

There is no knowing what work I shall do.

Kono yo ni kamai tsukimono bakemono mo

Kanarazu aru to sarani omouna 14-16

Never think in the least that curses, demons,

or evil spirits exist in this world.

Imamade ni Tsukihi zannen yamayama to

Tsumorite aru o mina harasu de na 14-17

I shall clear away all the regret of God

which has piled up mountainous until now.

Kono harashi doshite harasu koto naraba

Tsukihi no kokoro mina shite miseru 14-18

This regret, how is it to be released?

I will show everyone God’s mind (placing illness as guidance).

Kyomade wa kono yo hajimete hi wa tatedo

Tsukihi shinjitsu mada shiromai na 14-19

Many days have passed since I began the world.

Yet perhaps you do not know the truth of God.

Dona yona koto demo Tsukihi suru koto ya

Ikana koto demo yamai dewa nai 14-20

Whatever is done, is done by God.

Whatever happens, know that it is not an illness.

Minouchi ni dono yona koto o shita totemo

Yamai dewa nai Tsukihi teiri ya 14-21

Whatever I do to the body,

it is not an illness but the guidance of God.

Sekai niwa korera to yute iru keredo

Tsukihi zannen shirasu koto nari 14-22

Society is saying that it is cholera,

but it is God informing you of his regret (weeding of mind/ guidance).

Sekaiju doko no hito demo onaji koto

Izume bakari no kokoro naredomo 14-23

Everywhere in the world, people are the same,

they only have depressed minds.

Korekara wa kokoro shikkari irekaete

Yokizukume no kokoro naru yo 14-24

From now on, firmly replace the mind

and become the mind of joyousness (remove greed, arrogance, and self love).

Tsukihi niwa ningen hajime kaketa no wa

Yokiyusan ga mitai yue kara 14-25

The reason God began human beings

was the desire to see you lead a joyous life.

Sekai niwa kono shinjitsu o shiran kara

Mina dokomade mo izumu bakari de 14-26

Because the world does not know this truth,

everyone sinks only deeper into depression (has much greed, arrogance, and self love)

Tsukihi yori yokizukume to yu no o na

Kore tometa nara zanen eronaru 14-27

God desires to bring joyousness to all.

If  this is stopped, the regret will grow enormous.

Kono hanashi dozo shikkari kikiwakete

Hayaku shiyan o shite kureru yo 14-28

I request you to understand this talk clearly,

quickly ponder and come

Imamade wa Tsukihi to yute toitaredo

Mo kyokara wa namai kaeru de 14-29

Until now, I taught you by the name Moon/Sun (God),

but from today I shall replace the name.

Kyomade wa taisha takayama habikarite

Mamani shiteita koto de aredomo 14-30

Until today, though the grand shrines and high mountains

have thrived and done as they pleased.

Korekara wa Oya ga kawarite mamani suru

Kore somuitara suguni kayasu de 14-31

From now on, I, the Parent (God) shall do as I please instead.

Defy me and I shall give a return at once.

Kyomade mo Oya no zannen to yu mono wa

Chotto no koto dewa nai to omoe yo 14-32

Know that the regret of the Parent even before today

has not been slight.

Konotabi mo mada sekai niwa nani goto mo

Habikaru bakari nanimo shirazu ni 14-33

Yet at this time, the world is only rampant in all matters,

knowing nothing.

Ningen mo kodomo kawai de aro ga na

Sore o omote shiyan shite kure 14-34

With you humans, also your children are dear to you.

Think of this and ponder please.

Nichinichi ni Oya no shiyan to yu mono wa

Tasukeru moyo bakari omoteru 14-35

Day after day, the concern of the Parent

is only about the means to save you.

Sore shirazu mina sekaiju wa ichiretsu ni

Nando ashiki no yoni omote 14-36

Unaware of this, everyone in the world

thinks that I am intending something evil.

Nanimo kamo Oya no zannen yoku omoe

Kodomo bakari ni iken shirarete 14-37

In all matters, think well about the Parent’s regret,

being only opposed by my own children.

Korekara wa donna tokoro no iken demo

Oya ga dete iru ukeru koto nashi 14-38

From now on, wherever any places opposition,

The parent will appear, and not accept it.

Kono iken dono yona mono ga habikarite

Ya to omoeba suguni shirizoku 14-39

This opposition, if anyone becomes rampant and directs it to me,

I shall withdraw at once (will leave person alone, no  guidance given).

Dono yona shigoto suru nimo saki i yori

Seeippai ni kotowarite oku 14-40

Whatever I may work,

I shall give you as much notice in advance as I possibly can (Ofudesaki).

Kyomade wa donna koto omo nichinichi ni

Shinpai shitaru koto de aredomo 14-41

Until today, though you have been worrying

about all matters day after day,

Asukara wa donna koto oba totemo

Nani o kiite mo tanoshimi bakari 14-42

From tomorrow on, whatever you see and whatever you hear

will only give you delight.

Koremade wa takayama kara wa nanimo kamo

Donna sashizu mo uketa naredomo 14-43

Though until this time the high mountains have given

directives on every matter.

Konosaki wa dono yona koto o yuwaretemo

Oya no sashizu ya sarani uken de 14-44

Hereafter whatever kinds of things are said,

Nothing said against me shall I ever accept.

Imamade wa higara mo chitto kitaran de

Donna koto demo jitto shite ita 14-45

Until now, as the day has not yet come,

I have been keeping still on whatever matters.

Mo kyo wa hi ga jubun ni  tsunde aru

Donna koto demo sono mamani suru 14-46

But today, the day has finally passed.

I shall directly do whatever things as I intend.

Korekara wa Oya no omou koto bakari

Hito koto yueba kore chigawan de 14-47

From now on, everything will be as the Parent intends.

Just a word and it will be realized without fail (Prayer for God’s blessing).

Sekaiju ichiretsu wa mina dokomade mo

Donna koto oga aru ya shiren de 14-48

Throughout the world unto its farthest places,

no one knows what will happen.

Dono yona koto ga aritemo shinjitsu no

kokoro shidai ni kowai koto nasho 14-49

Whatever may happen, there will be nothing to fear,

depending on your mind of sincerity.

kokoro sai sukiyaka sunda koto naraba

Donna koto demo tanoshimi bakari 14-50

If only the mind is purified completely,

there will be nothing but delight in everything (due to causality).

kono hanashi utagau kokoro aru naraba

Shochi shite iyo donna michi yara 14-51

If you are of mind to doubt this talk,

beware of the paths you may come upon.

Sekaiju wa Oya no ta niwa mina kodomo

Kawai amarite nani o yu yara 14-52

Everyone throughout the world is a child dear to the Parent.

There is no knowing what I may say out of my deep love for you.

Kono sekai takayama nitemo tanisoko mo

Oya no ta niwa kodomo bakari ya 14-53

In this world, whether it be in the high mountains

or the low valleys, everyone is a child of mine, the Parent.

Konotabi wa nandemo kademo shinjitsu no

Oya no kokoro o shirashitai kara 14-54

This time, by all means, I must have you know

the mind of your true Parent.

Kore saika tashikani shochi shita naraba

Itsu made ite mo yokizukume ya 14-55

If only you have understood it clearly,

your life will be filled with joy forever.

Kono michi wa Oya ga tanomiya ichiretsu wa

Dozo shikkari shochi shite kure 14-56

This path the Parent requests of all mankind.

Please firmly ponder over this.

Kyomade mo dono yona michi mo dandan to

Torinukete wa kitaru naredomo 14-57

Though until today we have passed

through every kind of path step by step (due to causality).

Korekara no michi wa nandemo mezurashii

Kono michi tori nuketa koto nara 14-58

The path from now on will be entirely new and marvelous.

If we pass through this path (hinokishin/weeding/water/fertilizer).

Sorekara wa Oya no kokoro ga isami dete

Donna koto demo hajime kakeru de 14-59

Then the mind of the Parent will spring forth spiritedly,

and I shall begin any and every working.

Kore saika hajime kaketaru koto naraba

Donna mono demo Oya ni motareru 14-60

If only I begin the workings,

everyone whoever one may be, will lean on the Parent (people coming to our churches).

Kono michi o tsukeyo tote ni shikoshirae

Donna mono demo mada shiromai na 14-61

I have been preparing to open this path,

but perhaps no one is yet aware of it.

Sa kakare mo korekara no michisuji wa

Donna mono demo abunaki wa nai 14-62

Now begin, In the course of this path from now on,

no danger will come to anyone, whoever one may be.

Imamade wa uchi no mono nimo iroiro ni

Shinpai kakete kitaru naredomo 14-63

Though until now I have brought anxiety to those within

about various matters.

Asukara wa Oya ga ichihana deru hodoni

Donna koto demo kayashi shite yaru 14-64

From tomorrow on, the Parent will go forth a step ahead of you

and give a return for every matter.

Sa kyo wa nanino hanashi mo dandan to

Komakashiku yue mo setsu ya 14-65

Today, you must explain my talks to others (the new members)

in detail step by step. The time has at last come. (process of hinokishin, or spreading God’s truth)

Nani nitemo yuwazu ni ite wa wakaran de

Nanika isai o mina yute kikase 14-66

There will be no understanding about anything

unless you tell them. Tell them everything all in detail.

kono hanashi nanino koto yara shiromai na

Oya no hataraki mina yute oke 14-67

Perhaps you do not know what this talk is about.

Tell them all about the workings of the Parent (God).

Hataraki mo nanino koto yara shiromai na

Sekai no kokoro mina arawasu de 14-68

Perhaps you do not know what my workings are.

I shall make all minds in the world be revealed (will see illness as guidance).

Kore oba na araware dasu to yu no mo na

Meme no kuchi de mina yuikakeru 14-69

To explain how they are to be revealed (by illness),

each of you will speak it by your own mouth.

Dono yona koto demo waga mi kuchi i yori

Yu koto naraba zehi wa arumai 14-70

Whatever kind of thing it may be, when you speak it

by your own mouth, it may be impossible to deny.

Korekara wa meme ni nanimo yuwai demo

Oya ga irikomi yute kakaru de 14-71

From now on, even if each of you keeps silent,

the Parent (God) will enter you and make you begin to speak out.

Konosaki wa donna mono demo shinjitsu ni

Mune no soji o mina shite kakaru 14-72

Hereafter, I shall truly begin to sweep clean

the heart of everyone of you, whoever you may be.

Kono soji doshite suru to omou kana

Donna iken o suru ya shiren de 14-73

How do you think this sweeping is to be done?

There is no knowing how I shall admonish one.

Dono yona koto ga aritemo anjina yo

Nanika yorozu wa Oya no iken ya 14-74

Whatever happens, do not worry.

Everything that happens is an admonition by the Parent.

Kuchi saki de nanbo shinjitsu yuta tote

Kikiwake ga nai Oya no zannen 14-75

No matter how I try to tell  the truth by words,

there is no understanding. The regret of  the Parent.

Soreyue ni Oya ga tainai irikonde

Donna koto oba suru ya shiren de 14-76

Therefore, the Parent will enter the body.

There is no knowing what I shall do (illness).

Dono yona setsunai koto ga aritemo na

Yamai dewa nai Oya no zanen ya 14-77

However trying the condition may be,

it is not an illness but the regret of the Parent (God).

Kono hanashi doko no koto tomo yuwan de na

Oya no ta niwa mina waga ko ya de 14-78

This talk is not about a particular place.

You are all children of Mine, the Parent.

Shinjitsu no Oya no zannen deta naraba

Kono osamekata tare mo shiromai 14-79

When the regret(as illiness) of the true Parent comes out (illness),

perhaps no one knows the way to settle it.

Kore oba na makoto shinjitsu aru naraba

Donna koto demo yute kikasuru 14-80

But if one has true sincerity in any situation (by pondering)

I shall teach  everything whatever.

Dono yona koto o yu yara shiren de na

Kore somuitara suguni shirizoku 14-81

There is no knowing what I shall say,

but should one reject it, I shall withdraw at once (God will not guide one).

Koremade wa nani o shita tote tomerarete

Somuku bakari no koto de aru kara 14-82

Until now, I was stopped from whatever I did.

There was nothing but rejection.

Kyonohi wa dono yona koto o shita totemo

Nani o yutemo somuki naki yo 14-83

Today, whatever I may do or whatever I may say,

do not reject it.

Kono michi wa kuregure tanomi oku hodoni

Oya ga hikiuke anji nai zo ya 14-84

I earnestly request you to take this path.

The Parent assures you, so there is no need to worry.

Kono koto wa nanino koto ya to omouna yo

Tsutome narimono hayaku hoshii de 14-85

Do not wonder what this is about.

I need musical instruments for the service quickly (Joyous Service  for God’s blessings).

Mo kyo wa donna koto oba shita totemo

Nanimo anjina Oya no ukeyai 14-86

Now today, whatever I may do,

you need not worry, for the Parent assures you.

Imamade wa kami niwa nanimo shiran kara

Sashitome bakari iken shitaredo 14-87

Until now, because they know nothing,

those in high places have always forbidden and opposed me.

Konotabi wa donna mono demo kanawan de

Yu kokoro nara Oya ga shirizoku 14-88

This time, anyone who is said to have a mind that opposes me,

the Parent will withdraw (God will leave person alone/ will not guide them).

Kono koto o hayaku kokoro o shikkari to

Sadame o tsukete hayaku kakare yo 14-89

On this matter, hasten to resolve your minds firmly

and begin quickly (begin the prayer).

Nanimo kamo hayaku Tsutome no shikoshirae

Oya no ukeyai kowami nai zo ya 14-90

Hasten to prepare everything for the Service.

Fear nothing for the Parent gives you assurance.

Kore oba na kokoro sadamete shiyan shite

Hayaku ninju no moyo isogu de 14-91

On this matter, resolve your minds and ponder.

I am haste to assemble the performers.

Hayabaya to kokoro sorote shikkari to

Tsutome suru nara sekai osamaru 14-92

If you quickly unite your minds and do the service with conviction (purity of mind),

the world will settle (new members to our churches).

Summary: Chapter 14

Your dreams may be God guiding you. Talking to early followers.

God says he hastens to save the world, but the minds are depressed.

God says the minds of the early followers are depressed (minds not pure) because they follow what the people that have evil in their minds.  The boisterous people know nothing.

God wants to tell the early followers about God’s truth, but cannot. He sometimes communicates by our dreams. God tells them to ponder the dreams.

God says that what was told has not come true yet, but look forward to the future. He will release his regret.

God says he will begin to work, and says what appears is God’s regret. He says demon, and curses do not exist. What appears is God’s guidance. Tells followers not to be anxious.

What ever God does to the body is guidance. God says that  the recent epidemic of cholera is God’s guidance. I believe this is to early followers.

God tells the early followers to replace the depressed mind by replacing it with joy. This is done by removing greed, arrogance, and self love from the mind.

God telling early followers that God will place illness as guidance since warning (Ofudesaki) have not worked. God telling early followers to tell those nearby (world) what God is going to do. Tell them God is going to enter bodies and place illness according to the mind (God is going to work). This is considered hinokishin or spreading God’s truths of what is going to happen.

God says to tell this information about what God is going to do to others. This may be considered hinokishin (spreading the truth).  Even if you are hesitant, God will make you speak. If we do not tell them, they will not see the illness as guidance when they experience it. God’s working occurs only after the Joyous Service is performed.

God says if the early followers refuse to ponder the illness as guidance, God will withdraw and will terminate the guidance.

God says that if one is able to ponder the illness, God will begin to teach the truths.

God tells the early followers to begin practice for the Joyous Service after they resolve their mind and ponder. By the Service, the world will settle. The Service brings people to our churches. Again we must tell others (hinokishin). We must have a pure mind when praying. We must perform the Joyous Service. This will bring new members to our churches.


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