Your illness can be cured

Throughout time, many of the prophets were able to heal people of their illnesses. But what was the purpose in the ability to heal the sick? Was this a way of telling people that they represented God? Or did these prophets understand the causes of these illnesses?  

If we are to understand the source of our illness, or disease, will we be able to cure our own inflictions?  Do all people have the capability to heal?  In the Tip of the Writing Brush is the following:

From now on, I shall save you from any pains, sufferings, or tumors by the Sazuke (prayer of healing). 6-106

No matter how serious your illness will become, I shall save you by the Sazuke (prayer of healing). 6-108

However serious an illness will become, never say that it will not be cured. 12-52

Understanding Causality is important in the removal of an illness.  Our prayer (sazuke and joyous service) begins this process.

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God’s Healing

The early followers were first introduced to the Heaven’s Truth Religion (Tenrikyo) by the miraculous healing that were performed by Oyasama (Miki Nakayama).  God tells us that the saving of those whom doctors are unable to save is the foundation of the path. You tell them the teachings. They listen and they are healed.  In the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brushi) is the following:

No matter how serious the illness will become,

If there is sincerity, I shall save you by the Salvation Service (sazuke). 6-108

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An Anthology of Osahizu Translations, Tenrikyo Overseas Department 2007



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The Soul

God tells us that we do not know the soul (heart). Although, there are many references to the heart or soul in our sacred books, we do not know very much about the soul. We cannot qualify or quantify it with science. Since we cannot identify it, we do not know when life starts or when the soul enters our bodies.

In our religion, we believe that the soul is the pure positive energy that carries our debts from our past lives. Some will have much debt surrounding the pure heart, while others will have no debt, allowing the pure heart to bring upon joy.

These debts eventually manifest as sufferings, illness or inconvenience in our lives. Like the DNA that carries information on our genetic makeup, our soul carries our fate. Where is the origin of our debts that the soul continues to collect?  This origin is from our minds. It is our negative thoughts of greed, arrogance, and self-love that the soul collects as negative energy, and will eventually release as sufferings; it is as if the soul maintains its own justice in the cycle of life and death. We sow what we reap. But these debts do not immediately manifest, causing us to blame others.

How do we get away from this cycle of suffering that the soul carries, and how do we prevent evil thoughts from emerging in our minds. First of all, we must not look for others to blame when inconvenience or suffering appears. We must not kill the messengers that come to collect our debts. We must calm our minds and not take action on our evil thoughts that may emerge from our minds when these sufferings or temptations occur. If we continually suppress these evil thoughts, these thought will eventually subside. For some, whose soul is surrounded by much debt, this process of purification will take time, and much dedication. God promises that this path is not easy; but if we follow it, our souls will become uncovered of debt, and our future will only be joyous.

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What is the Truth?

If I tell you that everything I will say is the opposite of what I intend to convey, am I telling the truth now with this statement? Words and actions can fool others as long as you can get away with it; but in the path of the heart (soul), it all comes to bear on yourself. This is causality where everything comes back to you. Everything is reflected in the world; our debts are all eventually collected in the form of suffering or inconveniences. You reap what you sow; this is not true, or is it?

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God has descended from Heaven and has given us instructions to live the joyous life. These truths are written in the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush).

God tells us to remove sin/evil (greed, arrogance, miserliness, and self love) from our minds, in order to live the joyous life.  When we are able to remove these dusts from our minds, we become spirited and happy. God promises us a path of eternal joy. But it is not easy to remove these evils/sins from our minds. In the Ofudesaki, God tells us that he will begin to help the world remove these evils from their minds.

God tells us that illness or misfortunes may be God’s guidance. Through his guidance, God gives us the opportunity to remove  evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) thoughts from our minds.  By calming our minds and not acting on our evil thoughts when faced with adversities and temptations (God’s guidance or karma/innen), we can gradually prevents these thoughts from originating from our minds. By this process, step by step our minds become pure of these evil thoughts and we become spirited.

God wants us to share this truth with others; he tells us that true joy is shared joy. We cannot experience true joy ourselves while others suffer.   God encourages us to tell others to understand events in their lives. They need to understand that illness  or inconveniences may be God’s guidance to purify their mind of evil. This spreading of Heaven’s truth is called hinokishin.

What happens to these people we share God’s truth with? God has given us a special prayer that will eventually bring all of them to our places of worship. Upon acceptance of our sincere prayer, God will begin to place illness as guidance to those who will be able to understand God’s guidance. They will come to our churches, and we will tell them about Heaven’s truths. They will then be healed of their guidance (illness). This is why hinokishin, or forewarning people of God’s guidance is so important. It is like planting the seeds and preparing the soil, which were familiar terms to the farmers, who were the early followers of our religion.


We believe in the law of causality and reincarnation. Good thoughts and actions result in joy.  Evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) thoughts and actions result in suffering and inconveniences in the future. Cause and effect have no time limitations. The effects of our actions may not develop until the next life.

Because God sees a dangerous path in the future, God will begin to work to sweep evil from our minds in this life time. This is what makes this religion so unique compared to other religions that believe in reincarnation and causality.

With the acceptance of our special prayer (Joyous Service), God will begin to shorten the time lapse between the cause and effect, making the relationship easier to understand. That illness or suffering is God informing you of  evil (greed, arrogance, and self-love) in your mind today. God gives you a glimpse of the future by this guidance. By pondering the illness and responding positively (acknowledging the evil in the mind, and not acting on them), the illness subsides; but more importantly the evil thoughts originating in your mind decreases. By this process, one becomes spirited, and the future becomes more  joyous.


To continue to purify our minds of sin/evil to become spirited.

To spread and share God’s truth with others. This is called hinokishin .

To pray daily with our special prayer (Joyous Service), asking God to help sweep evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) from the world’s mind.

To heal the people whose minds have been revealed when God guides them to us; and teach them about causality and true sincerity. True sincerity is a mind that ponders over suffering and obstacles, and accepts these inconveniences in a joyous manner. This will make our minds spirited; and by the principle of causality will bring forth joy in the future.


All mankind will live a joyous life with everyone helping each other.

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Galatians 6-7

If the world believed in reincarnation and causality (karma, cause and effect, innen), what a great world it would be. Could you imagine a world that would use its resources to help each other? It would be heaven on earth! There will be no hunger or crimes against each other. It can truly be a world without borders. In the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush), God promises that when all mankind is purified in mind, there will be paradise on earth. Only the belief in reincarnation and causality can bring upon this unimaginable feat.

Today there are people that believe that as long as one does not get caught, one can do anything he or she wants without any consequences. Some are led to believe, that repentance at the end will get them through the “pearly gates”. The acts of evil will be forgiven. These thoughts are contradicted in the following sacred books.

In Galatians 6-7 is the following:

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

In the Osashizu of the Heaven’s Truth Religion (Tenrikyo) is the following:

God’s path is the path of the heart (soul). As for the world’s path, you can get away with anything you do, provided that it passes unnoticed. On the path of the heart, however, everything comes to bear on the self. Jan. 27, 1891

Any and everything is reflected in the world. All is reflected in the world. The world is a mirror. July 29, 1888

If I say Causality, you probably do not understand it. The entire world is a mirror. Although all human beings go through births and rebirths, each way you have used your mind is accurately reflected in your body. Understand this well. Feb 15, 1888

For those who are taking the worldly path of sin, and are waiting toward the end to buy your tickets to the pearly gates, a fate somewhat different may await you; a fate you may deserve. If only everyone believed in reincarnation and causality, how the world will be a better place; some may even describe it as heaven on earth!

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Understanding of God

What separates humans from all other species of animals? We have the ability to reason and understand. But sometimes our ability to understand or reason becomes minimized. What happens when our reasoning skills disappear? Some will say that our animal instinct or survival skills become dominant. We see the traits of anger and selfishness manifest in our behavior. Look at what is happening in the world; we see anger and violence between races, countries, and political parties. People begin to follow beliefs, dogma, and high priests without question, like subservient pets. The special gift of reasoning begins to disappear. In the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush), God tells us that we do not understand. We do not understand our sacred books; we do not understand the prophets and messengers that God has sent to save us.

How do we begin to understand God? God tells us we need to remove evil from our minds. What are these evils that we need to remove? God tells us to remove the evils of greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness and self-love from our minds. These are the dusts that hinder our ability to reason. When we begin to understand, we will begin to see human beings as brothers and sisters, deserving of kindness and understanding.

But if human beings continue to accumulate the dust of greed, arrogance, and self-love, God warns us that there is a path of oxen and horses. God tells us that when so much evil is accumulated, we become like the animal that cannot reason. When this happen, upon our death, we may come back as animals. In the Ofudesaki is the following:

If you let your debts (greed, arrogance, self-love, miserliness, and covetousness) pile up,

there is seen a path of oxen and horses (Causality). 8-54.

What is just or more appropriate for the soul that has accumulated so much evil in this or previous life times, than to be placed in a mind that cannot reason?

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Fate is in our Hands

I would like to discuss causality and reincarnation. I have heard that early Christianity believed in reincarnation, but I cannot verify this now. Some of you may know more than I. The belief in causality (karma, innen) is that there is a cause for every effect. Our actions elicit a self-response in the future. This response occurs far from the cause, many times sprouting in the next incarnation (reincarnation). This span is what makes the connection so difficult to understand. Let me give you an analogy to make it easier to understand. The history of the evolving soul is like a book that is comprised of many chapters. If we pick a chapter randomly to read, we may not understand what is happening. Just like a suffering that occurs in this life, we do not know understand why it is occurring. Causality explains to us that there is a cause for this effect of suffering. It tells us that the answer lies in previous lives, like the preceding chapters of the novel. You Christian will say this is blasphemy, and nonsense, but hear me out.

In the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush), is the following:

This is a world constructed on reason.

So I shall press upon you everything with the reason in verse 1-21

We are the only species of animals that are able to reason. There are no mysteries in the world that we cannot resolve. It is human nature to try to understand whatever occurs. We get sick, and we try to figure out what caused it. A bridge collapses, and we want to know why it collapsed. We find a dead body, and we want to know what happened. A jet goes down, and we want to know what caused it. Cancer occurs, and we want to know the cause. Do I need to go on; all of this is cause and effect. God has given us the mind to reason, and to find out the cause of each occurrence.

Why is it so outrageous to claim that causality does exist; and why we cannot use it to explain why we suffer or have joy? Some may question the purpose of causality, arguing that we are not responsible for sins perpetrated in previous lives, and the hopelessness it creates in this life. But is it not fair that we reap what we sow? We are a society that seeks justice. There is a quote that says from a knot (suffering/inconvenience) a bud (opportunity) will sprout. This means that the sufferings or inconveniences are events that may allow us to calm our minds and ponder these occurrences. If we use these karmic effects to cleanse our minds of evil (greed, arrogance, and self love), we can by the law of causality bring upon a joyous future. But if we seek to blame others for these occurrences, we tend to regress, and continue on the path of suffering. God tells us that he does not want us to apologize for our sins; he wants us to prove our resolve by our actions when karmic effect comes back to us. God gives us causality to purify our minds. We control our own future.

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