Your illness can be cured

Throughout time, many of the prophets were able to heal people of their illnesses. But what was the purpose in the ability to heal the sick? Was this a way of telling people that they represented God? Or did these prophets understand the causes of these illnesses?  

If we are to understand the source of our illness, or disease, will we be able to cure our own infliction?  Do all people have the capability to heal?  In the Ofudesaki and the Osashizu are the following:

However serious an illness will become, I never say that it will not be cured. 12-52 Ofudesaki

The saving of those whom doctors are unable to save is the foundation of the path. You tell them the teachings (about the soul). They listen and they are healed.Oct 17, 1893 Osashizu

Understanding the soul/heart is important in the removal of an illness. It helps you understand how causality and karma work.

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The Key to Our Prayer

What makes our religion so special is that God gives us a prayer to save the world. In the Ofudesaki, our sacred book, God gives us the  instructions to utilize this special prayer (key).  Without these ingredients our prayer (key) will not reach God. These are the following instructions to open our prayers to God.

  1. Believe in the soul/heart to purify our minds
  2. Purify our minds of greed, arrogance, self-love, covetousness, and miserliness.
  3. Spread God’s truth of the Soul/heart and that God will begin to save us (hinokishin).
  4. Pray with our special prayer, the Joyous Service toward the Kanrodai.

The following is a summary of the above:

The Kanrodai is the location where human beings were started. We believe that Oyasama was the first parent and that her soul resides at this location. Some believe that this is where God compares our mind with the pure mind of Oyasama when we pray to God.

The definition of hinokishin explained here is different from the traditional translation of volunteering. Hinokishin means spreading God’s truth by telling people about the soul/heart and that God will begin to help people understand the soul/heart.

In summary, all the condition are required for God to answer our prayer for world salvation.

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Understanding Tenrikyo to Understand the Soul

The understanding of the Soul/heart is paramount for us to begin to have joy. It is so important that God’s first words in the Ofudesaki tells us that we do not understand the soul. God tells us in Song 9 of the Mikagura-uta that we must spread this truth to the world. This spreading of the truth is called hinokishin, and not the volunteering which most followers define as. The following is from Song 9 of the Mikagura-uta


In this wide world, households you visit

going once, twice to save them.


Hiroi sekai o uchi mawari,

issen nisen de tasuke yuku.


Against any hardship I will protect you

So lean closely on the mind of God.


Fuju nakiyo ni shite yaro,

Kami no kokoro ni motare tsuke.


Looking into the minds of the world,

I find greed intermingled.


Mireba sekai no kokoro ni wa,

yoku ga majirite aru hodoni.


If you have greed, cast it away and come,

Because God cannot accept it.


Yoku ga aru nara yamete kure,

Kami no uketori deken kara.


It is the same with everyone

Ponder, and determine to follow me.


Izure no kata mo onaji koto,

shian sadamete tsuite koi.


I never compel you to go forth (go out to spread the truth/hinokishin)

Until you settle your own minds.


Murini deyo to yu de nai,

kokoro sadame no tsuku made wa.


Indeed, this time all of you equally

Must ponder over it deeply (to spread God’s truths).


Nakanaka kono tabi ichiretsuni,

shikkari shian o senya naran.


Even in the mountains, here and there

The service is performed.


Yama no naka demo achi kochi to,

Tenri-O no Tsutome suru


Though the service is done here

There is no one who understands the heart (we need to spread the truth by hinokishin to make people understand the heart/soul before God begins to work)


Koko de Tsutome o shite iredo,

mune no wakarita mono wa nai.


You are summoning people often (asking God by prayer to save people),

quickly go out to visit them first (spread God’s truth so prayer would be effective).


Totemo Kamina o yobidaseba,

hayaku komoto e tazune deyo.

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Song 11 of Mikagura-uta

The following song  11 of the mikagura-uta  summarizes how we bring new members to our places of worship.


Shoyashiki, the Origin of mankind,

Gods’ residence at Jiba, determine it.


Hinomoto Shoyashiki no,

Kami no yakata no Jiba sadame.


Husband and wife working in hinokishin (spreading God’s truths, especially about the heart/soul),

This is the most important seed (in bringing in new members).


Fufu sorote hinokishin

Kore ga daiichi monodane ya.


You will see step by step, everyone

bearing straw hats doing hinokishin (spreading God’s truth of the soul/heart and blessings).


Mireba sekai ga dandan to,

mokko ninote hinokishin.


Forgetting greed, we do hinokishin (spread God’s truth of the soul/heart and blessings).

This becomes most important, for the fertilizer (Joyous Service) to be effective (to bring in new members).


Yoku o wasurete hinokishin.

Kore ga daiichi koe to naru.


Forever continues the carrying of the earth (God’s truth of the heart/soul and blessings).

If it continues, I also want to go.


Itsuitsu mademo tsuchimochi ya,

Mada aru naraba washi mo yuko.


Do not unreasonably stop anyone!

I welcome everyone who is willing to do it.


Murini tomeru ya nai hodoni,

kokoro aru nara tare naritio.


How remarkable this carrying the earth (God’s truth about the soul/heart and blessings/illness).

This will become a contribution.


Nanika Mezurashi tsuchimochi ya,

kore ga kishin to naru naraba.


Digging up (God’s truths) the residence’s earth,

you just carry it from one place to another (hinokishin).


Yashiki no tsuchi o horitorite,

tokoro kaeru bakari ya de.


Until this time, everyone did

not understand the heart (because no hinokishin to spread truth of the soul). What regret!


Kono tabi made wa ichiretsuni,

Mune ga wakaran zannen na.


This year accompanied* by the fertilizer (Joyous Service),

We reaped a sufficient harvest (new members coming to church because we have spread the truth of the soul before praying).

How delightful, how grateful.


Kotoshi wa koe okazu,

jubun mono o tsukuri tori.

Yare tanomoshi ya arigata ya.


Summary of Song 11:

  1. Establish the Kanrodai where we direct our prayers toward
  2. spread God’s truth of the heart/soul
  3. Perform the Joyous Service (fertilizer) with pure mind
  4. God will bring new members to our places of worship
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I heard recently that the Pope now wants to investigate priests that abuse the nuns in the Catholic church. The constant stories of the abuse of children by the clergy is a constant thorn in the Catholic church. It is such an oxymoron in that the people who know more of the teachings of a religion will act in such an evil manner. Some may wonder, if these people cannot understand God’s teachings, how can they be our conduit to God? The clergy should be an example of goodness and a beacon for us to follow.

This hypocrisy is not just with the Catholic church, but with most of the religions of the world. The purpose of religion should be to teach people how to be good and have a joyous life. You may wonder what a joyous life is. It is a life without suffering, and a life with purpose and gratitude to living.

I believe as Tenrikyo members we have a religion what has all the criteria to live the joyous life. The ingredients are in our sacred scripture, the Ofudesaki. We as members must spread our teachings to the world (hinokishin). God tells us to teach people about the soul/heart. God tells us to tell people that God will begin to work to help people understand the soul, and how it helps us to purify our minds so we can live the joyous life.

In our short history of the religion, God has warned us, especially leaders of our religion, like Shuji, Kokan and Shinbashiras with illness when there is a problem with the propagation our teachings. I believe we are at this moment now with our religion. We need to come together and share opinions on why obstacles are appearing before us. I believe the answers are in the Ofudesaki.

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Abortionists Are Hurting God

It is very sad that some politicians are advocating for abortions at delivery.  We have become a very selfish society where “I” has become important. “It is my body, so I can do anything with it”, is the quote that most pro-choice advocates shout out when questioned about infanticide. But is it really our bodies?

In the Tenrikyo religion, we believe that our bodies are lent to us from God.  If we hurt our bodies by taking drugs, we are hurting God. If we hurt others physically, we are hurting God. It is the same with the intentional murder of our children in the womb. But want happens to us because of these evil acts against God? Does God punish the evil?

In our religion, it is our soul/heart that either punishes or rewards us. Our loaned physical bodies eventually decay; but our souls live for eternity. Our bodies are transient dwellings lent by God that the soul uses to think.  So our minds are ours to think and act on these thoughts.  This is why the bold abortionists mistakenly claim that their bodies are theirs. But when we are sick or ill, sometimes we cannot control bodies.  Our bodies are not ours.  God owns them.  But what happens when we begin to destroy God’s properties like infanticide? Does God punish us?

It is the soul that collects our merits and demerits in life.  Some have compared our souls to little suitcases that take this information, including our disposition of thoughts from one lifetime to another. It is the soul that eventually releases these demerits as suffering, and merits as joy. We reap what we have sowed. The understanding of the soul reveals how causality and reincarnation work. It also gives us hope knowing that we have control of our future, by our actions of today.

It is the understanding of the soul that will eventually bring peace to the world. Our bodies that we selfishly decorate and egotistically protect are not ours. Our color, race, and gender of our bodies are only temporary facades that our souls inhabit to seek justice. We have all been black, yellow, brown or white. We have also been male and female. So what makes us different?  It is our minds and thoughts that make us different. Thoughts are like viruses and bacteria that could spread like wildfire from person to person. We must educate others. It is our thoughts that make us good or evil.  It is not the body that God lends us that we must destroy to remove evil, it is only our evil thoughts we must remove from our minds.  Infanticide is hurting God. We must remove our own evil thoughts of greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self-love to bring upon true joy.

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God Can Heal You

Do you have an illness that doctors and medicine cannot cure? Whatever your illness is, it can be cured.

In the Bible, Jesus and his disciples cured the blind and healed the sick. In the beginning of the Tenrikyo religion, thousands of people were cured of their illness; but where are the miracles now? 

What are the ingredients to make these miracles happen now? Does this require believing in God and having faith? The following is from Tenrikyo’s sacred books:

However serious an illness will become, I never say that it will not be cured. 12-52 Ofudesaki

The saving of those whom doctors are unable to save is the foundation of the path. You tell them the teachings. They listen and they are healed. Oct 17, 1893 Osashizu


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Understanding The Soul

Why do people suffer?  Why are some people afflicted with cancer? Why do people suffer from diseases? Why do people get into accidents? Why do bad people appear in our lives? Are these all coincidences or planned by God?

God tells us it is our own soul that brings upon joy or suffering to us:

23 Above all else, guard your heart/soul,

    for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

In the first verse in our most sacred book, God emphasizes her concern about the sufferings in the world by telling us we do not understand the soul:

Looking all over the world and through all ages, I find no one who understands the soul. Ofudesaki 1-1

Gods tells us why we need to understand the soul:

In whatever matters, if the soul of each of you is purified, there will be no danger. Ofudesaki 13-83

What is the soul, and how do we purify it?  The soul has also been called the heart or the spirit. Scientists have not yet located and verified the existence of the soul in our bodies, but many of us believe that it exists. From a hypothetical perspective, the soul is who we are. “My soul exist, therefore I am” would be an analogous phrase to what the great philosopher Descartes once said to prove his own existence.

Our souls are who we are; and our bodies are transient dwellings borrowed from God, that our souls utilize to seek true joy. Our physical bodies eventually decay, but our souls continue for eternity. Our souls are like little suitcases that carry our essence. They collect, store and carry information from one lifetime to another. Metaphorically, some suitcases will be described as more heavy and distorted, bringing upon negative thoughts and suffering to the body; while other souls will be described as light and symmetrical in shape, bringing upon positive thoughts and only joy to the body.  But why the differences between souls? To find out, one needs to understand the relationships between the mind, body and the soul.

Have you ever wondered if you are able to think after you die? Does a soul by itself have a mind?  Some will say that the soul needs a medium like our bodies (central nervous system), or God’s infinite body in Heaven to think. How does this happen?

The soul carries information in the form of energies, the precursors of good and evil thoughts. Our souls descend from heaven and enter our developing bodies; and interact with our complex neural systems (part of the body), creating a unique individualized mind . One can say that our minds within our bodies become an expression of what information our souls contain. Even before we are able to think, because of what information (energies) our eternal souls have collected and stored from our past lives, we have our own distinct attitudes of thoughts; but these thoughts exclude the memories of past lives.

Although we find ourselves to have our own individual inclination of thoughts, we have choice to act or not act upon them. Our sacred scriptures tells us not to act upon our evil thoughts. We have ultimate control over our thoughts to use our bodies to act good or evil; but as we find out when we are ill, we may not always be able to control our bodies with our thoughts. This makes sense since we borrow our bodies from God.

Our bodies like everything around us is owned by God. So when we use our minds to do harm against others, we are hurting God. When we don’t take care of our bodies like taking drugs or alcohol, we are hurting God. When we discriminate against others due to appearance, we are discriminating against God. As for what happens to us because of these and other evil acts against God, we need to understand the soul.

Understanding the soul is of utmost importance for what happens to us in the future. Like the DNA (genes) that stores the information to construct and maintain our bodies, the soul collects and stores information (as negative and positive energies) that will determine if we suffer or have joy in the future.

Our pure soul by itself is an amalgam of positive energies (+) derived from God at our creation. Each of us has the positive energies of God within our souls.  These positive energies should only manifest into joy and positive thoughts . God tells us that human beings were created to live the Joyous life. But why is there suffering in the world?

There is suffering because in past lives, we have acted upon our existing evil thoughts to commit evil acts or sins against each other. These negative acts against God produce the negative energies that the soul collects and stores. In the Bible, God tells us to guard our souls against these negative acts by not acting on our evil thoughts.

23 Above all else, guard your heart/soul,

    for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Sufferings, inconveniences, and temptations are the results of the delayed manifestations of these negative energies (-) that surround our souls . They sooner or later flow from our souls/hearts. We eventually reap what we have sowed. Understanding the soul explains how causality, innen and karma function as nature’s justice.

God tells us that evil thoughts (see figure 6) are in many of our minds, and warns us not to act upon them. The following is from Proverbs:

24 Keep your mouth free of perversity;

    keep corrupt talk far from your lips.

25 Let your eyes look straight ahead;

    fix your gaze directly before you.

26 Give careful thought to the[a] paths for your feet

    and be steadfast in all your ways.

27 Do not turn to the right or the left;

    keep your foot from evil.

We can remove evil thoughts from our minds by not acting on them, especially when our souls bring forth inconveniences or temptations. It is our souls that reminds us with obstacles that we have evil thoughts in our minds; yet many of us do not understand it’s manifestations and continue to believe that evil comes from outside of our bodies. This causes us to act upon what we believe is the source of evil, creating more evil thoughts and adding to the negative energies surrounding our souls; the cycle of suffering continues when we do not understand the soul.

When we understand the soul, we realize that our present obstacles are the result of our own past evil actions. We should not become angry at the messengers of our souls. Do not blame your spouse, coworker, strangers, or even God. It is easy to act with retribution when you feel that you have been wronged. It is also easy to blame others, even blaming God when suffering occurs. We must look within ourselves first.

If we can calm our mind and not act upon the evil thoughts in our minds when the soul delivers these inconveniences or temptations, we can gradually eliminate evil thoughts from our minds; and therefore eliminate the negative energies associated with our evil actions.

Gradually we can purify our minds and have only joy delivered by our pure positive souls. Understanding the soul is the first step to our salvation. The second step is believing in the soul and responding appropriately to what the soul manifest; this is the most difficult step in pondering, and not blaming others.

God compares the digging up of a root to the process of  purifying our minds. As we must have strength and persistence in removing a long root, we must have persistence and strength not to act upon our evil thoughts when inconveniences occur in our lives. We must not be discouraged by what our souls bring forth in suffering; some of us may have longer roots(more sufferings) because we have more evil thoughts to remove. When we purify our minds (completely dig the root), our souls will bring upon only joy.


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