Your illness can be cured

Throughout time, many of the prophets were able to heal people of their illnesses. But what was the purpose in the ability to heal the sick? Was this a way of telling people that they represented God? Or did these prophets understand the causes of these illnesses?  

If we are to understand the source of our illness, or disease, will we be able to cure our own infliction?  Do all people have the capability to heal?  In the Ofudesaki and the Osashizu are the following:

However serious an illness will become, I never say that it will not be cured. 12-52 Ofudesaki

The saving of those whom doctors are unable to save is the foundation of the path. You tell them the teachings (about the soul). They listen and they are healed.Oct 17, 1893 Osashizu

Understanding the soul/heart is important in the removal of an illness. It helps you understand how causality and karma work.

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Oyasama (comparable to Jesus in the Christian Church) once said that sometimes we must not pursue to challenge people who we believe have wronged us. She emphasized that their anger and vice (dust) may attach upon us, and cause us to act like them.  This is certainly obvious in our political environment where both parties are stretching the truth and fabricating lies and innuendos in going after people they believe are immoral or corrupt.

How do we seek justice for the crimes that we believe have occurred?  Do we have a responsibility to stop and report it? Maybe.  Is our justice system always right? Of course not; we know that some guilty people are exonerated, and some innocent people are incarcerated. Is there a universal justice, where all are actions are monitored, and justice rendered as joy or suffering.  Like the classic Christmas song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, where Santa is making a list, and checking it twice; finding out who is naughty or nice. Is God Santa Claus who makes sure that justice is delivered to everyone equally?

Or could we have something within us that is monitoring our behavior and thoughts, and eventually meting out justice. Some will call this the soul, heart, or spirit, which continues for eternity, unlike our physical bodies that decay. It is the soul that collects are merits and demerits, and eventually delivers joy or suffering back to us. Most of us unfortunately do not see immediate justice by the soul.  This is why evil people believe that they can get away with their crime as long as no one sees it, or escapes quickly from the scene.  From the perspective of the soul, these people are dead wrong; justice will prevail.  We see good and evil in this world and we see joy and suffering in the world, but the lapse of time often obscures the cause and effect relationship. Just because one does not see flashing red lights or iron bars does not mean that justice has been avoided; time will eventually catch up with the evil person because of the soul.

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Complete Joy

There is a word yokizukume that appears in our sacred book, the Ofudesaki about 10 times. The word translates into English as “Complete joy”.  God promises us this joy for eternity when certain conditions are met

How many celebrities would give up their fame and riches to attain this true joy? How many drug addicts would give up their dependence if they could have this complete joy. How many bloggers, face book and twitter member would give up all their likes and followers to attain this? How many politicians would give up their position to receive this? How many lucrative businesspersons would give up their positions in their organizations to receive complete joy?

One may believe that all these people would come running to have the opportunity to attain complete joy in their lives.  But this would mean that they would have to abandon some of their preconceived ideas on what will bring upon happiness.  Money, drugs, fame, and power do not bring upon happiness. They do not guarantee against sufferings and obstacles in our lives.  There is no insurance we can buy to prevents these negative occurrences. Having money, fame and power by itself is not evil or wrong; and attained and used in appropriate ways may help bring upon happiness.

So what are the conditions God requires for us to attain complete joy? Let us list conditions that God does not require us to have.  It does not require us to have any type of profession or job. It does not matter if we are rich or poor.  It does involve medication or drugs to make us happy. It does not matter what others think about our accomplishments or us.

The solution to find complete joy is within reach of all of us. It does not require us to research ancient sacred books, pilgrimage to holy sites, or seek gurus and sages. The solution is in our minds. God tells us that we must remove greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self-love from our minds. When our mind becomes pure of these evils, God promises us complete joy for eternity.

What makes complete joy possible by eliminating evil thoughts from our minds? Enter the pure soul or heart, which functions to distribute only joy when our minds are void of evil thoughts. When are minds are contaminated by evil thoughts, the soul also becomes immersed in negative energy. These negative energy around the soul is eventually eliminated by conversion to suffering and inconveniences.

To attain complete joy is a simple solution in theory, but very difficult to actualize in our daily lives. Many of us have these evil thoughts in our minds that influence us to act when temptations or obstacles appear in our lives. But religions tell us that these evil thoughts are sins when acted upon, and that we have free will to act or not act upon our thoughts.  It is our resistance to these evil thoughts by not acting upon them that will eventually purify our minds of these thoughts.  By this process our souls become pure, and only bring upon complete joy in our lives. In summary, it is not what is attached or associated to us that brings upon joy or suffering, but it is what is contained in our minds that bring upon joy or suffering. It is this information that the soul collects, carries and distribute from one life time to another.

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Shooting the Messenger

In is human nature to blame others when events in our lives do not go as planned. It is not surprising that we seek religions that place blame on others for our problems.  For example, many religions have an evil force like Satan or the devil that opposes our happiness.  Other religions blame nonbelievers for the problems in the world, and attempt to convert them by fear, coercion or death. Even in our large congregations, pastors tell us we suffer because we don’t believe in God like they do. They tell us “All you have to do is believe”; but what about reflecting on our affairs, our greed, our hate, our ignorance, and our arrogance.  Heaven forbid that we should reflect on our behaviors; but it is easier to blame others and believe in a powerful God that forgives us if we obey.

It is not surprising that religions that promise the easy path to heaven or an afterlife will flourish. People do not want to accept that maybe they are at fault for their sufferings.  It is easier to accept doctrines from so-called authorities from God, promising them eternal joy upon their compliance.

It is from this perspective of blame that we need to find the source of our sufferings. Is it Satan, or is it other people that cause our sufferings? To place blame on these two solutions would be easy, and has been documented in world history.  The result has been more suffering in the world.

Where does joy come from?  It is said that happiness comes from within us. Some people refer to this source as the soul, spirit or heart.  It is this soul that was once pure and brought upon only joy to the individual.  But ever since the first sin, our souls have been contaminated by our evil minds, resulting in an impure soul.

It is our impure soul that brings upon our sufferings in life. Our angry co-worker, our accidents, and our obstacles are messengers of our souls. How do we make our souls pure again so we can experience only joy in this world?  We must remove our evil thoughts like greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self-love from our minds when our soul brings upon inconveniences.

It will not be easy removing these evil thoughts in our minds since they are often ingrained in our minds like dust on a mirror.  If we calm our minds and do not act upon our evil thoughts when suffering occurs in our lives, we can gradually remove these evil thoughts from our minds, and eventually purify our souls again. This will eventually bring only joy to our lives.  

Suffering delivered by the soul is something most of us fear, but it becomes useful in removing evil thoughts from our minds if we understand the function of our souls. Yet many of us believe that suffering comes from outside of us, and direct our efforts at the messengers of our souls. This eventually causes more sufferings. We must look within ourselves first. Please visit for more information on the Soul.

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The Genesis of Mankind

The following is the story of genesis from the Ofudesaki (sacred book). Some people will say it is a myth to explain the creation, and others will believe it as the absolute truth.    

In the beginning there was God looking over her creations. Then God said, “Let there be joy”, so God began to create human beings. About one billion year ago, from the muddy oceans, God selected a fish (Izanami) and serpent (Izanagi) as the seeding of the first couple. Looking throughout the oceans, God found more sea creatures and added their traits (genes) to the first couple. With their consents, God began to create human beings, promising them that they would return one billion years later to the same location of the origin. God promised the female fish that she would eventually become the shrine of God, in order to teach God’s truths to the world. Through the process of evolution, we are who we are as human beings.

On April 18, 1798, Miki Nakayama was born in Shoyashiki Village in Japan.  It was October 26, 1838 that God descended on the Nakayama residence as promised by prophecy made at the origin; and God requested that she become the Shrine of God. This is when the Tenrikyo religion began. Oyasama began to teach others, and began the process of healing people from illnesses, and also began the grant of safe childbirth, promising expecting mothers an easy delivery.

God is said to have communicated with Oyasama. She wrote God’s truth by handwritten verses that are now compiled in our sacred book called the Ofudesaki. This sacred book gives us instruction on how to spread God’s truth to save the world.  God promises that eventually all mankind will live a joyous life.

The Tenrikyo religion is different in that Oyasama is the first parent of mankind as signified by her name translated to English as the parent. She passed away in January 26, 1887, with her soul returning to the Origin where mankind was created. We believe that this location is where both God and Oyasama are now, helping to save mankind. This is why we pray toward this location, represented by a wooden temporary pillar called the Kanrodai, which represents the original location. When all mankind is purified in mind, the pillar will be constructed in stone. God promises heavenly dew that will flow from heaven upon a receptacle placed on the top tier of the Kanrodai. God promises paradise on earth when this occurs.

For further information, visit

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Understanding the Soul to Heal

Do you have an illness that doctors and medicine cannot cure?

In the Bible, Jesus and his disciples cured the blind and healed the sick. In the beginning of the Tenrikyo religion, thousands of people were cured of their illness; but where are the miracles now? 

What are the ingredients to make these miracles happen now? Does this require believing in God and having faith? The following is from Tenrikyo’s sacred scriptures:

However serious an illness will become, I never say that it will not be cured. 12-52 Ofudesaki

The saving of those whom doctors are unable to save is the foundation of the path. You tell them the teachings. They listen and they are healed. Oct 17, 1893 Osashizu


What do we tell people?




Why will God heal us if we understand the soul?

Our souls hold the answers to why we suffer or have joy.

Why do we suffer? Why are some people afflicted with cancer? Why do people suffer from diseases? Why do people get into accidents? Why do bad people appear in our lives? Are these all coincidences or planned by God?

The answer is no to both of the above questions. The events in our lives are not haphazard coincidences or instigated by God. God tells us that she has been a spectator since the creation of mankind.

Though until now God has never come out into the open

no matter what unpleasant occurrences one experienced. 8-67 Ofudesaki

God tells us it is our own soul that brings upon joy or suffering to us:

Above all else, guard your heart/soul,

for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

God sees our ominous future by looking at our souls and tells us we do not understand the soul:

Looking all over the world and through all ages, I find no one who understands the soul/heart.* Ofudesaki 1-1

Gods tells us why we need to understand the soul:

In whatever matters, if the soul of each of you is purified, there will be no danger. Ofudesaki 13-83

* In the original English translation, mune or heart is translated as My heart or God’s  heart, which completely changes the meaning of the verse.


What is the soul, and how do we purify it? 

The soul has also been called the heart or the spirit. Scientists have not yet located and verified the existence of the soul in our bodies, but many of us believe that it exists. From a hypothetical perspective, the soul is who we are. “My soul exist, therefore I am” would be an analogous phrase to what the great philosopher Descartes once said to prove his own existence.

Our souls are who we are; and our bodies are transient dwellings borrowed from God, that our souls utilize to seek “True Joy”. Our physical bodies eventually decay, but our souls continue for eternity. Our souls are like little suitcases that carry our essence. They collect, store, carry and distribute information from one lifetime to another.

What information does our souls carry?

Metaphorically, some suitcases (souls) will be described as more heavy and distorted, transferring upon negative thoughts (see figure 1) and sufferings to the body; while other souls will be described as light and symmetrical in shape, bringing upon positive thoughts and only joy to the body. Most of us will have souls somewhere in between the two extremes. Why are there differences in the souls? To find out, one needs to understand the relationship between the mind, the soul, and the body.

IMG_1295figure 1

Evil thoughts (?) are arrogance, greed, self-love, miserliness, and covetousness. ? represents good thoughts.

The soul is like a control center for our minds. It transfers and collects our individual attitude of thoughts from one life time to another (see figure 2). Because of this, each of us has a distinct individualized mind. The following is from the Ofudesaki:

Even between parent and child, husband and wife, and siblings,

their minds all differ from one another. Ofudesaki 5-8

There are no surprises in what thoughts we receive from our souls. We have the same thoughts that we have acted upon in our past lives. For example, if we acted upon the thought of greed in our past lives, we have the same thought of greed in this lifetime.

figure 2

The soul enters the body and creates the mind, using the body’s complex neural system. ? represents good thoughts.

From these same thoughts that we have acted upon in our past lives, the soul brings forth joy or sufferings as fate to our bodies (causality or karma). For example if we acted upon the thought of greed in a previous life, the soul may manifest suffering or obstacles to remind us of the thoughts of greed that still persist in our minds today.

We now know that evil thoughts in our minds are the sources of our sufferings. It is these evil thoughts that influence us to act negatively when temptations or obstacles delivered by our souls occur in our lives.

How do we remove these evil thoughts from our minds?

We cannot just will or wish our evil thoughts away from our minds since they are like dusts that are ingrained in a mirror; we cannot just sweep them away. Much effort will be needed to eliminate them.

Fortunately God gives us free will or control of our minds; and also we have help from our souls to help us eliminate evil thoughts. How does this happen?

God tells us that we can eliminate evil from our minds by not acting upon them when the soul manifest suffering, temptations and obstacles in our lives. It is because God grants us free will or control of our minds, that we can resist acting on what evil thoughts are in our minds. Many would believe that fate delivered by the soul is not desired, but it actually helps us realize that evil exist in our minds. We can eliminate evil thoughts when our souls manifest fate, by calming our minds, acknowledging our evil thoughts, and resist acting upon them. By this process we can gradually purify our minds using both our fate and free will.

What happen when we act on our evil thoughts?

When we act on our evil thoughts, more evil thoughts are created in our minds (figure 3) ; and our soul collects the demerits created by these acts, and eventually releases them as sufferings, temptations and obstacles (see figure 4)

figure 3

When we act on our negative thoughts (?), we cause suffering to others, and create negative energies (-( or demerits that convert to more negative thoughts  and also demerits which the soul collects and stores.

figure 4

Our negative energies (-) or demerits around the soul manifesting into delayed sufferings, obstacles and temptations to ourselves.

When we do not act on our negative thoughts, there are no negative thoughts created and no demerits that the soul collects. (see figure 5)

figure 5

No demerits or negative energies (-) and negative thoughts (?) created if we do not act on our evil thoughts.

Eventually by this process of not acting on our evil thoughts when our soul manifest sufferings, we can purify our minds and our souls where only joy flows from our souls and only positive thoughts from our minds (see figure 6)

IMG_1337figure 6

Our positive  actions create positive energies (+). Some of these energies convert back to positive thoughts; and some are collected by the our souls as merits. These positive energies of the soul manifest into joy by the exchange of energies. The symbol ? represents good thought

Understanding the soul explains how causality, innen and karma function as nature’s justice. When we understand the soul, we realize that our present obstacles are the result of our own past evil actions that we do not recall (actions of past lives). We should not become angry at the messengers of our souls. Do not blame your spouse, coworker, strangers, or even God. It is easy to act with retribution when you feel that you have been wronged. It is also easy to blame others, even blaming God when suffering occurs. We must look within our minds to understand why our souls deliver these obstacles.

God compares the digging up of a root of a tree to the process of  purifying our minds. As we must have strength and persistence in removing a long root, we must have persistence and strength not to act upon our evil thoughts when inconveniences occur in our lives. We must not be discouraged by what our souls bring forth in suffering; some of us may have longer roots(more sufferings) because we have more evil thoughts to remove from our minds. When we purify our minds (completely dig the root out), our souls will bring upon only joy.

God tells us that God will begin to work to have the world understand the soul. God tells us in our sacred book:

The saving of those whom doctors are unable to save is the foundation of the path. You tell them the teachings (about the soul). They listen and they are healed. Oct 17, 1893 Osashizu

The sick must not be left to suffer. I trust none of you would leave the sick to suffer. Those whom doctors consider to be beyond their help will merely be left to die. Saving such people is called the basis for teaching. October 17, 1893 Osashizu

The healing of the body is of primary concern when we are sick. Most of us will give up all our material wealth in order to be healthy again. It is from this perspective of health, that God will heal you from any illness if you truly understand the soul.  God grants us the blessings of healing in order to have us understand the soul, and begin the process of purifying our minds of greed, arrogance, anger, enmity, miserliness, covetousness, and self love.




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The Key to Our Prayer

What makes our religion so special is that God gives us a prayer to save the world. In the Ofudesaki, our sacred book, God gives us the  instructions to utilize this special prayer (key).  Without these ingredients our prayer (key) will not reach God. These are the following instructions to open our prayers to God.

  1. Believe in the soul/heart to purify our minds
  2. Purify our minds of greed, arrogance, self-love, covetousness, and miserliness.
  3. Spread God’s truth of the Soul/heart and that God will begin to save us (hinokishin).
  4. Pray with our special prayer, the Joyous Service toward the Kanrodai.

The following is a summary of the above:

The Kanrodai is the location where human beings were started. We believe that Oyasama was the first parent and that her soul resides at this location. Some believe that this is where God compares our mind with the pure mind of Oyasama when we pray to God.

The definition of hinokishin explained here is different from the traditional translation of volunteering. Hinokishin means spreading God’s truth by telling people about the soul/heart and that God will begin to help people understand the soul/heart.

In summary, all the condition are required for God to answer our prayer for world salvation.

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Understanding Tenrikyo to Understand the Soul

The understanding of the Soul/heart is paramount for us to begin to have joy. It is so important that God’s first words in the Ofudesaki tells us that we do not understand the soul. God tells us in Song 9 of the Mikagura-uta that we must spread this truth to the world. This spreading of the truth is called hinokishin, and not the volunteering which most followers define as. The following is from Song 9 of the Mikagura-uta


In this wide world, households you visit

going once, twice to save them.


Hiroi sekai o uchi mawari,

issen nisen de tasuke yuku.


Against any hardship I will protect you

So lean closely on the mind of God.


Fuju nakiyo ni shite yaro,

Kami no kokoro ni motare tsuke.


Looking into the minds of the world,

I find greed intermingled.


Mireba sekai no kokoro ni wa,

yoku ga majirite aru hodoni.


If you have greed, cast it away and come,

Because God cannot accept it.


Yoku ga aru nara yamete kure,

Kami no uketori deken kara.


It is the same with everyone

Ponder, and determine to follow me.


Izure no kata mo onaji koto,

shian sadamete tsuite koi.


I never compel you to go forth (go out to spread the truth/hinokishin)

Until you settle your own minds.


Murini deyo to yu de nai,

kokoro sadame no tsuku made wa.


Indeed, this time all of you equally

Must ponder over it deeply (to spread God’s truths).


Nakanaka kono tabi ichiretsuni,

shikkari shian o senya naran.


Even in the mountains, here and there

The service is performed.


Yama no naka demo achi kochi to,

Tenri-O no Tsutome suru


Though the service is done here

There is no one who understands the heart (we need to spread the truth by hinokishin to make people understand the heart/soul before God begins to work)


Koko de Tsutome o shite iredo,

mune no wakarita mono wa nai.


You are summoning people often (asking God by prayer to save people),

quickly go out to visit them first (spread God’s truth so prayer would be effective).


Totemo Kamina o yobidaseba,

hayaku komoto e tazune deyo.

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