Your illness can be cured

Throughout time, many of the prophets were able to heal people of their illnesses. But what was the purpose in the ability to heal the sick? Was this a way of telling people that they represented God? Or did these prophets understand the causes of these illnesses?  

If we are to understand the source of our illness, or disease, will we be able to cure our own inflictions?  Do all people have the capability to heal?  In the Tip of the Writing Brush is the following:

From now on, I shall save you from any pains, sufferings, or tumors by the Sazuke (prayer of healing). 6-106

No matter how serious your illness will become, I shall save you by the Sazuke (prayer of healing). 6-108

However serious an illness will become, never say that it will not be cured. 12-52

Understanding Causality is important in the removal of an illness.  Our prayer (sazuke and joyous service) begins this process.

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Farming and Religion

Imagine God descending from Heaven to a small farming community in Fresno California in the 19th century. What would be the most efficient way to convey God’s truths to as many people as possible? I would imagine God using words and terminology that were familiar to the people in the region. For example, they would be familiar with words like acquiring a field, planting the field (sowing the seeds), pure water, weeding, and fertilizing. These are all the ingredients in harvesting a large crop. Do these ingredients also bring in new members to our churches? God compares harvesting a large crop with the bringing of new members to our churches. This is called an analogy, using metaphors and comparisons in teaching.

What are the best ways to spread God’s truths? In the 19th century, it is recorded that God descended from Heaven upon a small farming community in Tenri Japan. God gifted us the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush) through Oyasama, which gives us the ingredients to live a joyous life (gives us the purpose of life); but more important God gives us the ingredients to share this truth with others.   God through this important sacred document gives us the instructions to spread God’s truth to the world. This is the formula:

Harvest of crops = field + planting the seeds + water + weeding + fertilizer

Any farmer will immediately agree with this formula in acquiring a good crop; but does this formula also work for spreading God’s truths?

God tells us to acquire a field. In agriculture, this determines how much crops one expects to harvest. In religion, one can build a large church expecting many new members, or one can be temporally satisfied with a fellowship, expecting only a small amount of new members.

After building a church, God tells us the sow the seeds or plant the seeds. This is done by hinokishin, or spreading God’s truth. Hinoki is translated as a fine polished timber, and shin is translated as the original pure mind. God asks us to tell the world (seeds) that God will begin to work. The following is from verse 14- 66

There will be no understanding about anything

unless you tell them. Tell them everything, all in detail. 14-66

These people (seeds) who we have spread the truth to, will eventually come to our places of worship.

God uses the terms clear or muddy waters in describing our minds. God requires us to have a pure mind, without greed, arrogance, and self-love. These evils are what makes our minds muddy, and hinders our harvesting of new members.

Weeding refers to illness given to us as guidance from a loving God. God helps us remove greed, arrogance, and self-love from our minds. This is required (pure mind like water) for our harvesting of new members.

The last ingredient is the most important. God has given us a prayer called the Joyous Service. God calls it his fertilizer. In the Ofudesaki is the following:

Truly let the mind be spirited and ponder.

Lean on God and perform the Joyous Service. 4-49

Do not wonder what this talk is about.

It is solely about the matter of the fertilizer. 4-50

The Joyous Service is a prayer asking God to bring people to our churches and places of worship. It does not work unless all the ingredients are present.

In summary, we as a religion have a prayer that will save the world. God has given us the ingredients in the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush). Whether we are in Fresno or Ojiba, God guarantees that it will work!

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Reincarnation in Understanding the World

Hello, I am trying to introduce a concept that will change the world; but you will need to open your minds to something that you may be opposed to. This idea is the concept of reincarnation. This is an idea that we have a soul (heart) that lives for eternity, and continues to return to a physical form (body).

Some will say that the soul is comprised of an inner core of positive energy of good, which often is surrounded by the negative energies, which are produced by our negative thoughts and actions. These negative energies surrounding the soul determine our fate, often described as karma, or cause and effect. It is this soul with these negative energies that continue to seek an environment and time appropriate for the release of the baggage (negative energy) it carries. This negative energy unfortunately leads to suffering and pain we see in the world today. Some will say that this is how God or nature attempts to purify our souls.

This concept is a difficult concept because we must accept suffering and misfortune as our own cause. Yet because we do not understand reincarnation and causality, we blame others for our misfortunes. Because of this, we continue to add more negative energy to our soul, which continues our path of suffering. This is what is happening with the protests concerning the Confederate statues. One race blames the other; but the soul has no color, or no predisposition for any race. We create our own fate with our actions and thoughts of today.

This concept of reincarnation and causality may sound depressing because of the suffering and misfortunes that appears in the world. But there is hope of everlasting joy if the soul is able to remove the negative energies that many of us carry. We cannot sometimes change the fate that the soul releases, but we can change our thinking and actions upon these sufferings. When our thoughts and actions become positive, the pure soul becomes more prominent, bringing upon joy. This is why even the most evil person can eventually become good. This is why there is no one who is evil. It is only our thoughts and beliefs that are evil.

Why do good people suffer, and why do bad people have joy? I believe we have all sinned, and our soul often waits for appropriate time a place to release its energy. Remember, we are not evil because we suffer; we are not good because we do not suffer. We must remember that we all have a pure soul (heart) which will bring upon joy.  It is only because of the negative energies that temporarily surround our hearts (souls) that prevent us from having joy.

What this all this mean? Whatever happens, place no blame on others. Ponder and reflect on any occurrences. Remove evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) from your minds. This by the principle of causality will bring upon joy. If only the world understands these concepts of reincarnation and Causality!   in understanding God’s truth (Fudesaki)

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Evil is Contagious

Just yesterday, President Trump denounced both sides of the Charlottesville, Virginia  confrontation. The left wing immediately came out criticizing the President for not denouncing the neo nazi racist who initiated the confrontations. In the Tenrikyo Religion (Heaven’s Truth Church), Oyasama once said that sometimes it is better to walk away from a confrontation. By confronting one who is covered by dust, one may become covered with dust also.

Let me explain what dusts are. In our church dust are thoughts of arrogance, greed,  self-love, anger, revenge, etc.  We are told that when one is covered with dust, one is unable to understand God’s truths. These people like the bigots and racists are unable to reason because of the dusts that surround their minds.   Sometimes when we try to reason with them, we become angry and our minds accumulate dusts. It is like the racists have transferred their anger and arrogance to us. This is why God tells us to calm our minds, and avoid confrontation with these arrogant people.  Some of the people went into Virginia for the right reasons of expressing their denouncements of evil, but they only made the situation worse, especially for themselves.

We must stand firm and express our views concerning what we think is right or wrong. But we cannot permanently force our views on those who cannot understand now. In time, we hope these people are awakened to the truth, and will be able to sweep their erroneous thoughts. We must remind ourselves, that evil or dusts are contagious.



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Why We Need to Remove Arrogance

It is not surprising that most religions do not listens to the concerns and questions of their congregation. Any questions concerning the authenticity of their beliefs will brand you an heretic. When have you ever heard a religion come out and declare that there was a mistake in their interpretation of their sacred books and correct it.  In fact, how many of us have the time and patience to study the authentic sacred books? Many of us depend on the “Higher ups” of the church in explaining the “Words of God”.  Many of the authorities in our religions have been indoctrinated that our sacred books are true and derived from God.  Any debate on religion, they will bring out their “Interpreted Bibles” in proving their side.  To debate with them will be almost useless.

When an individual came out to say that the earth is round and not flat, he was ridiculed and censored. But when the world finally accepted this initially ridiculous proposal, the scientific community was able to discover more information due to this discovery.  It is the same I believe with religion. When we are able to translate our sacred books correctly, we will be able to help others, instead of  inhibiting them.

In the Heaven’s Truth Church (Tenrikyo), Arrogance is one of the evils (sins) that God wants us to remove from our minds. Arrogance is by definition the feeling that one is better than another due to wealth, intelligence, occupation, hierarchy, etc.  Like the other evils of greed and self-love, it makes us close minded and unable to understand other views.  I believe this is a common occurrence with our church leaders. Their righteousness often becomes their handicap. Their minds become like a distorted mirror. A distorted mirror does not reflect the true image. A mind that is infested with arrogance cannot see the truths.

Religion should make people better. It should help people to get along, and not divide them. For those who seriously believe this to be true, we must first remove our arrogance, and question our sacred books. Are they the words of God, or are they derived from the mind of man?


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From a Knot, a Bud should Sprout

In the Heaven’s Truth Church (Tenrikyo) a knot is an occurrence that brings upon suffering or misfortune. But there is a common saying that from a knot, a bud will sprout. We believe that sometimes a knot is derived from God. If we ponder over the inconvenience as guidance from God and lean on God, these knots become a building block for our salvation. But if we blame others for these inconveniences, and ignore God’s guidance, we continue on the same path opposing God.

Our religious history has examples of where opposition forces have attempted to destroy and damage our places of worship. The incidence of the removal of the temporary Kanrodai (Pillar of God) in our early history, and the recent damage to the temporary Kanrodai are examples of God’s knots, which he delivers to our religion.

In our religion, the Permanent Pillar represents the original pure mind at the creation of human beings. Our sacred books tell us that when all mankind is purified in mind (without sin), a permanent Kanrodai will be constructed. Heavenly dew will then flow from heaven to the receptacle placed on top of the Kanrodai (Oyasama). When this occurs there will be joy in the world.

What is God telling us with the incidents of the Kanrodai? God’s regret and anger do not arise from the perpetrators of the destruction. God allows these inconveniences to occur. God’s regret is from the dust (greed, arrogance, and self-love) of the followers of our religion. God is telling us that the permanent placement of the Kanrodai is far away. We do not understand. We do not understand what our special prayer (Joyous Service) directed at the Kanrodai does. We do not understand the original pure mind. We must read the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush) to understand why God is showing us these knots.

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God Does Not Punish

I would like to talk about illness as God’s guidance. Some people believe that God punishes people when he or she goes against him. Information about God’s punishment is rampant in the Judeo-Christian holy books. From a human perspective, punishment is justifiable when someone takes part in an unlawful act. But for those who love the perpetrator, punishment may not suit the crime. I believe it is also so with God; God does not punish the evil acts of mankind. God loves everyone. In the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), God tells us that he will distinguish between the good and the evil mind. Most people would think that God separates the evil to punish them, but ironically it is the good people that God distinguishes and guides. How does God guide them?

Sometimes pain or suffering is good. Many of you may not agree with the previous statement. But what would happen if you loss the sensation to feel pain? What would happen if you could not feel the heat of the fire? One’s physical body will be in jeopardy. Illness is a warning that something is wrong in our minds. In the Book of Prophecy, God tells us that he uses pain and illness to guide us. God tells us whenever we have illness, to calm our minds and ponder. What does God want us to understand with his guidance? He wants us to remove evil from our minds. God tells us to remove greed, arrogance, and self love from our minds. When we are able to purify our minds, the future will only bring upon joy. We bring upon our own joy or sufferings.

Some may wonder why God does not guide the people with evil minds (kara). When one is imbued with the dusts of greed, arrogance, and self love, one’s understanding is limited. It is like a distorted mirror, where we do not get the true reflection. These people will not be able to understand God’s guidance (illness) when they appear on their bodies. They are not yet able to calm their minds due to the extent of evil in their minds, and will not be able to purify their minds. God does not guide them; it is said that God will deal with these people at a later date, when they are able to understand.

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How Do We Remove Evil?

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I will start off by saying all people are good. In the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki) are the following verses:

Looking all over the world and through all ages,

I find no one who is evil. 1-52

Among all mankind, there is no one who is evil.

It is only a bit of dust (evil thoughts) stuck on. 1-53

The world today faces individuals that are called Islamic terrorist. They have decided to kill innocent people. What do we do with these people? Recently, there has been talk of killing these evil people, so that we will not have to worry about them harming us. From a logical point of view it does make sense; but from a practical approach, it will not be possible to eliminate every terrorist. It will not be possible, because there is a pool of people who share the same evil thoughts as the terrorists…

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