Your illness can be cured

Throughout time, many of the prophets were able to heal people of their illnesses. But what was the purpose in the ability to heal the sick? Was this a way of telling people that they represented God? Or did these prophets understand the causes of these illnesses?  

If we are to understand the source of our illness, or disease, will we be able to cure our own inflictions?  Do all people have the capability to heal?  In the Tip of the Writing Brush is the following:

From now on, I shall save you from any pains, sufferings, or tumors by the Sazuke (prayer of healing). 6-106

No matter how serious your illness will become, I shall save you by the Sazuke (prayer of healing). 6-108

However serious an illness will become, never say that it will not be cured. 12-52

Understanding Causality is important in the removal of an illness.  Our prayer (sazuke and joyous service) begins this process.

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God wants us to understand the soul.

Looking all over the world and through all ages, I find no one who

understands the heart (soul/spirit).  (Ofudesaki 1-1)

Why does God want us to understand the soul? It is because our souls determine our future. We suffer or have joy depending on what surrounds our eternal soul.

Many of us believe that our physical bodies distinguish us from others; but it is the soul that temporarily resides in our borrowed bodies that distinguishes each individual from another. Our physical bodies return to the earth when we die, while the soul lives forever. It is the physical body that the soul uses to either advance or regress as an individual.

The soul is an amalgam of positive energies; by itself it brings upon joy to us because of these positive energies (see figure 1-1).  We are taught that there is “Good” in everyone because of our original pure soul from God.

Among all mankind, there is no one who is evil.

It is only a bit of dust stuck on. 1-53

But our souls have accumulated negative energies around them (Ofudesaki 1-53). This is why we suffer (see figure 1-2)Where do these negative energies that surround the soul come from, and how do we remove them? Let us further explore the soul/heart.



The soul is an individualized ethereal positive energy source from God that enters our borrowed bodies at conception or shortly after; and it leaves our lifeless bodies at death to return to Heaven (see figure 1-3).


During our earthly stays, the soul helps remove the negative energies that are produced by our evil actions; and stores them as negative energies (see figure 1-4). The soul eventually releases the negative energies and redirects it back to us (see figure 1-5). What do these negative energies manifest into?



These negative energies that surround the soul manifests into sufferings, temptations and inconveniences that come back to us as fate on this earth (see figure 1-6). The biblical proverb, “We reap what we sow” would appear to be true; and in the Ofudesaki, the phrase “Mune no uchi yori” (from what comes from the innermost heart) is repeated throughout the book. One of the many functions of the soul appears to be retribution. But before we become discouraged from this ominous fate, let us further explain these inconveniences delivered by the soul.


By these inconveniences that the soul delivers, they gives us opportunities to eliminate the production of evil thoughts from our minds.These evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, miserliness, hate, anger, revenge, covetousness and self-love. If we calm our minds and ponder the existence of evil thoughts in our minds; and do not act on them when faced with what the soul metes out (sufferings, inconveniences and temptations), these thoughts from our minds  gradually subside. We do not produce more evil thoughts, and also do not produce the negative energies associated with these thoughts (see figure 1-7). Our minds  becomes pure of negative thoughts, and the evil surrounding our souls are eliminated. This results in a pure soul void of negative energy, which brings upon a joyous life for the individual (see figure 1-8).



For many people, the purification of the mind will be a long process, dependent on the amount of negative energy they have accumulated around their soul (Ofudesaki 1-47), which is also equivalent to the amount of evil thoughts in their mind. These sufferings that the negative energies manifest will test their resolve of not taking action on their evil thoughts. But if they continue to control their evil thoughts by not acting on them, the production of evil thoughts and negative energies will be eliminated. There is a saying that from  knots (sufferings),  buds (opportunities to remove evil thoughts) will sprout if we understand the soul.

But suppose we do not understand what the soul does? If we act on our evil thoughts when the soul distributes its negative energies or even if we act on them without the soul’s message, others will suffer and our minds will continue to produce more negative thoughts and negative energies. This increases the negative energies surrounding our pure soul, causing the soul to bring upon more sufferings upon ourselves (see figure 1-9). From knots, knots will continue to sprout if we do not understand the soul. Do not ignore the manifestations of the soul. This is why we must not blame others for any inconveniences or sufferings; these setbacks are manifestations of our own souls. We must calm our minds, and not act upon the evils in our minds.


What happens to these negative energies surrounding the soul when we die? Death does not sweep away these negative energies. The soul ascends to heaven with these deficiencies, and returns when an appropriate environment and housing are chosen for each unique soul. On returning from heaven, the soul enters our developing bodies; some of the negative energies around the soul converts back into our former negative thoughts, and settles in our minds (see figure 1-10). The process of death erases our past memories; but it does not erase our evil thoughts. This will explain the appearance of anger and other undesirable traits in our innocent children.


It is this  soul/heart that will continue for eternity, inhabiting sometimes imperfect bodies, and  sometimes producing unimaginable sufferings; but it is the soul that brings upon these conditions by releasing these negative energies surrounding it. Tenrikyo explains how to remove these negative energies surrounding the soul, so we can uncover the pure heart/soul and live the “Joyous life”. The following verse summarizes the path of the soul/heart.

“In the world’s path, you can do whatever you want and get away with it, so long as no one sees you do it. But in the path of the heart/soul, it all comes to bear on yourself”  (Osashizu pg 181.)

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God is a Mother

Today is father’s day. Happy father’s day for all the dads out there! Most religions will agree that the most important father is God; they believe that man was made out of the image of God. But who is not to say that God is female and therefore a mother. Why should we not begin our prayer with “Mother in heaven”?

I was reading a few books about the clairvoyants hypnotizing their patients in remembering there past lives and after death experiences. Many clients would remember a female figure meeting them shortly after death. The authors would categorize these spirits as angels; but could these figures be a female God meeting her children?

In the Tenrikyo religion (see for explanation), God is said to have created human beings by selecting a female fish and a male serpent in the ancient muddy oceans. God then proceeded to select other creatures from the sea and added them to the fish and serpent in creating mankind. God then placed her pure mind in the first couple and began the process of creating mankind. Through evolution and reincarnation, we are who we are now. In the Tenrikyo religion, we revere this first female (Oyasama), and believe that her soul with God, continues to help mankind in purifying their minds of greed, arrogance, and self-love.

Initially reading the most sacred book in Tenrikyo (Ofudesaki), I did not understand why God would refer to herself as oba (grandmother). Since my mind was fixated on God as a male, it was difficult for me to understand and put the pieces together. Since Oyasama (Miki Nakayama) was the first mother of mankind, God if she is female would be the first grandmother or oba in Japanese. This makes sense! God is female! Your thoughts?

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We Do Not Understand

Just because we believe in God, God does not favor us with blessings. More important, because we know the teachings, we are able to understand why we have joy or sorrow. Some of us continue to suffer despite our dedication to God; but because we understand the teachings, we are able to comfort ourselves in these trying circumstances. The path to joy sometimes is not an easy path.

These truths give us the opportunity to have joy: having these truths does not guarantee joy. We must utilize these truths sometimes under trying circumstances to have joy. Only thinking about these truths, without any effort will not bring upon joy.

Only when we improve ourselves by understanding and utilizing God’s truths, can we convey these truths to others. God tells us that we do not understand these truths. This is why our religion does not spread to the world. Many of us go through the rituals and ceremonies for salvation of others; but we do not understand our sacred book, the Ofudesaki that contains God’s truths. God tells us that we must first understand the truths and apply it to ourselves first before we can spread our religion to the world.

It is God who helps us bring people to our churches by our special prayers: some would say that our prayers do not work. God tells us that he can help us cure any disease to help us spread the teachings. We pray, why can we not heal? We do not understand God’s truth.

What is the truth that we do not understand? It is the soul/spirit/heart that we do not understand. The effectiveness of our special prayer is dependent on our understanding of the soul. Understanding the soul will help one understand why we have joy or suffer. It will also help us purify our minds of greed, arrogance, and self love.

God hastens the day when we understand the soul to purify our minds. When our minds are pure, God guarantees that when we spread the truths of the soul, our prayer of world salvation will come true. God will bring people to our places of worship to help save all mankind!

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God is Sick

Due to greed, arrogance, and self-love (all evil thoughts), people are hurting each other, and causing suffering. Some of them justify their behavior as justice, or revenge for what was done to them. But unknown to them, they are also causing suffering to God when they act on their evil thoughts. In our sacred book is the following:

This world is God’s body.

Ponder, and realize it.   3-40

Imagine God as a “Super body” composed of cells, tissues and organs. The cells represent all the people on this earth. The tissues and organs represent the communities and countries that they fabricate. In our own bodies, each cell works together with other cells to create healthy tissues and organs. But suppose the cells begin to fight with each other, like when a cell becomes cancerous. Eventually the tissues and organs become infected and our bodies lose their function. This is what is happening to God. Evil individuals, like the cancer cells in our bodies are hurting God’s body. God is not well.

How do we make God healthy? In medicine we attempt to kill the cancer cells by radiation or chemotherapy, often ignoring what caused the cell to become cancerous. This has resulted in mixed results dependent on the location of the tumor. In our penal system, we have eliminated the evil person by the electric chair and the more humane lethal cocktail. We have also isolated them from society by placing them in prison. In war, we have attempted to annihilate the opposing force. But through all these measures, evil individuals continue to emerge. The removal of evil individuals (God’s property/cells) does not work to alleviate God’s suffering; it may even increase God’s sufferings. How do we make God healthy?

The origin of evil is not from the bodies that God has lent us: destroying it will only bring upon God’s regret. It is from the eternal soul/spirit that evil ethereally resides. And it is this soul that connects with our borrowed nervous system in creating or eliminating evil thoughts in our minds. It is these evil thoughts that spread from individual to individual, causing suffering to the world, and suffering to the body of God. We must suppress and eliminate these evil thoughts that are collected by our souls, and distributed to our loaned bodies as sufferings. Only when this happens, God will become healthy. Understand the soul to help eliminate evil thoughts from our minds.

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The Path of the Heart

Looking at the occurrences of the world, there are two paths that the world follows. There is the world’s path where you can do whatever you want and get away with it, so long as no one sees you do it; and there is the “path of the heart”, where your actions all comes to bear on yourself. The following is an illustration of the path of the heart, which explains why we suffer.

It is the soul/heart/spirit that determine if we suffer or have joy. Our religion explains how we can have only joy. Please visit

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Pain as God’s Blessings

Prophets who miraculous healed people founded many of the religions in the world. What is more impressive to convince others that one is working in behalf of God than to cure the incurable? But enter a religion that tells people that God will place illness or pain on them. This is the religion called Tenrikyo. At first one would question why anyone would join a religion that would hurt him or her.

Sometimes pain is good for oneself. Imagine not having sensory perception to feel fire. Imagine having no sensory perception to feel a contaminant in the eye. These are examples of our bodies helping us to prevent further injury. A few generations ago, spanking was accepted as punishment for misbehavior to guide our children. A little pain inflected to possibly avoid future suffering for our children was thought to be good. Would God give us a little pain to have us avoid future sufferings?

Enter the soul. Some will call it the spirit or heart. It is an intangible asset that we cannot measure qualitatively or quantitatively in our bodies. Yet many will agree that it is what survives after our bodies decay; and continues for eternity in heaven or on this earth. In Tenrikyo, we also believe it is the soul that collects the records of our evil deeds in the form of negative energies. It is these negative energies that surround the soul that manifest into our future sufferings. God sees these negative energies around the soul, and wants to warn us how to avoid them.

God tells us that when these negative energies around the soul manifest into sufferings and temptations, we should calm our minds and not act on our evil thoughts. We should ponder the circumstance as a condition that we have brought upon ourselves; and consider it as a message from our soul to help purify our minds. We should not “Kill the messengers”. When we succeed in not acting upon the evil thoughts in our minds when suffering or temptation occurs, these evil thoughts gradually do not develop in our minds. God tells us these evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, self-love, miserliness, covetousness, anger, hate, and enmity. These are the thoughts that are in many of our minds.

Because God saw the impending suffering of mankind by looking at our souls, God descended from heaven to teach us about the soul. What would be the best way to teach us about the soul, and teach us about the relationship between the soul, body and mind? God will begin to enter into us and place temporary illness dependent on what evil thoughts exist in our minds. God is showing us our future now with illness and pain. It is like our example of a little pain to avoid a major calamity in the future.

Imagine a religion asking its members to pray for pain and suffering of others. It appears cruel at first, but compassionate and justified at the end. We must understand the soul to understand why we suffer or have joy!

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How Do We Remove Evil?

Ever since the beginning of mankind, we have attempted to distance ourselves from people who have acted contrary to our accepted norms. What do we do with people who commit heinous crimes against humanity? History provides many examples of communities, societies and nations that attempted to take on this problem. But if we look at the world as a whole, has anything changed? Has evil been defeated? We still have governments that enslave their people; we have religions that degrade human dignity by killing those who oppose their beliefs. In our own nation we have criminals that would steal or kill if opportunities arise. How do we remove evil people in the world?

Is it a coincidence that the word evil and devil are spelled almost the same? Although the word origination of these two nouns is from different countries, let us try to associate them from a biblical perspective. If you can remember the passage in the Bible where Job complains to God why he is suffering so much despite his dedication to God. The story blames Satan (devil) in bringing upon Job’s sufferings, to prove to God that Job is only good because God has blessed him with much fortune. Job’s friends try to convince him that Job has done evil, and should apologize to God. Job becomes angrier and curses God for what is happening since he believes he has been good. Eventually Job convinces himself that God is too knowledgeable and great for us to question him; and he promises God to have less pride and to do no evil.

The story serves a message in telling us that God is too powerful for us to understand his actions. Sometimes good people suffer and bad people have joy. It also tells us that as long as we believe in God, no matter how much we suffer, we must have faith in him since he knows more than us. We must not question God. Common sense or reasoning does not apply when it comes to God’s actions. But it also conveys to us that suffering comes from an exterior force such as the devil. Suffering does not come from our own actions. Again the notion that what happens to us, we are not responsible for; therefore we must blame others and act on those who we believe are doing us wrong. This is the “blaming game” which has been over played in the world. Many people believe that we must isolate evil people or punish them physically. Will this eliminate evil? History will tell us that this is not true.

Let us go back to the two similar words devil and evil. Could the Devil be our evil thoughts in our minds? These evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, self-love, anger, hate, envy, miserliness, and covetousness. These evil thoughts cause sufferings when they are placed into action. It is these thoughts that we must suppress if we are to remove evil from the world. How do we convince the world to suppress these thoughts? We must understand the soul. Please visit to understand the soul.

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