Your illness can be cured

Throughout time, many of the prophets were able to heal people of their illnesses. But what was the purpose in the ability to heal the sick? Was this a way of telling people that they represented God? Or did these prophets understand the causes of these illnesses?  

If we are to understand the source of our illness, or disease, will we be able to cure our own inflictions?  Do all people have the capability to heal?  In the Tip of the Writing Brush is the following:

From now on, I shall save you from any pains, sufferings, or tumors by the Sazuke (prayer of healing). 6-106

No matter how serious your illness will become, I shall save you by the Sazuke (prayer of healing). 6-108

However serious an illness will become, never say that it will not be cured. 12-52

Understanding Causality is important in the removal of an illness.  Our prayer (sazuke and joyous service) begins this process.

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The Soul has no Color

Racist people do not realize that they have common factors that they share with other racist people regardless of the color of their skin. They all have the thoughts of arrogance, and self love in their minds. Bigots do not realize that it is not color of the skin that binds or separates them from other people; it is their evil thoughts that they have in common with other racist people, regardless of color.

It is not the distinction of skin colors which God judges; but it is the thoughts in our minds that God distinguishes and categorizes to determine our fate. For the racist out there, beware of your future path because it has no relationship on appearance; but it does, on the state of the mind. Purify your minds of greed, arrogance, and self-love, because the soul has no color.

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Heart and Soul

In the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush), God tells us that we do not understand the heart (soul).

Looking all over the world and through all ages,

I find no one who understands the heart (soul). 1-1

Uncovering the heart may reveal the mysteries of life. The significance of this verse, as it is the first of over 1,000 verses in our sacred book cannot be ignored. So what is the soul, and its relationship with our lives? Why does God want us to understand the heart (soul)?

On a side note, let me discuss a molecule called Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It is the building block of the human body. It contains all the information needed to construct our bodies. Who could of imagined 100 years ago, that we could possible construct human organs, or even a whole individual from a molecule called DNA! From this perspective, can there be an entity like the DNA molecule in our bodies that can predict our fate, and explain the happenings in our complex world.

I am introducing the heart (soul) as it is described in the Tip of the Writing Brush (Ofudesaki) and the Osashizu (Devine Instructions). It is not clear if the soul is the physical fist sized heart in our bodies, or an intangible entity of energy that is described in our sacred book. The heart is said to be a pure positive source of energy derived from God that brings upon joy; but the heart has another function of collecting our negative thoughts that come from our minds. These negative thoughts are greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self-love. These evils are sometimes called dusts in our religion. For some, the soul becomes covered with these dusts of evil derived from the mind; and for others the soul is unencumbered, and brings upon only joy.

The heart or soul like the DNA molecule stores our information. Like the DNA that stores our genetic makeup, our hearts stores our disposition. We reap what we sow. Every negative thought is delivered to the heart (soul). What becomes of these negative thoughts that encircle our souls? God tells us that they determine our fate.

The unencumbered pure heart only brings upon joy, while each dust surrounding the heart eventually is detached from the heart. The detached dust manifests into suffering or inconvenience. We reap what we sow. Our soul continues to remind us of our state of mind.

For some, the repeated episodes of suffering, pain, temptations and inconveniences derived from these dusts may bring upon more evil from their minds. They do not understand the soul. But for those who understand the soul (heart), they may decide to calm their minds and not act upon their negative thoughts when confronted with adversities. This will eventually eliminate the evils originating from the mind. By this process their souls will eventually shed the dusts surrounding it, and become restored to it pure form.

It is interesting that the heart is one organ of the body that usually is free of cancer. Can the physical heart be the soul or pure heart mentioned in our sacred books? It is something to ponder about!

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An Ordinary Woman

The following is an excerpt from the Osashizu concerning the Foundress of the Tenrikyo (Heaven’s Truth) religion.

She was not a well-known person. She was just an ordinary person on a farm, a woman who knew nothing. She was no one special. But understand well the truth that it was she who taught the ultimate teaching. She never went anywhere to see things, never learned anything in particular. I (God) entered the body of this woman and spread the truth. Understand this well. Teach the members of your family. The human body is a thing lent, a thing borrowed. Each way you have used your mind is reflected in this world. You have been born and reborn into this world many times. Each way you have used your mind is shown. When you have the thought, “What a situation is this”, you should settle your mind with joyous acceptance. Everything is reflected in this world. However large your treasure, of what value is it if you suffer from illness? There may be no greater misery. Free and unlimited blessings depend on your mind. Carry this truth with you. There will be a day when blessings will come quickly to your family and to everyone. If you believe this to be true, then come seeking to Me (God).

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Why Are People Evil?

What causes people to be evil? Is evil in our genes or is it learned. Why do some children become bad even though they were brought up in good homes? Could we blame the evil monsters in history on their environment?

Science will say that human beings are all made up of essentially the same composition of organic matter. Our DNA makeup is remarkably similar from one person to another compared to other species of animals. The only difference is what thoughts are in our minds. It is not the memories, synaptic connections, and gray or white matters that distinguish us from others; but it is the amount of evil thoughts of greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self love that we have in our minds today. This is essentially what makes each of us different from another. Even between family members, we all have differences in the amount of evil in our minds. Where do these evils come from, and what do they do?

Enter the soul (heart) in explaining what we cannot explain with science as of yet. The soul is a vehicle in which our evil thoughts are carried. The soul is a positive source of energy from God that collects the negative energy of these evil thoughts that are manufactured in our minds. The soul (heart) becomes our identity, which differentiates each individual from another. The soul also tries to purify itself from these evil dusts that surround it, trying to eliminate these negative energies blocking the pure soul. These evil dusts carry our fate, and materialize as suffering or inconveniences. We reap what we sow. From these sufferings, we can calm our minds of the evil in our minds, and not take action when these knots occur in our lives. When this happens, eventually these evil thoughts will not be manufactured in our minds. Our souls will eventually become pure again. For some people, this purity of the soul takes time because of the amount of dust on their soul. For others, they will continue to suffer because they cannot understand the heart (soul) in relationship to causality and reincarnation.

When does the soul enter the developing fetus and influence the developing mind? When does the negative dust surrounding the soul enter the mind of the child, restoring the mind to its previous stage and identity?   When does the child lose his or her innocence? When does life start? These are all good questions that may bring upon answers to why people are evil.

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Why Cancer of the Heart is So Rare

It is interesting that cancer of the heart is a rare occurrence. Can we find the answer in religion? In the Heaven’s Truth Religion (Tenrikyo), God tells us that mankind was created from Heaven and earth. God used the instruments or creatures of the sea and the pure heart of God in creating mankind. We all have the pure heart of God in each of us.   But whether God is actually talking about the physical fist size organ as the heart, or an abstract nonphysical entity, often describes as the soul, is unknown.

But ever since the first sin, our pure hearts (souls) have become surrounded by our evil thoughts of greed, arrogance, and self-love. God tells us in our religion, these dusts are what prevent our pure hearts from bringing upon joy. These dusts surrounding our hearts also bring upon disease like cancer, which can spread to all parts of our bodies. These dusts also develop into sufferings and misfortunes upon oneself. Again one must wonder why the heart is not prone to the malignant cells that ravage many of our organs. Could it be because the heart or soul is from God? If this is so, is the following verse from the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush) relevant?

Among all mankind, there is no one who is evil.

It is only a bit of dust stuck on. 1-53

If this is true, the evils that we must destroy are the thoughts of greed, arrogance, and self love. We must eliminate these thoughts from our minds, and from the minds of the people we think to be evil.

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We Do Not Understand the Soul

In the Heaven’s Truth Religion (Tenrikyo), these evils or sins are the thoughts of greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self-love.

Each individual soul was once said to be pure, only manifesting joy for the individual; but for many of us, the evil thoughts of the mind have surrounded the once pure soul (heart). These dusts (evil thoughts) prevent joy from emerging from the innermost soul. In contrast, these dusts surrounding the soul manifest into sufferings and inconveniences that are prevalent in the world today (karma, causality or innen). How do we remove these dusts surrounding our souls? We must stop the production of these dusts, which originate from our minds.

God tells us that if we calm our minds when suffering, temptation, or inconveniences occur, and do not act on our evil thoughts; these thoughts will gradually disappear from our minds, and our souls will become pure again. But to eliminate these dusts is very difficult because many of us do not understand why we suffer or have joy. We do not understand the soul. We need the strength to calm our minds when adversity or temptations that arise from karma occurs. This is especially true for those that have much evil surrounding their souls. It is the manifestation of these evils that tests our resolve. For many of us, we will be tested many times before our souls become pure due to the amount of evil surrounding our souls. For some, there will be many regressions as they succumb to their evil thoughts.

It is this understanding of the soul that God has descended from Heaven to teach. God will begin to work and begin to place illness and pain as guidance today. This is like God giving us a little inconvenience today, in order to prevent a great calamity in the future. He wants us to understand the heart (soul). What we sow, we reap. This parental guidance from a loving God is what separates this religion from all other religions.

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Reincarnation and Causality

I am a proponent that for every action, there is a reaction. I believe this theory for everything that occurs in this world. This includes sufferings, misfortunes, as well as joy and happiness. I realize that for some people who are suffering, this will be difficult to comprehend because they are not aware of or are not yet able to comprehend the universe as it relates to them. This is a concept of reincarnation and causality (karma, innen).

The Concept of causality may propose that we suffer today because we are bad. Nobody wants to be labeled as bad, and many skeptics will certainly refute this for this reason; they will say that it is like God labeling people bad with a scarlet letter. This will also incorrectly send a message that the people who are not experiencing suffering are good people.

But I believe that Cause and effect have no time limitations. The effects of our actions may not develop until the next lives. We have all sinned, whether we know it to be true from our own memories, or from past lives which we have no recollections. For this reason, we do not know what waits around the corner, whether it is good or bad news. Causality warns the world, that we eventually reap what we sow. Some will say that our soul keeps account of our credits and debits, releasing them at opportune times as joy and suffering. But it is time that makes the relationship between cause and effect irrelevant. We cannot connect the effect to the cause. We do not understand that God’s justice always prevails in this world.

Enter a new religion that states that God has descended from Heaven to help mankind understand causality. God tells us that he will begin to work because he sees the path of suffering in the world. God will begin to place illness as guidance. God will begin to shorten the time lapse between the cause and effect, making the relationship easier to understand. That illness or suffering is God informing you of evil (greed, arrogance, and self-love) in your mind today. God gives you a glimpse of the future by this guidance.

This guidance is what makes our religion so unique to other religions that also believe in reincarnation and causality. Again it is our behavior and thoughts today, which determines our happiness in the future. We determine our own fate. Please visit for more information on a religion that may change your life.

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