God is telling us that our bodies are part of God’s. We borrow our bodies from God. This is why, God can place illness as guidance of God’s possession. God is telling us that these guidance will happen. God is guiding others to understand the heart.
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Our Prayer, Why it Does Not Work

Have you wondered sometimes why our Sazuke does not work, no matter how hard we pray and promise whatever we will offer to God? I know I have. What would happen if all of our Sazuke works all the time? The patient will get better, but eventually he or she may succumb to illness or sufferings, and possibly come back to us to heal again? I believe that God does not want this scenaio to occur. The cause of why they suffer is not being addressed. This is why most of our prayer for healing does not occur. God wants people to be free of illness or suffering. This can happen if we understand the concept of reincarnation and karma (innen); and what makes these two occurences happen. It is the heart or soul we must understand. God tells us that we do not understand the heart in the first verse of the most important scripture in the world. God tells us to understand what comes from our own hearts (mune no uchi yori). I believe the heart is what God wants us to convey to others before our prayers are answered by God. Yes this includes both the Joyous Service and the Sazuke.
I will give you an analogy. In medicine or dentistry, prevention is most important. Many of our illnesses can be prevented. For example in dentistry, flossing, rinsing, and brushing is important in retaining the teeth. Likewise in the world suffering and illness can be prevented, if we understand the heart, and its function in bringing upon joy or sorrow. God wants us to give people knowledge of their own hearts. If they understand their own hearts they can by themselves bring upon joy in the future. This is like the Christian analogy of teaching someone to fish. Give a man a fish, and he will be able to eat for one day, but if he is taught to fish, he can eat for a lifetime.
So what are the steps in activating our Sazuke to the stage where it actually works? 1. first we must purify our own minds by understanding the function of our own hearts. 2. we must spread the truth of the heart to other. 3. We must perform the Joyous Service to ask God to save these people we have shared God’s teachings to. 4. These people will come to our churches to be be healed of the illness God placed as guidance to help them understand the heart. 5. We will perform the Sazuke, and again give them information on the heart, and how it brings upon joy or suffering. If all 5 steps occur, then healing will occur, and the person will be on his or her way to being saved, not only from the existing illness, but from future sufferings.
Some of you may question these steps in the salvation of others; but this information is all in the Ofudesaki and the Mikagura-uta!
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God is talking about the people who do not understand the teaching. When will God go out to save them? Could it be dependent on our prayer (Joyous Service) with a pure mind?
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Climate Change from Another Source

As I study the Ofudesaki, I come across some interesting information that pertains to what is happening in the world. Some of this may be coincidence, but I feel it is important to share. In Chapter 6 of the Ofudesaki verse 6-91, God tells us the explanation for why natural disasters occur in this world. The following is my explanation today on the Tenrikyo Ofudesaki Study Group on Facebook:

It is interesting that God tells us God has been on the sidelines viewing the behavior of human beings. Now God is telling us, that the behavior of human beings is causing God’s consternation. We know that with our special prayer, God will begin to help save the world. But God is telling us in chapter 6 of the Ofudesaki that this regret of people’s behavior, is also being released as natural disasters like tsunami and earthquakes. Could God’s regret be the negatve energy created from our  evil behavior?  God is releasing these energy as these natural disasters. In chapter 6, God refers to himself/herself as Moon/Sun or Tsukihi. It is the moon and sun that have effect on our climate and geological movements.  Can God be using the moon and sun to release the negative energy? It is ironic, that it may not be human pollution that is causing climate change, but it may be our polluted minds causing them. Something to ponder about!

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God’s sees all the evil actions of human beings. What do you think God does?
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The high mountains (people that rule) are thinking that they can do anything evil as long as no one sees them doing it, or do not care if anyone sees them doing it. This is the worldly path that only leads to suffering.
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Opposing factions Switches

It is interesting that the news media and entertainment establishment is narrating the idea that America is a racist society, especially against African Americans.

From my perspective as an Asian American, that was born in Japan, and brought to the states when I was 2 years old in 1957. America has come a long way from the days of slavery. I have heard of racism against the Japanese after War World II, and I have myself experienced racism growing up. I remember classmates calling me Jap, and nip in high school. I even remember graduate school where a professor wrote on the black board “ the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor on this day”. I remember in 1990, where I got on an elevator, where a white gentleman in a bathing suit began his racist rant against me. I was surprised that no one in the elevator came to my aide against this man. But again, these are remote instances, and I believe I have not experienced any racial incidences recently. Yes I believe, as long as we have any differences, there will be prejudice in society.

Compared to many nations in the world, America is a mixing pot of all races. In many countries like Japan and China, this is not so. I believe this is the reason God has blessed this country. This is a country that we can grow as individuals, because we have freedom. They come to our country not to be part of a religion or racial society, but to have opportunities. This is why so many people want to come to this country. Our laws and especially our constitution provides for the safety and protection of all of our citizens. The news media continue to divide us by emphasizing racial conflicts every day, but this is a nation that selected a black President. Could this happen in Japan, China or Russia?

Now from the perspective of the Tenrikyo religion, how can we participate in calming the so-called racial tension in this country? I recently opposed an article in the Tenrikyo newsletter supporting the black lives matter movement. Why did I do this? When we agree that black lives matter, we are leaving the notion that some lives may not matter. Of course all lives matters. God tells us that we are brothers and sisters. In the Ofudesaki, God tells us that our bodies are borrowed from God. Yes, we can move or act as we please; but when we are sick, we may not have full control of our bodies. When we physically pass away, we cannot take our bodies. Like everything we have, we borrow from God; this includes our bodies.

If our bodies our loaned from God, we are hurting God when we hurt others either physically or verbally. Do we want to hurt God? Do most people know that they are making God suffer when they hurt others?

Some may say, if our bodies are not ours, what is ours? It is our souls or hearts that are ours. It is the soul that resides in the borrowed body. The soul has no color. In the Ofudesaki, it appears that the soul or heart, separated from our borrowed bodies contain our thoughts like greed, regret, arrogance, covetousness, and self-love in different proportions. It also contains our fates that were created by acting on these thoughts in our past lives. It is these elements in the soul, that permeate our central nervous system, to give us control of our minds, and manifest our fate in our next lives. We reap what we have sowed. It is not surprising that our pending fate is associated with the existing dusts in our mind. How do we remove our negative fate and evil thoughts? All is in the Ofudesaki.

It is ironic, that usually the two opposing factions, for this instance, black lives matter extremist supporter, and racists may have something in common. They all have some of the dusts that God wants us to eliminate. They are on the same path of suffering because of these same thoughts. They may be on opposing side in their next lives, with the possibility of supporting the views of those they oppose now. To the historian, the opposing factions may appear to be the same, but their souls may have exchanged positions. Something to ponder!

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This path refers to how and why God created human bodies. People do not know that God created human beings for the Joyous life. But today, there is suffering and evil thoughts. God descended from heaven to teach us how to live the Joyous life.

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God is telling us how challenging and difficult it was to create human beings (human bodies), so that our souls can have joy in our daily lives.
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