I believe even today, there are some people that worship at more then one church or religion. People are always trying to understand the purpose of life and why we suffer or have joy.
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God is going to tell the early followers about the heart, and how to purify their minds. God will also tell them how to spread this truth to the world.
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God’s Guidance

In the Ofudesaki, God tells us God will begin to work. What will God do? God will begin to place guidance to help others understand the heart. What are these guidances that God will begin to show us? These guidances are  illnesses upon our bodies.  God I believe does not call these illnesses, because it is usually our own hearts that bring forth illness upon our bodies. So you can say that God is showing us what our hearts will bring upon us (fate) if we do not purify our minds. Our hearts make sure we reap what we have sowed. This is a loving and parental God that is showing us our future by these guidance. The following is from chapter 14 of the Ofudesaki.

(Dona yona) (koto demo Tsukihi) (suru koto ya)

(Ikana koto demo) (yamai dewa nai) 14-20

Whatever kind of thing, it is what God does.

What kind of thing, it is not an illness.

(Minouchi ni) (dono yona koto o) (shita totemo)

(Yamai dewa nai) (Tsukihi teiri ya) 14-21

Within the body, whatever I do,

It is not an illness. It is God guidance.

(Sekai niwa) (korera to yute) (iru keredo)

(Tsukihi zannen) (shirasu koto nari) 14-22

The world  is saying that it is cholera,

God’s regret (of having dust), I am informing you.

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God is telling us since the creation of human beings, God has been only observing us. It is not until 1838, when God descended from heaven to save everyone Then some of you may say what or who causes suffering or joy if it is not God that does this? God tells us that its is our own hearts.
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These illness as guidance are God’s blessings. Some may wonder how illness can considered a blessing. But if one ponders over these illnesses by understanding the heart, one will be able to purify one’s mind. When the mind is purified, the heart only brings upon positive fate. This is why God calls these blessings. God cares about everyone.
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The Joyous Service, What Does it do?

Many people in the Tenrikyo religion believe that God helps them sweep their evil thoughts or dusts when they perform the Joyous Service. What are we asking God to do when we perform the Joyous Service? The following verses may help one decide.
Hereafter, the Joyuus Service place your hands together.
Everyone assembled, awaiting what he Service brings forth. 1-10
All assembled quckly the Servce performed, If this is done
those nearby will become spirited. God will also be spirited. 1-11
The harvest (members) for it to appear spirited, if you think.
The Kagura Service and the hand dance begin it. 1-15
This Service, where do they come from you think.
From the high places they will come spirited. 2-4
This Service, what matter is it about, are you thinking.
To settle the world, and for salvation only. 4-93
This path I wll teach quickly. By this Service
the world, everyone the minds will be purified. 7-99
However difficult things may appear,
by the Joyous Service everyone will be saved. 12-61
This Service, it is concerning the high mountains, it is difficult.
God will firmly give assurance.
If you quickly unite your minds and firmly (with pure mind)
the Service performed, the world will settle. 14-92
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God is telling us that the illness given to the 3 members of the Service is not an illness, but a guidance to hasten the performance of the Service to save everyone. This is why when we sometime have an illness, it may be God’s guidance to help us on our path to a Joyous life.
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Understanding the Heart

It is my sincere belief that until we understand the first verse of the Ofudesaki, we will not be able to spread God’s intention to the world.
What is the heart that God tells us that we do not understand., The following from the  Ofudesaki may give one a clue,
Yorozuyo no sekai ichiretsu miharasedo
mune no wakarita mono wa nai kara  1-1
Through all generations, the world everyone, looking at.
The understanding of the heart, person there is not because…
What comes from the heart, everyone ponder  2-15
The mind is resolving, the heart is settling.  2-28
The heart and mouth are the sand and filter 3-11
From now on you will understand what comes from the heart  3-43
Become single hearted with God by what the innermost heart brings forth 3-46
Understand what the innermost heart bings upon and ponder 3-47
The innermost heart is not even understood. 4-87
From what comes from the innermost heart, it will be done. 4-108
The truth of the heart because there is no understanding 5-28
The innermost heart quickly ponder  5-74
Each of your hearts, you are dependent on it.  6-97
Everyone, what comes from the innermost heart  7-27
From what comes from the innermost heart, hurry sweeping  7-30
What comes from the innermost heart, firmly show your sincerity  7-32
The heart is not understood. The regret of God. 7-44
The heart understood, the day will come. 7-75
All of each of your innermost hearts piles of dust have accumulated  8-61
What comes from the innermost heart, one must clear it away  8-67
The concern in the mind of God is the innermost hearts of people. 10-57
The truth from the innmost heart. If they understand it, God will be delighted. 10-59
The high mountains can not understand the heart. The regret of God. 10-90
Many of the children, the innermost heart, the preparation to understand it does not exist. 11-48
God will begin the sweeping of the heart. 12-1
This time, this innermost heart, quickly prepare to clear it. 12-21
The Original mind, how does on attain this? Ponder the heart. This is foremost. 12-132
If the individual innermost heart is purified, there will be no danger.,  13-83
Everyone, all individuals are dependent on the heart. 13-117
The sweeping of the heart, one will be able to do by oneself.   16-7
The innermost heart, God is watching  16-59
The next article will be abut the Joyous Service. What are we asking God to do? What makes this Service effective?
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The word kataude has two meanings, one is right-hand man, signifying people that are important. The other definition is one arm. I am more inclined to believe that God placed illness on the arms of three of the scheduled member of the Service, as a way of communicating how important our Service is to save the world. The withdraw (shirizoku) of fire and water is the placing of illness by God. This next verse will confirm this.

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Spreading Our Teachings to the World

How do we spread on teachings to the world? When our religion started, Kokan was sent out by Oyasama, chanting Namu Tenri-O-no-Mikoto on a street corner. How do you spread the teachings to others? What are the first teachings of our religion do you first introduce to a stranger? Is it about Oyasama, how about our special prayer, or maybe about Ojiba, the location of the creation of human beings? Most of you may not like to hear this but we are not doing a good job of spreading our teachings to the world., I know that some of you may say that our efforts will sprout in the future. This is a common reason I hear from many people in our religion. They may be correct, and time will only tell.
Yes, one may say that I am a complainer, and being negative of our religion. But I have a reason for my concerns about where our religion is going. But I also am also optimistic because of the instructions in the Ofudesaki and the Mikagura-uta. In the Ofudesaki God tells us how to spread the teachings to others. What do we first talk about when talking to people about our religion? We talk about the heart. God tells us in the first verse of the Ofudesaki that we do not understand the mune or heart. Why would God discuss the mune or heart at the beginning of the most sacred scripture in the world? It is because God wants us to understand it first, and then spread it to the world. In the Official translation of the Ofudesaki in English, mune is translated as God’s heart. This interpretation in my opinion, is a fatal error that will lead the reader to misinterpret God’s message of what we are to understand and what to inform others.
What is this mune or heart that God wants us to understand, that God places at the beginning of our most sacred scripture? Most of the world is familiar with the concept of reincarnation, and karma (innen).  We reap what we have sowed. But no one knows what makes these two concepts function. The heart is like the last piece of the puzzle that will make people understand why reincarnation and karma exist. I will give you a brief summary of what the heart does. The heart in our bodies collect our demerits from our evil actions, and stores them. It releases these demerits as fate when opportune times develop to manifest. This is why God tells us to calm our minds and ponder what comes from our innermost hearts (mune no uchi yori) Again we reap what we have sowed. It is not God that punishes us for our evil deeds, but it is our own heart that monitors our behaviors. Some will say that the heart is the soul, or is contained in the soul. God tells us that by understanding the heart, we can purify our minds of the dusts of regret, covetousness, greed, arrogance, and self-love. By understanding that our suffering or obstacles come from our own hearts, we can begin to  eliminate the dusts that caused these fates to appear. Instead of blaming others, we ponder the evil thoughts in our own minds, and not act upon them. This is how we gradually eliminate our evil thoughts. This will lead to a purified heart, that will bring upon only positive fate.
Now we have purified our own minds, we are ready to spread the truth of the heart to others. This will be a difficult task, especially in western countries where the belief in heaven or hell is dominant. God knows this, and that is why God has given us the Joyous Service. The Joyous Service is a prayer asking God to help us spread the truth of the heart to others.  It is not a prayer asking God to sweep our own minds or save us. We already should know how to sweep our minds by understanding the heart. But God also tells us we must do something very important before we pray with this special prayer. God wants us to spread the truth of the heart, and what God will do to the people we have spread the truth to.  This is called hinokishin in the Mikagura-uta. Some may call this niogake, but I believe the correct term will be hinokishin (a person’s contribution).
With the acceptance of our special prayer by God, God places illness as guidance to the people we have spread the truth to. They come to our places of worship (from the high places they will come), we heal them with our Sazuke, and continue to convey our teachings of the heart to purify their own minds.
In summary, the instruction to save the world are all in the Ofudesaki. We need to look no further. God wants us to understand the heart! This is what we convey to others.
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