The soul descends from heaven and enters the body at birth, and converts its energies into our past thoughts; these thoughts enter our minds. Our memories are erased; but death does not erase our evil thoughts. These evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, anger, hate, and self love.

The soul collects our evil thoughts from our minds. What does the soul do with these negative energies?

The negative energies surrounding our hearts convert into sufferings/temptations. We should not blame God, or others for our sufferings and inconveniences. They are all manifestations of our soul.

If we act on our evil thoughts when the soul metes out suffering/temptation, we create more negative thoughts in our minds. This will add to the negative energy surround the soul/heart. We will suffer more in the future.

If we do not act on our evil thoughts, others do not suffer; and we do not produce any negative thoughts. Eventually all our negative thoughts in our minds will be eliminated by this process.

When our minds are purified of evil thoughts, the soul will be void of negative energies. This will bring only joy from our innermost hearts.