Understand the Heart

I know many of you are wondering why I am emphacizing the heart (mune) in my interpretations of the Ofudesaki.  Why would God tell us that we do not understand the heart in the first verse of the Ofudesaki. and the Yorozuyo? Wait, some of you may say that mune is God’s heart that we do not understand. This is what Tenrikyo Headquarter advocates. But what is God’s heart? Some would interpret the first verse to indicate that we do not understand God’s mind. This may be true; but are we translating mune correctly? If we are not translating the first verse correctly, might it not hinder the progression of God’s intention to save the world?
What is this heart that we do not understand? Could our hearts be our physical hearts that keep us alive? Could it be our soul or spirit or contained in our soul?  Why does God tell us to ponder what comes from our hearts? Why does God tell us that the heart and mouth are the sand and filter?  Why does God tell us to purify our minds by using a filter and sand (3-10)? Why does God tell us to show our sincerity from what comes from our hearts ( 7-32)? Why does God tell us that we are all dependent on our hearts (13-117?. Could our hearts be our souls or contained in our souls, that continue for eternity?  Could our hearts explain why reincarnation and karma exists? Do we reap why we have sowed because of the heart?. Does the heart monitors our behaviors? If this is true,it may not be  God that rewards or punishes us for our behaviors. Could God have been only watching us?
Some of you may wonder, if God does not participate in our daily lives, do we need God?  In the Ofudesaki, God tells us we do not know the Origin, or why God created human beings. God tells us that we were created to live the Joyous life, without illness or suffering. But in this world there is illness and suffering. Because of this suffering in the world, God descended from heaven to save us. The instructions to save us are all in the Ofudesaki, and summarized in the Yorozuyo and the 12 songs.  But if we cannot even understand the first verse in the most sacred scripture, we may not be able to understand God’s instructions on how to save the world. I will leave you with song 11  that emphacizes the importance of understanding the heart in the dissemination of our religion.
Until this time, everyone
did not understand the heart. What regret.
This year accompanied by the fertilizer (Joyous Service),
many people we cultivated and brought in.
How delightful, how grateful.
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God is telling us that illness from guidance, is from God to help one understand one’s heart. This is different from illness or suffering that comes from one’s own heart.
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Why does God have regret? God has regret because the bodies loaned to us have illness and suffering upon them. These are God’s bodies that are loaned to us. God tells us that our bodies were meant to have only joy, and there should be no suffering or illness. To eliminate God’s regret, God is telling us that God is making preparations to save us.
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Interpretation: This place refers to Ojiba, more specifically the Kanrodai in Ojiba, where human beings were started. This is where God descended from heaven to save the world.

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The Sin of Regret

Have you ever heard people say that they wish they were never born, or they wish they never married a particular person? I would like to talk about dusts today, in particular one that most people do not realize exist. In the Ofudesaki, these dusts are oshii, hoshii, kawaii,yoku and kouman. In English these dusts are regret, want, self-love, greed, and arrogance. Some of you may have caught the different definition of the word oshii. In the English translation of oshii by Tenrikyo Church headquarters, they translate it as miserliness. I believe this translation is incorrect. The real translation should be regret. Miserliness would be redundant in that it goes under the dusts of both want (hoshii) and yoku (greed).
Why did God place regret first on God’s list of dusts or sins? Have you ever had the thought, what if? What if Ihad marrried someone else? Would my life be better? What if I would have picked someone else for a particular assignment, would things be better? In the first instance, some of us may even look up old acquaintances on Facebook, and in extreme cases attempt to contact them. I believe that this is not what God wants. God does not want us to be depressed over our past, because everything that occurs is the result of what we have done before. The people that occur in our lives have been chosen by our own hearts/soul. We reap what we have sowed in the past. There is no use in regretting the past. God does not want us to be depressed by what our own hearts bring forth. God wants us to accept what life bring upon, either joy or sorrow; and reflect our own minds to purify our minds. The dust of regret does not fit in God’s plans. This is why I believe this dust is the most important to eliminate from our minds. When this happens, the other dusts will be easier to eliminate.
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God will begin to help the world understand the heart/soul. This salvation no one by themselves will be able to do. We need God’s help to do this. This is why God has given us this special prayer (Joyous Service), to ask God to help us save others.
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The people in the high mountains are taking the worldly path. This path is where one thinks one can get away with anything as long as no one sees them doing it, or does not care if anyone sees them. This path only leads to suffering. The path of the heart which is the true path can lead to joy if one understand this path.
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The worldly path of selfishness causes the anger and regret of God. Because this path leads to suffering, God is telling us not to expect joy on this path.
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The Heart Makes No Mistakes.

When we become religious, there are two kinds of people. One that uses the teachings to find fault with others, while the other uses the teachings to improve oneself. Until I started to read the Ofudesaki, and study it, I was the former follower who used the teachings to find falult in others. Don’t get me wrong, I was not a bad person, but I did not understand why we suffer or have joy. When inconveniences came my way, I use to blame others, instead of looking within myself; more specifically I did not understand why my heart was bringing forth these inconveniences and illnesses. But this is human nature, where we try to find out why things occur. It is more easy to blame others, then blame oneself. Some may say that blaming yourself, will only make one more depressed. If they do no understand the heart,they may be correct in this assumption. If one understands the words in the Ofudesaki, one will be aware that “from knots, buds will sprout”. What does this mean? From inconveniences or sufferings, we are seeing a mirror of our past actions caused by the dust or evil thoughts in our minds. If we understand the heart, we can purify our minds by not acting on our evil thoughts when inconveniences delivered by our own hearts occur. By this process, we can eliminate both our negative thoughts and negative fate or sufferings caused by our hearts. Inconveniences and illness may be trying, but from these occurences, we have the ability to purify our minds. Thus the saying from knots, buds will sprout. Our heart give us the opportunity to do this. The opportunity to have joy is always possible because of the heart.
It is not surprising that our hearts brings us together with people that have similar mind sets. Why do the same type of people appear in our lives. God tells us that we see a reflection of ourselves in the people we encounter everyday. By understanding the heart, we begin not to blame others; but we begin to ponder our own minds , to eliminate our own evil thoughts. Some people will say this is nonsense, that we blame ourselves when bad people try to hurt us. Our own hearts make no mistakes; it delivers what we have done before in our previous lives. Yes, other people may be evil,but it is our own hearts that make them appear in our lives. Yes, we must protect ourselves and others from physical or verbal abuse from dangerous situations, but we must later ponder why our hearts have brought them to us. The answer alway lies in what exist in our minds. These are the dusts of greed, arrogance, self-love, regret and covetousness. They are the source of all evil in this world. God tells us if we can eliminate them from our minds, only joy will radiate from our hearts!
Some will say that this talk is ridiculous, and I cannot remember sinning or doing anything evil in this life time. But again our hearts make no mistake. They store our merits and demerits from our actions of previous lives. But you may say that these were done in my previous life, and I should not be liable for things I cannot remember doing. One may be correct in saying this; but the cause of these evil actions came from the evil thoughts in the mind, which usually transfers to the next life time. These evil thoughts do not disappear with our physical death, but travel with the heart to our next destination. These inconveniences from the heart give us the opportunity to eliminate the evil thoughts that initially caused our inappropriate behavior. This purification only occurs when one ponders one’s mind, and does not act on their evil thoughts when suffering occurs.
Yes, the saysings from a knot, buds sprout and what one sows, one reaps, they all begin to make sense when one understands the heart. All these information is in the Ofudesaki. These are God’s truths that will eventually save the world, and bring upon heaven on earth.
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