God wants us to understand the soul.

Looking all over the world and through all ages, I find no one who understands the soul (heart).  Tip of the Writing Brush 1-1

Why does God want us to understand the soul? Because our souls determine our future. We suffer or have joy depending on what surrounds our eternal soul.

God descended from heaven to teach us about the soul. Illnesses, pains and sufferings may be placed upon our bodies as God’s guidance to help us understand the heart/soul.

We can accept these inconveniences as God’s will or as coincidence; or we can ponder over these sufferings and begin to understand the soul and how it affects us. When we understand the soul, we can understand the origins of joy and suffering in this world.

The soul is an individualized ethereal positive energy source from God that enters our bodies at birth, and leaves our bodies at death. During our earthly stay, it collects our evil thoughts as negative energies; and it gradually releases the negative energies back to us as sufferings. We reap what we sow.

By these inconveniences, the soul helps us eliminate evil thoughts from our minds; it works to remind us of the evil thoughts in our minds. These evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness and self-love. All other evil thoughts are derived from these five categories of thoughts; for example anger and animosity are derived from arrogance.

How does the soul eliminate evil from our minds? If we ponder and do not act on our existing evil thoughts when faced with what the soul metes out (sufferings), these thoughts from our minds  gradually subside. The mind  becomes pure, and the evil surrounding the soul is eliminated by manifestation and attrition. This results in a pure soul void of negative energy, which brings upon a joyous life for the individual.

For many people, the purification of the mind will be a long process, dependent on the amount of negative energy they have accumulated around their soul, which is also equivalent to the amount of evil thoughts in their mind. These sufferings that the negative energies manifest will test their resolve of not taking action on their evil thoughts. There is a saying that from a knot, a bud will sprout if we understand the soul.

But suppose we do not understand what the soul does? If we act on our evil thoughts when the soul distributes its negative energy, the mind will continue to produce more negative thoughts. This increases the negative energy surrounding the pure soul, causing the soul to bring upon more suffering upon ourselves.  From a knot, knots will continue to sprout if we do not understand the soul. Do not ignore the manifestations of the soul.


Foremost, we believe that God loves all his children. We believe in the law of causality. Good thoughts and actions result in joy.  Evil thoughts and actions result in suffering and inconveniences in the future. It is this eternal soul that collects our evil thoughts and metes out our sufferings and inconveniences.  The soul collects our negative energy from our evil thoughts. These negative energies eventually manifest as sufferings back to the individual. Cause and effect have no time limitations. The effect of our action (negative energy around the soul) may not be released by the soul for an extended period.

God sees a dangerous path in our future. He sees our souls with negative energy surrounding it. Because God wants us to understand the soul and how it affects us, God will release some of the negative energy surrounding our souls, and manifest it into illness or suffering to help us understand the soul. God gives us a preview of what sufferings we may endure if we continue to harbor evil thoughts. This guidance is what makes this religion so unique compared to other religions that also believe in causality. This guidance from God is initiated with a special prayer (Joyous Service) that God has granted us. One can  prevent the sufferings in the future by understanding the soul!


To continue to purify our minds of negative thoughts ( sin/evil ) when confronted with temptation and sufferings manifested by the soul.

To spread and share God’s truth; telling people that illness and suffering may be God’s guidance to help one understand the soul/heart. This conveyance of God’s truth is called hinokishin .

To pray daily with our Special prayer (Joyous Service), asking God to help people understand the soul/heart and to sweep evil from their minds.

To heal the people whose minds have been revealed when God guides them to us; and teach them about the soul (heart), causality and true sincerity. True sincerity is a mind that ponders over suffering and obstacles that the soul delivers, and accepts these inconveniences in a joyous manner. This will make our minds pure and spirited; and by the principle of causality will bring forth joy in the future due to the pure soul (heart).


All mankind will live a joyous life with everyone helping each other.


Please share this website with others and tell them about the soul/heart.



Reference: Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush) 6th edition, Oyasama, Miki Nakayama, Tenrikyo Church Headquarter.