At New Years, the grant of the Fertilizer (Joyous Service),

How remarkable!

Shogatsu koe no Sazuke wa

yare mezurashii.



Smilingly receiving the grant (Joyous Service),

How promising!

Nikkori Sazuke morotara

yare tanomoshi ya.



Determine to have a mind of a three year old (have a pure mind)

Sanzai kokoro o sadame.


In the world




The truth will flourish (truth of God’s teaching and the soul will spread due to hinokishin)

Ri o fuku.



Suffering will be reversed.

Musho ni dekemawasu.



Whatever you prepare (plant the seeds/hinokishin), will reap (talking about new members).

Nanikani tsukuri toru nara,



Yamato will be blessed with a rich harvest (new members)

Yamato wa honen ya.



bring them here (new members).

Koko made tsuite koi.



The full harvest (members) will be fixed 

Torime ga sadamarita.


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Summary of Song 2:  Purify mind (like 3 year old), spread God’s truth (hinokishin), and pray (Joyous Service). This will bring new members to our places of worship.