Whatever talk to a person is hinokishin

You simply sprinkle my fragrance around (about the heart and God’s workings).

(Hitokoto hanashi wa) (hinokishin)

(Nioi bakari o) (kakete oku).


If your mind is strong

No one will be able to stop you.

Fukai kokoro ga aru naraba,

Tare mo tomeru de nai hodoni


In the world, everyone’s mind, there is no one who does not

desire a field (place of prayer).

Mina sekai no kokoro ni wa,

Denji no iranu mono wa nai.


If there is a good field (location where we will plant the seeds), to everyone

Everyone will desire to have it.

Yoki ji ga araba ichiretsuni,

Tare mo hoshii de arogana.


It is the same with everyone

I too wish to have that land (refers to location where we do hinokishin).

Izure no kata mo Onaji koto.

Washi mo ano ji o motometai.


I do not compel you to do this or that.

That is dependent on each of your hearts (it is the heart that brings upon manifestations that forces one to act or not to act on the evil in the mind in order to purify the mind).

Murini dose to iwan de na.

Soko wa meimei no mune shidai.


By all means the land is desired,

no matter what the price may be.

(Nandemo denji ga) (hoshii kara)

(Atae wa) (nanihodo) (iru totemo)  ???


At the residence is God’s field,

The planted seed will all sprout (hinokishin will come to fruit with new members with we pray toward Kanrodai).

(Yashiki wa Kami no) (denji ya de)

(Maitaru tane wa) (mina haeru)


Because, this is this world’s field

I too will firmly plant the seeds (hinokishin of spreading God’s truth about soul and what work God will do).

(Koko wa kono yo no) (denji nara)

(Washi mo shikkari ) (tane o mako)


This time, everyone

has come to sow the welcome seeds.

If the seeds are planted (hinokishin), these people

accompanied by the fertilizer will reap a rich harvest (new members).

(Kono tabi) (ichiretsuni)

(Yokoso tane o) (maki ni kita)

(Tane o maitaru) (sono kata wa)

Koe o okazuni tsukuri tori.


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Summary of Song 8: Where are the new members. God tells us it will not be done by ourselves; we need God’s help. We must purify our minds first by not acting on what sufferings or inconveniences the Soul brings forth. When we purify our minds, God will accept our prayers and bring new members to our places of worship.