What is this contribution God wants?

God wants us to spread the teaching of the heart to others. This is called hinokishin* in the Mikagura uta.

God instructs us in the Ofudesaki to tell people that God is going to help others. We must tell people that God may place illness to guide them to understand the soul/heart (Ofudesaki 14-65, 14-66). We must tell them now; how do we expect them to understand if they do not know the meaning of each occurrence that the soul delivers?  This is called hinokishin. Tell people, the following:

  1. God has descended from Heaven to save all mankind. God wants us to understand the heart (soul). We reap what we sow. Ponder over what the soul manifests.

  2. That illness or suffering may be God’s guidance to help you remove evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) from your mind. The suffering is not punishment but God’s guidance to help understand the soul. God is showing you what your future may be if you do not remove evil from your mind.

  3. When your mind is pure, the soul will only bring upon joy.

*Hinokishin = hito no kishin= one’s contribution