Understanding The Ofudesaki To Spread God’s Truths.

God descended from heaven to teach us how to purify our own minds and live the joyous life. God through  Oyasama (Miki Nakayama) and the Ofudesaki (sacred book)  gives us the recipe to spread God’s truths. These are the following ingredients: 

Understand the soul, and continue to purify our minds of negative thoughts ( sin/evil ) when confronted with temptations and sufferings manifested by our heart. This is called digging the root.

To spread and share God’s truth, telling people that illness and the healing of illness may be God’s guidance to help one understand the heart. This conveyance of God’s truth to others is called hinokishin. 

To pray daily with our special prayer (Joyous Service), asking God to help sweep the evil thoughts of the people we have spread the truth of the soul to. We pray for the salvation of others! This is why our prayer is so important in our faith. 

Kanrodai at Ojiba is where our prayers are directed toward, where we believe God and Oyasama are present to answer our prayers. This is the location where the creation of human beings was initiated.

Upon accepting our sincere prayer, God distinguishes the minds of the people we have spread the truth to, and places temporary illness as guidance. By these illnesses, God lets them know of what thoughts are in their minds; and shows them what fate may be in their future. God is showing them their future in this lifetime.

They come to our places of worship to be healed. We pray (sazuke) and retell them about the soul and God’s teachings; and are healed of their illness. They are then able to purify their minds by themselves by understanding the soul.

This process of (1) understanding the soul and purifying our own minds by acting appropriately to what the soul manifest, (2) spreading the truth of the soul (hinokishin) by telling people that God will begin to work to help us understand the soul and (3) praying with the Joyous Service, asking God to bring these people we have spread the truth to our places of worship, continues until all mankind is purified of evil thoughts.