Understanding The Ofudesaki To Spread God’s Truths.

God descended from heaven to teach us how to purify our own minds to attain the Original mind. God through  Oyasama (Miki Nakayama) and the Ofudesaki (sacred book)  gives us the recipe to spread God’s truths. These are the following ingredients: 

Understand the Original mind (shinjitsu), the pure mind to become spirited.

The Original mind, is God’s pure mind that was place into the first parents, who started human beings. This is a mind without regret, covetousness, self-love, greed, and arrogance. When we attain this mind, we will become spirited.

Understand the heart (mune) to purify one’s own mind, to attain the Original mind.

When negative fate appears from the heart, one should ponder the mind, and not act upon the negative thoughts. By this process, one can eliminate the negative thoughts in the mind, and prevent further negative fate accumulating in the heart. These two steps, should bring upon the spirited mind, and the Joyous life. But upon being spirited, most people will want to share God’s truths with others, and will continue with the next steps.

Spread the truths of the Original mind, the heart, and what God will begin to manifest, to help others become spirited.

This spreading of God’s truth is called hinokishin in the Mikagura-uta. This is most important in the next step to save the world. If we do not tell people of God’s truth, they will not see God’s blessings when it appears.

Perform the Joyous Service with the Original mind (pure)

This in a prayer granted by God to save the world. This prayer is only accepted by God, when we have a pure mind or the Original mind.  God with the acceptance, will then place guidance on the people we have spread God’s truth.  

Heal the people coming to our places of worship, and further teach them God’s truth and the Joyous Service.

The People we have spread God’s truth, they will come to our places to be healed , of the guidance given by God, which was given to them  to help them understand the heart and the Original mind. They by the information given will be able to purify their minds to become spirited, and will continue this process of spreading God’s truth if they wish.