Tong, Tong, Tong. The beginning of the dance at New Year, How delightful it is.

Ton ton ton to shogatsu odori hajime wa,

yare nigiwashi ya.


This marvelous construction once it is started,

How lively it is.

Fushigina fushin kakareba,

yare nigiwashi ya.


Body (One) will settle

Mi ni tsuku.


The world will be restored



If everytime you follow me,

Izuremo tsuki kuru naraba,


I will cut the root of rebellion (evil thoughts).

Muhon no ne o kiro.


If you complete saving people who are suffering (Performing the Joyous Service)

Nanju  o sukui agureba,


The root of illness will be cut (evil thoughts will be eliminated).

Yamai no ne o kiro.


If you keep your mind determined

Kokoro o sadame iyo nara,


Peace will settle at this place

Tokoro no osamari ya.


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Summary of Song 3: God tells us to keep going on to spread God’s truth, even though people may make fun of us. We should spread God’s truths of what work will be done to guide people. This spreading is called hinokishin.