Hito no kokoro to yuumono wa

utagai bukai mono naru zo

The human mind is said to be

so deeply doubtful.  


Fushigina tasuke o suru kara ni,

ikanaru koto mo misadameru.

Miraculous salvation,  because I will do.

Any kind of thing will be ascertained.


Mina sekai no mune no uchi

kagami no gotokuni utsuru nari

All the world’s innermost heart,

like a mirror, reflects what we have done.


Yokoso tsutome ni tsuite kita,

kore ga tasuke no motodate ya.

Joyfully the Service, you have come to perform.

This is your salvation’s  Origin appearance.


Itsumo Kagura ya Teodori ya

Sue de wa mezurashi tasuke suru

Always performing the Kagura (Joyous Service at Jiba) and the hand dance (Joyous Service),

in the future, marvelous salvation I will do (bring upon illness as guidance).


(Musho yattara ni) (negai deru)

(uketoru suji mo) (sen suji ya)

If free and unlimited blessings are given, requests will come.

The accepted path, the foremost path!


Nambo shinjin shita totemo,

kokoroe chigai wa naran zoe.

However eagerly you believe,

mistaken mind, never have.


Yappari shinjin senya naran

kokoroe chigai wa denaoshi ya

Still you must continue to believe.

Having wrong mind, you must start over.


Koko made shinjin shite kara wa,

hitotsu no kou o mo minya naranu.

Until thus far, because having believed,

single request, to observe, that will occur. 


Kono tabi mie mashita,

ougi no ukagai kore fushigi.

This time it has been seen.

The essence (truth) of the inquiry (prayer).This is marvelous.


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Summary of Song 7: We must seek to build places of worship (church or fellowship). We must perform hinokishin, which is the spreading of the truth of the soul, and that God will begin to help others purify their minds.  We can bring others to our places of worship when all these conditions are met, accompanied by the Joyous Service (fertilizer).