(Hinomoto) (Shoyashiki no),  

(Kami no yakata no) (Jiba sadame) 

Human being’s Origin, the beginning grounds,

Gods’ residence’s  locality, determine it.


(Fufu soroute) (hinokishin)  

(Kore ga daiichi) (monodane ya) 

Husband and wife gathered, spreading God’s truth.

This is the most important fundamental element (in bringing in new members).


(Mireba sekai ga) (dandan to)

(mokko ninoute) (hinokishin) 

If one sees this, in the world step by step,

bearing on their shoulders bamboo poles, spreading God’s teachings.


(Yoku o wasurete) (hinokishin)

(Kore ga daiichi) (koe to naru)

Forgetting greed , we spread the teachings.

This becomes most important, for the fertilizer to be effective (to bring in new members).

* the Joyous Service is the fertilizer


(Itsuitsu mademo) (tsuchimochi ya)

(Mada aru naraba) (washi mo yuko)

Forever continues the carrying of the earth.

*earth represents God’s teachings

Still if it happen , I also want to go.


(Murini tomeru ya) (nai hodoni)

(kokoro aru nara) (tare narito)  

Do not unreasonably stop anyone

if they have the mind, whoever it is.


(Nanika Mezurashi) (tsuchimochi ya)

(kore ga kishin to) (naru naraba)

How remarkable this carrying the earth This is a contribution, if it occurs.

* the word hinokishin comes from kishin


(Yashiki no tsuchi o)  (horitorite)

(tokoro kaeru)  (bakari ya de)

The residence’s earth, digging it up

* grasping and understanding God’s truths

the location, one transfers  (God’s truth) only.

*we spread God’s truths to all locations


(Kono tabi made wa) (ichiretsuni)

(Mune ga wakaran) (zannen na)

Until this time, in everyone, 

the heart is not understood. What regret!

*because no hinokishin to spread the  truth of the heart

(Kotoshi wa) (koe okazu)

(jubun mono o) (tsukuri tori)

(Yare tanomoshi ya) (arigata ya)

This year accompanied* by the fertilizer

*Joyous Service is the fertilizer

many people we cultivated and brought in 

*new members coming to church because we have spread the truth of the soul/heart before praying

How delightful, how grateful.

* original translations of okazu is without