Oyasama is the first parent

The following is the story of genesis from the Ofudesaki (sacred book). Some people will say it is a myth to explain the creation, and others will believe it as the absolute truth.   

In the beginning there was God looking over her creations. Then God said, “Let there be joy”, so God began to create human beings. About one billion year ago, from the muddy oceans, God selected a fish (Izanami) and serpent (Izanagi) as the seeding of the first couple. Looking throughout the oceans, God found more sea creatures and added their traits (genes) to the first couple. With their consents, God began to create human beings, promising them that they would return one billion years later to the same location of the origin. God promised the female fish that she would eventually become the shrine of God, in order to teach God’s truths to the world. Through the process of evolution, we are who we are as human beings.

On April 18, 1798, Miki Nakayama was born in Shoyashiki Village in Japan.  It was October 26, 1838 that God descended on the Nakayama residence as promised by prophecy made at the origin; and God requested that she become the Shrine of God. This is when the Tenrikyo religion began. Oyasama began to teach others, and began the process of healing people from illnesses, and also began the grant of safe childbirth, promising expecting mothers an easy delivery.

God is said to have communicated with Oyasama. She wrote God’s truth by handwritten verses that are now compiled in our sacred book called the Ofudesaki. This sacred book gives us instruction on how to spread God’s truth to save the world.  God promises that eventually all mankind will live a joyous life.

The Tenrikyo religion is different in that Oyasama is the first parent of mankind as signified by her name translated to English as the parent. She passed away in January 26, 1887, with her soul returning to the Origin where mankind was created. We believe that this location is where both God and Oyasama are now, helping to save mankind. This is why we pray toward this location, represented by a wooden temporary pillar called the Kanrodai, which represents the original location. When all mankind is purified in mind, the pillar will be constructed in stone. God promises heavenly dew that will flow from heaven upon a receptacle placed on the top tier of the Kanrodai. God promises paradise on earth when this occurs.