Mikagura-uta as a summary of the Ofudesaki

The most accurate English translation of the Yorozuyo and 12 accompanying dances. This is an on going translation. Some of the translations have been highlighted to reinforce the difference from previous English translations. Again the theme like in the Ofudesaki are about understanding the heart(soul), purifying the mind, hinokishin (spread the truth about the soul/heart), and the Joyous Service (to bring in new members to our places of worship). This theme is emphasized in songs 4,7,8,9,10 and 11.

The Joyous Service/Kagura Service is the hand dance (teodori) that God wants us to perform with a pure mind; and that the mikagura-uta (Yorozuyo and 12 songs) was composed by Oyasama to reinforce what is written in the Ofudesaki, specifically directed to the early followers of the church.

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