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Sign for a Sign

Some people believe that our religion is the ultimate and final religion that will save the world. But why does church membership not increase? Why does God not help bring new people into our churches? In the Book of Prophecy … Continue reading

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Retribution, the spark of evil

Retribution is the spark, which fuels evil. Evil is greed, arrogance, and self-love. In the Heaven’s Truth Religion (Tenrikyo), the foundress of the religion, Oyasama once told a follower that when we sometimes confront evil, it is sometimes prudent to … Continue reading

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God’s Guidance

The following is a verse from the Tip of the Writing Brush: Day by day, disorders will come to your bodies. Ponder over it! God is informing you of your mistaken minds. 4-42 What does this mean? The law of  … Continue reading

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The laws of Thermodynamics revisited

The laws of Thermodynamics revisited From a ripen apple that falls from a tree, to the energy transferred from our arms to the ball we toss, everything follows the law of nature. Only in our dreams and in Hollywood do … Continue reading

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