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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.

The Key to Our Prayer

What makes our religion so special is that God gives us a prayer to save the world. In the Ofudesaki, our sacred book, God gives us the  instructions to utilize this special prayer (key).  Without these ingredients our prayer (key) … Continue reading

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Understanding Tenrikyo to Understand the Soul

The understanding of the Soul/heart is paramount for us to begin to have joy. It is so important that God’s first words in the Ofudesaki tells us that we do not understand the soul. God tells us in Song 9 … Continue reading

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Song 11 of Mikagura-uta

The following song  11 of the mikagura-uta  summarizes how we bring new members to our places of worship.   Shoyashiki, the Origin of mankind, Gods’ residence at Jiba, determine it.   Hinomoto Shoyashiki no, Kami no yakata no Jiba sadame. … Continue reading

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I heard recently that the Pope now wants to investigate priests that abuse the nuns in the Catholic church. The constant stories of the abuse of children by the clergy is a constant thorn in the Catholic church. It is … Continue reading

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Abortionists Are Hurting God

It is very sad that some politicians are advocating for abortions at delivery.  We have become a very selfish society where “I” has become important. “It is my body, so I can do anything with it”, is the quote that … Continue reading

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God Can Heal You

Do you have an illness that doctors and medicine cannot cure? Whatever your illness is, it can be cured. In the Bible, Jesus and his disciples cured the blind and healed the sick. In the beginning of the Tenrikyo religion, … Continue reading

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Understanding The Soul

Why do people suffer?  Why are some people afflicted with cancer? Why do people suffer from diseases? Why do people get into accidents? Why do bad people appear in our lives? Are these all coincidences or planned by God? God … Continue reading

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