To save oneself, you must save others

To save oneself, you must save others.

In the Tip of the Writing Brush, it says that one must save others to be saved. In other words, one must not be selfish. There is a good feeling when one donates to a worthy cause, and there is also a warm feeling when one receives. These exchanges without any commitments brings out the joy from our hearts.

For instance, During Halloween, I wanted my grandson (3years) to give out candy. I was doubtful that he would participate since kids this age are very possessive. At first his facial expression was perplexed at giving out candy that he loves to eat. But as the night went on, I could see the joy in his face as he grasped each candy from the bowl to each of the moving bags of the participants. He also experienced the many thank you  he received in giving out the treats.

Halloween now a days is given a bad reputation due to some of the bad events that have occurred in the past. Yet, I believe that it can also be a learning experience for our children. In our religion, hinokishin is any work or effort that helps others. I believe that this experience of giving and receiving fits into this definition of hinokishin. Giving out candy  may not be equated to  saving other; but it is an unselfish act that may ignite one’s passion to share with others.  Joy is brought to the hearts of both the recipient and the donor. This fits into the category  of  ” in saving others, one saves oneself”.

“Evil sweeping, save us please, Universal Saving God”

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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