Why is it more difficult for a rich person to get into heaven?

Why is it more difficult for a rich person to get into heaven?

In many religions, there are references to the difficulties of the wealthy obtaining God’s truth.  In the Christian religion, it was the evil pharaohs and kings that opposed the Christian religion, while in our religion, the high places or high mountains opposed our new religion.  Why is it more difficult for the rich to obtain religion?

The rich of course have money. Money replaces the dependency of God. Money can buy insurance against disasters, like car, health, and home insurance. Money can buy security, like personal security guards and home security systems. Luxury cars have many safety features not common in the standard automobile.  Having money reduces our stress concerning future events like college for the children, or cost of vacations, etc.  Money also reduces our dependency on other human beings.  We can isolate ourselves from each other when we have money. Some say that money gives us the ability to experience heaven on earth. Money, wealth, and power is sometimes confused with happiness. Many people try to gain happiness by seeking wealth and power.

Let us consider the poor. They usually cannot afford the high cost insurance that protects them from unexpected catastrophes. They cannot isolate themselves from others like the rich. They like the rich think that money and power may lead to their happiness. They may complain about the rich, but many try to emulate and envy them. Because of this mentality, they are susceptible to religions and governments that may take advantage of their predicaments.  Religions promise a better future for these people.  Religions that promise extravagant riches and rewards in the afterlife may appeal to the most poor. On the negative side, some may even accept these religions and disregard their present conditions. Faith whether authentic or false, becomes their insurance against calamity and suffering.

In both the rich and poor, it is the perception of happiness that causes the alienation or proclivity toward religion. Being rich is not a sin, as being poor is not a sin.  Only when we realize that wealth and power is not the purpose of life, will we all able to lean and rely truly on God for our happiness.  The poor may be more receptive to religion, but both rich and poor do not understand the purpose of life.  The purpose is not to gain wealth or power. The purpose is to have joy. This is only possible when all mankind live a joyous life.

“Evil sweeping, save us please, Universal Saving God”

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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