What is a spirited mind?

What is the spirited mind? Is it the opposite of a depressed mind? Have you had days that everything seemed lackluster, and you had difficulty performing your daily tasks? On the other extreme, I am sure that we all have had days where everything felt perfect with the world. Do chemicals in our bodies cause these moods? I know sometimes a strong cup of coffee gets me in a great conversational mood. Or is it the environmental conditions that cause these moods? For example, mechanical breakage of my car always brings upon a negative attitude. But I would consider this not a mood, but a worry of the unknown, the cost of the repair. These uncertainties may eventually accumulate to cause depression. So how do we become spirited?

In the Tip of the Writing Brush is the following verse

Day by day, I shall make every effort solely for

the preparations to make everyone in the world spirited. 10-81

Making the mind spirited day by day,

God will work to make the world be filled with joy. 11-56

According to the verses, God will help us become spirited and fill the world with joy. But how will God make the minds spirited? The following verses state that God will help us sweep evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) from our minds, making the heart pure.

How will those minds be purified?

God will rush out to places near and far. 10-4

Step by step, God will enter bodies

And begin free and unlimited workings (sweep evil away). 10-5

A purified mind may be a prerequisite to become spirited. When are minds are free from greed, arrogance, and self love, it may be easier to become spirited. It is God who will purify the minds of the world, making it easy for us to become spirited.

Won’t it be great to be spirited everyday for the rest of our lives! With mankind becoming spirited, the joyous world of everyone helping each other will also unfold. Got waits for the day that both human beings and God are both spirited. Begin by praying to God to help us remove greed, arrogance, and self love from our hearts.

“Evil sweeping, save us please, Universal Saving God”


About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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