Adorn the Mind

We believe that the mind is our to use as we please, but the body is borrowed from God.  As any thing borrowed, we must take care of it, and eventually return it with its normal wear and tear.  It is with this knowledge that we must adorn the mind, and not the body and its adornments. Adorn the mind by removing greed, arrogance and self love from your mind.   It is the heart and the soul which we should treasure and adorn, and not the body. The following episode is from the Ancecdotes of Oyasama.

Tokichi Izumita engaged himself in missionary work while selling sweet potatoes in Osaka. After closing shop for the day, he would always return to Jiba that night and return to Osaka before dawn after hearing some of the teachings firsthand.

One day, he was held up by three highway robbers on his way to Jiba on the Jusan Pass—a mountain pass linking Yamato Province to Osaka which he usually took.

The teaching of “a thing lent, a thing borrowed” which he had been instructed in flashed in his head. Tokichi then took off his coat and other pieces of clothing as the robbers demanded and placed his wallet on top of them. He sat on the ground on his knees, bowed, and said, “I am grateful that I was allowed to borrow these items for such a long time. Please go ahead and take them home with you.”

However, when Tokichi raised his head, there was no sign of the robbers. They had fled without taking a single thing, possibly because they were spooked and uneasy at how Tokichi was all too willing to comply with their demands. But it might of also been due to God’s protection due to Tokichi’s purity of mind.

In summary, It is prudent to take care of your body loaned to you by God But more important  is to adorn the mind and the soul which will live for eternity.  God will provide protection when your mind is pure.

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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