How important is trust today?

What happen to honesty, and trusting people that they are telling the truth. Becoming a society of no trust. Today we presume that someone is lying unless they can prove that they are not. We cannot leave our doors unlocked, or our windows open, for fear of being burglarized. We cannot let our children outside without supervision. We have so much security in place, costing millions of dollars, and  time consumption. We lose many of our freedoms to protect ourselves from evil.

What was once easy becomes time consuming, and costly. For example, today I had some business with one of the government agency. I took time off from work. I arrived one hour and a half early to avoid the long lines that are normal at these facilities. Upon entering the facility, I was body searched. I was prepared by having copies of my birth certificate and other documents that were necessary to obtain what I wanted from this government agency. But to my disdain, these documents were not accepted because they were copies. They wanted the originals!  I am sure that the clerk was following office manual policies. But what happen to trust? A trust that I was telling the truth.

What are the consequences to what  happened? I will spend time finding the originals, or will have to  pay over $300.00  for the government to provide me another original if they are not found. I would have to take time off of work, and return to the already crowded office again. Would it not have been better, if the clerk was able to trust me given the sufficient evidence since they  were clear copies of the original? Won’t their lines become shorter?

What if evil like selfishness and arrogance did not exist? Certainly life would be much more joyous for everyone with everyone supporting and helping each other. With this I question you, is any of our religions  emphasizing the elimination of greed and arrogance in mankind in their sermons? A world without arrogance and greed, is it possible?

Tenrikyo Church/Heaven’s Truth Church

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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