Is the simple life better?

Just read an editorial on how life can be so simple if we had less. The more we have, the more we have to worry about. I can relate to this by being a homeowner and having three automobiles.

Weekends seem to be worst if you are a homeowner with a large  front and backyard. Have you ever had a palm tree, trying to cut the hanging palms? It’s no problem when the tree is small, but once it becomes taller than the house, you need ladder, and those long poles with a saw at the end. You try to balance the pole while trying to keep still on the ladder, almost like a circus act. Sometimes I pray for winter, when everything stops growing!.

Besides, the up keep, its hard to take a vacation when you have a home. What do you do with your pets? Five minutes on the road, you wonder if you shut off the coffee maker, or locked all the doors. You always worry about intruders coming into your home while you are away. How about if the water pipe breaks? Should you cancel your papers or have the neighbors pick it up? Which one will make it less conspicuous that you are not home?

Now lets worry about the cars we own. Sometime don’t you wonder how long your car can go without changing the oil? That nagging feeling that you should change your tires since it’s been over 35,000 miles. When we do get the oil change, the mechanic reminding us to change the transmission fluid, and telling us that our brake pads need to be replaced. You wonder why they just don’t give us a oil change without looking at anything else.

How about the kids? How often do we worry about them. From the time they begin to walk, we worry about them falling and injuring themselves. We try to make everything child proof. How about those teen years when our hair started turning gray, and our wrinkles appeared.

Yes sometime I wonder if life would of been easier if we did not own our house, or if we had no children. But these thoughts are overshadowed by the joy that are brought upon by what we have. Although everything we have is but temporary on this earth, we are often blessed by having them. The house that gives us protection, the cars that give us a myriad of new destinations, and our children that give us joy, we are blessed.

It is not the material possessions that prevent us from  finding joy. With more possessions or more experiences, we are likely to experience more worries. But we are also likely to experience more joy. The timid youth who is afraid of rejection will never experience the joy of friendship. The hermit, will be safe in his house, but will miss out on the many opportunities that life offers. Worries and stress are part of life. But with faith in God, the worries become less, and the joy only become more. A simple life would be more easy to live, but would that bring upon true joy?

Heaven’s Truth Church/Tenrikyo Church

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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