The Perfect Job

What is the perfect job? I remember when I was a teenager when I had my first job in the strawberry fields in Southern California, I felt so tired at the end of the day. But after showering, it felt so good to be alive. So I guess it’s not the pay that makes a perfect job.

From my personal opinion, the perfect job is a job that has a purpose to help people in some way. It has different responsibilities and challenges everyday. It has interactions with people. It is work based, and not time based. It has interactions with the administration, influencing how the company runs. And of course has good compensation.

Many companies today, the administration has no understanding of what goes on at the delivery part of their organization. They are excellent at recruiting employees, and bringing in customers, but they have mediocre knowledge on the most important part of their company, the delivery of service. Part of this may be due to arrogance of the executives, who believe that they have more knowledge than their employees. How many times have you been asked by your company on how your job can be improved to help the company? For me, I cannot remember any instance.

There must be a purpose in your job. Without a purpose, the light goes out, and you become just a worker, like working just for the money.  Knowing that you are helping others gives you purpose in working. This I believe is the most important part in keeping one happy in a job.  The knowledge that you are a vital part of the company is very important for your happiness and your company’s success. Good companies bring out the motivation to succeed in their employees.

Variety is the spice of life. This applies also to work. An ideal job has many functions. It is not just to be supervised, but it is also to supervise others. The employee takes many roles in the company. The employee wears many hats during his or her career in the company. It involves decision-making, and cooperation between workers, and administration. The administration lets it’s employees make some of the decisions of the daily operations.

Companies that solicit the perfect job usually retain the best workers, while companies that do not, retain the mediocre worker, and continue to lose their best employees to these elite private companies. Government aide usually supports the existence and sometimes the prosperity of these mediocre companies, especially during a poor economy. Because of this aid, these companies continue to retain the mediocre employees and produce mediocre service to the public. We all lose, when this happens.

In summary the perfect job may never be realized for the majority of workers because greed and arrogance prevent us from creating this position. Our inner heart believes that greed and arrogance is wrong, while the mind succeeds in believing that material wealth and power will bring us happiness. Therefore, mankind will continue to control others, even in the work place, causing the imperfect job.

Next time a blog on the perfect marriage.  What prevents the perfect marriage? The answer may be the same as what prevents the perfect job. Never mind on the next blog.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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