We All Have Sinned

The truth of causality is said to be difficult to accept. It is difficult to accept that the sufferings of this life may due to what we have done in our past lives.  How can we place blame on the child for their sufferings? How cruel, how insensitive we are.

In truth, we all have sinned; and we all suffer because of this. There is no shame in suffering. Even in the Bible, There is a scene of a stoning, where Jesus tells the crowd that those without sin throw the first stones. Jesus is telling us that we have all used our minds in a negative response.

There is shame in the act of evil or sin; but there is no shame in the effects of these sins. Causality gives us the opportunity to reflect on our sufferings so we can plant good seeds that will sprout as joy in the future. The law of causality gives us an opportunity for a joyous future. It will purify the minds of the world.

In the Tip of the Writing Brush, it is said that when suffering occurs to others, we must not blame or feel pity for them; but we should help and console them. We must encourage them that they can create a joyous future by the principle of causality.  Good thoughts and actions will bring forth joy.


About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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