The Universe is the Body of God

Have you ever wondered what God is? To the atheist, or nonbelievers it does not matter since God does not exist. But should it matter to them? 

In the Tip of the Writing Brush, there is a verse that states that the world is the body of God. Can God be the universe? And like the trillions of other things in the world, we are just part of this immense universe. As part of God (universe), we are dependent on the laws of nature, like the law of gravity, and other cycles of life. These laws keep the universe in equilibrium.

But can the actions of mankind disrupt this equilibrium. Physically, pollution from mankind may disrupt this equilibrium; but can our mental status also disrupt the universe (God)? Can the thought and actions of mankind somehow disrupt the equilibrium of the universe? Can the body of God be unhealthy because of the evils in the hearts of mankind? Can the sufferings in the world be lessened by our thoughts?

Whether we believe in a caring God or not, we all believe in the universe. This universe is large beyond our comprehension; but we are a part of it. The universe is the body of God.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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3 Responses to The Universe is the Body of God

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brain Greene speaks of how atoms at opposite ends of the universe send and receive messages. If this is possible, our idea of the universe and how things work must be completely backwards. This would mean the whole entire universe is connected to every single atom in the entire universe, just like blood cells are to the human body? “The universe is like a galactic human body” God The Universe. “God said, Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness”. If the universe is God’s likeness then God would make man using the atomic structure, protons, neutrons and electrons of course, the chemical basis of life.
    The phenomena of entanglement which basically says when two particles interact then separate they each in some sense know something about the other regardless of how far apart they become (even if they are on opposite sides of the universe) EPR paradox “Measurements on an entangled state”. Quantum entanglement.
    EPR paradox “Measurements on an entangled state”. Quantum entanglement: Einstein was the most prominent opponent of the Copenhagen interpretation. In his view, quantum mechanics is incomplete. Commenting on this, other writers (such as John von Neumann and David Bohm hypothesized that consequently there would have to be ‘hidden’ variables responsible for random measurement results, something which was not expressly claimed in the original paper.
    It is one thing to say that physical measurement of the first particle’s momentum affects uncertainty in its own position, but to say that measuring the first particle’s momentum affects the uncertainty in the position of the other is another thing altogether. Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen asked how can the second particle “know” to have precisely defined momentum but uncertain position? Since this implies that one particle is communicating with the other instantaneously across space, i.e., faster than light, this is the “paradox”.
    “The Genesis Effect” We are not alone in the Universe.
    Quantum entanglement spooky action at a distance explained with what I call “The Genesis Effect” of anti-matter energy. The answer to how particles can be in two places at one time communicating with each other are in the understanding of anti-matter energy and a multi-dimensional universe within a universe. When we separate an atom it moves to another dimension however, as soon as we attempt to look at it, it seems to disappear. The reason is, that you have to be in the other anti-matter universe to be able to see it. Particles of matter and anti-matter spin opposite of each other, what we do in our universe affects the anti-matter universe. And what the anti-matter universe does in its universe affects our universe. The Universe uses the same force of anti-matter for all information to travel through a black hole without the fundamental laws of physics being destroyed. I call this the “Genesis Effect”. So if atoms can be in two universe’s at the same time, then so are you. The atoms of the Universe are alive with intelligence in another dimension. You will never look in the mirror the same again grin.

    A universe within a universe where man and all matter are regenerated over and over again, each universe a clone image with the exact fundamental laws of physics. Black holes ‘big bangs’ are just the latest in an infinite number of cycles going back into the past and into the future. It seems that time may just be a ‘frigment’ of our imagination grin. Gravitational waves, ripples in space-time suggest that the universe did indeed expand many times faster than the speed of light in the first few instants after the Big Bang. “cosmic inflation – external inflation theory- accelerated by anti-matter-energy.


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