The Heart Purifies the Mind

Every day, we create good and bad thoughts. We have control of our thoughts. We can make them disappear, or they can take over, resulting in negative energy in our bodies. What happens to this negative energy generated by the mind? The heart (soul) is said to be the filter. Some would say that the heart is like the sand in the purification system of our sewage system. Like the sand, it attracts the impurities and binds them so that they can be eventually eliminated from the body. But where does this negative energy that is entrapped in the heart go?

Some say that these impurities trapped in the heart are slowly released as negative energy, and affects the body, as illness like cancer. The rest of the negative energy may be released into the environment, and converted to energy that will eventually boomerang back to us as suffering or inconvenience. The heart continues to dispose of the negative energy released from our minds; but also serves to continually remind us of our mental state, by the negative energies that are reflected back to us in the form of suffering or inconveniences in our daily lives.

But what do we do when confronted with these sufferings or inconveniences? We must be spirited, and accept these occurrences joyfully, in order not to produce any more negative energy by our minds. When we do this, we can eventually purify our mind, and purify our hearts to their original state. When this happen, there will be no sufferings or inconveniences. The heart (soul) serves to purify our minds.

The soul (heart) is said to be the essence of an individual that is said to survive the demise of our bodies. Where the soul travels is unknown. Some say that heaven is the final destination, while others say that the soul with its baggage (negative energy) continue the birth and death cycles on earth, with the purpose of the purification of the mind and eventually the soul (heart). The soul continues forever, eventually reaching a state of purification of the mind.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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