Summary of the Tip of the Writing Brush

Most religious books are difficult to summarize due to their length, translation and interpretation that is required. Sometimes the purpose and meaning of these sacred books get lost due to these conditions. The following is my interpretation of the Tip of the Writing Brush (Ofudesaki), which is comprised of over 1,000 verses.


God created mankind to live a joyous life.

The reason God began human beings     XIV-25

was the desire to see you lead a joyous life.

God announced this truth at a preordained time (1838) and place (where first humans were created), and communicated thru the parent of mankind (foundress) by the 1711 verses of Tip of the Writing Brush (Ofudesaki).

Whatever I may say or write by the tip of my brush,  VI-68

it is none other than directions from the mind of God.

Looking all over the world and through all ages,    I-1

I find no one who has understood my heart.

Good thoughts and action causes joy, and evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) thoughts and actions causes sufferings in the future. This is the law of “Cause and Effect”.

These paths of the mistaken mind (evil) cause suffering and create an unhappy world. These paths are called dusts.

These paths are miserliness, covetousness, self-love,  

greed and arrogance. They are the dusts. 3-96

Note: some believe that anger, hate, and grudge bearing are also included in the mistaken mind and are included in other records but are not mentioned in the verses of the Tip of the Writing Brush.

Instead of the Joyous world, God saw suffering caused by our selfish actions (law of Causality)

Until now, no matter what path you may have been on,   

I kept still because the day had not yet come. 6-24

To God, everyone is a child of mine.     

I am filled with love for you. 8-60

But the innermost heart of everyone of you    

is covered with piles of dust.8-61

Though until now God has never come out into the open    

no matter what occurred. 8-66

Until now, as the day has not yet come,     

I have been keeping still on whatever matters. 15-44

There can be no help for what you have done self-centeredly.    

I can only look on caringly.16-32

Whatever may happen, bear no grudge,    

it is what each of you has done to yourself.17-60

As God saw the suffering of mankind due to the paths of the mistaken mind, God wanted to help us realize the relationship between cause and effect.

To sweep (purify) so many minds would be difficult. God decided that the best way to sweep these dusts is by shortening the time lapse between cause and effect, showing people the relationship between the two. This is by placing disease or illness on the body. This is God’s guidance and blessings

This time, I shall make your future known in this life time.   

Look at the disorder of the body. 5-2

This time, bodily disorders will appear here and there.    

Know that it is the care being given by God. 8-81

But as always there is no coercion from God. God asks permission to carry out these plans.

Therefore, God granted us a special prayer, a prayer requesting God to shorten the time lapse between cause and effect. This will cause us to ponder the effect, and sweep away our evils (greed, arrogance, and self love) from our hearts.

Little by little, I will teach the service (prayer). This preparation for salvation     

I will sweep clean everyone’s inner most hearts. 7-95

This path I will teach quickly. By this Service,    

all minds will be purified. 7-99

This dust is difficult to sweep away.     

But if you only begin the Service (prayer). 13-22

If only your minds (prayers) are truly accepted by God,    

I shall sweep away any dust whatever. 13-23

With the sweeping of our dusts (evil), suffering will disappear.

If only the mind is purified completely,    

there will be nothing but delight in everything. 14-50

This prayer to God is directed toward the site of the original creation of mankind (mind was pure).

With our prayer, we are asking God to shorten the time lapse between cause and effect. With the acceptance of our sincere prayer, God enters us and distinguishes our minds. God places disorders and illness that are appropriate to how we are using our minds today. God is making us realize the relationship between our thoughts and our future.  With God’s guidance, we have a choice to ponder and sweep away the evils (greed, arrogance, and self love) that cause future sufferings.

This time, I shall make your future known in this lifetime.

Look at the disorder of the body. 5-2

This time, bodily disorders will appear here and there.

Know that it is the care being given by God. 8-81

Whatever is done is done by God.

Whatever happens, know that it is not an illness. 14-20

To explain how this regret will be cleared away.

Solely by the Service (prayer), everything will be revealed. 15-85

But without understanding what is occurring, one cannot comprehend God’s intentions. We who have faith must tell people how God will guide us.

This is a world constructed on reason.    

So I shall press upon you everything with the reason in verse. 1-21

This talk requires only your understanding.    

With understand will come tested proof (God’s blessings).3-14

As God desires to inform you quickly,    

you must understand whatever occurs. 3-29

Though I have gathered many and varied trees (followers),   

those that cannot understand reasoning (distorted mirror) will not do. 3-50

Though I wish to have you know this path quickly.

It is difficult because there is no understanding. 4-46

There is no error in my free and unlimited workings (God’s blessing).

But there must be understanding in everyone’s mind. 6-14

If only your minds quickly become open to understanding,    

I shall show you the proof at once.  12-110

Whoever you may be, when this is seen    

the cleansing of the heart will be truly accomplished of itself. 12-172

I shall not repeat what I have said until now.    

From now on, you only need to have understanding.17-71

Today, you must explain my talks to others

in detail step by step. The time has at last come. 14-65

There will be no understanding about anything   

unless you tell them. Tell them everything, all in detail. 14-66

Perhaps you do not know what this talk is about.   

Tell them all about the workings of God. 14-67

Perhaps you do not know what my workings are.    

I shall make all minds in the world be revealed (disorder to the body or blessings). 14-68

This talk, I do not indicate anyone or place.    

I shall give notices through bodily disorders. 16-40

With understanding, God gives guidance. God shortens the time lapse between cause and effect.

I shall make everything in the mind of each of you    

clearly manifest on your body. 12-171

Whoever you may be, when this is seen    

the cleansing of the heart will be truly accomplished of itself.12-172

God does not force guidance on anyone. If Gods workings (blessings) are not understood or ignored, God withdraws from the individual; and lets the paths of the mistaken mind continue.

I do not force you to come along if you do not wish to,   

but if you should, you will be good forever. 3-6

If you erase the words of God,    

I shall withdraw at once. Beware! 13-14

As God persuades you to such a degree,      

if your mind is in error, I shall withdraw at once.13-70

The prayer for salvation besides bringing us blessings brings other people into our lives who are seeking answers to their fate.

Throughout the world, this sweeping of the innermost hearts,    

God is the broom. Watch carefully . 3-52

The present path is covered with dust.    

Pray to God (Take a broom (God) and do the sweeping). 3-145

The path thereafter will be broad and clear.    

Take along with you as many others as you wish. 3-146

As these people come into our lives with disorders or illnesses (effect), God grants us the prayer to heal people (osazuke) as a way to inform and introduce people to this path that will lead to a joyous world.

These people, who are brought into this broad path by their recent disorders (effect), ponder and sweep evils from their hearts. They then lean on God and pray for world salvation. God accepts their sincere prayer, heals them and brings more people onto this path leading to a joyous world. With this cycle, eventually the whole world is praying for world salvation.

With the purification of all mankind, God promises us the Central Pillar. The establishment of the Central Pillar will bring forth great blessings to the world (the joyous life).

As proof of my beginning of human beings,

I shall put the Central Pillar into place.17-9

If only this Pillar comes to completion,

there will be nothing that cannot be realized. 17-10

Until then, the hearts of everyone throughout the world    

must be swept clean.17-11

The Central Pillar symbolizes the proof of the origin of mankind. This concrete structure is constructed on the site of the original beginning of mankind. This site is where our prayers are directed toward, and reflected toward God. With the completion of the Pillar, God promises us a joyous world of great blessings.

If only this (Pillar) is completed,   

there will be no failure in the monthly service prayer. 10-33

If there are no failures in the service prayer,     

the gift of heaven also will be given without failure. (Joyous life). 10-34


In summary, all mankind will eventually live a joyous life, with everyone helping each other. God guarantees this by the original causality, God created mankind to live a joyous life.

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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