The prayer to end the wars


With the increase of violence in the Middle East, and the tragedy in the Ukraine this week, the escalation of blame increases in the world. We blame the sufferings and inconveniences on others. How do we end this cycle of retribution? In the Tip of the Writing Brush is the following:

God sincerely desires only to end the wars

among those on the high mountains. 13-50

By what means can they be ended?

If only you set forth on the Joyous Service. 13-51

The Joyous Service is a prayer asking God to show the world the relationship between the mind and what occurs in the future. These truths are called causality and reincarnation. We reap what we sow. Many times we are at loss when suffering occurs because death acts as a partition that obscures the cause. We tend to blame the messenger that brings upon the sufferings instead of looking within ourselves.

In the Tip of the Writing Brush, God advises us to spread the truth of causality. With the acceptance of our special prayer, God will begin to show people the relationship between our minds and our bodies. The following is from the Tip of the Writing Brush:

Today, you must explain my talks to others

in detail step by step. The time has at last come. 14-65

There will be no understanding about anything

unless you tell them. Tell them everything all in detail. 14-66

What is it that we must tell the world? It is the truth of Causality. It is with Joyous Service (prayer) that God will begin the process of helping the world understand causality.

Our special prayer:

Evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) sweeping, save them please, Universal Saving God

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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