Causality as the Truth of Heaven

Most people know what is right and what is wrong. Many people want to be good, but being good is difficult to obtain. If there were no inconveniences, temptations or suffering after our resolve to take the high road, it would be easy to accomplish our goal of being good. But life always brings upon obstacles that test our resolve. These may include the boss or coworker who makes it difficult for you, illnesses that cause suffering, accidents that cause emotional and physical damage, and temptations. These obstacles may obstruct our desire to be good.

What brings upon these negative events? Why do some people have more of these negative events happen in their lives? Are these God’s and the devil’s workings to test our faith? Or can these sufferings or inconveniences be the result of our own doings?

If these sufferings and temptations are the result of God’s test, then many of us will fail before our physical demise. Look at the human response to God’s test in the world today. There is anger, retribution, greed, hatred, and grudge bearing, leading to crimes and wars. We have failed God’s tests, and the devil is said to be waiting to reap the remnants of our soul.

Let us suppose the sufferings and inconveniences that we experience today are the result of our past actions and thought. For most of us, we see and feel the sufferings, but we do not understand. We do not see or recall the evil that caused our inflictions of today. We believe that we have done nothing wrong. We then go back to thinking it is God’s will, God’s test for our salvation. We do not see the relationship between our minds and our bodies.

Reincarnation may be part of the puzzle that unravels the mystery why we suffer. The evil or the source of the suffering may be found in previous lives. Causality and reincarnation gives us an opportunity to purify our minds of evil. Like a mirror of our minds, they forces us to confront our past thoughts and behavior. If we react positively to the sufferings brought upon by our past action, we can create a future that will be joyful. If we react negatively, it continues the cycle of suffering. The principle of causality affirms the ownership of our minds to use as we please. But it also affirms the effects of our thoughts and actions caused by our free will. We reap what we sow.

In life, suffering and inconveniences come in different guises. Some times, someone familiar delivers it, and other times it is delivered by complete strangers. The phrase, “don’t kill the messenger” comes to mind. We must not take it out on the messenger, but we must ponder within to purify our own minds. By the law of causality, we can create a joyful future.

For many of us, we see the suffering in the world, but we do not understand. Understand causality. The truth of heaven may be causality.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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