Why is my child gone?

Just recently saw a show in Las Vegas called the Jersey Boys. If you can stand going through the smoked filled casino, I would recommend this show. One poignant part of the show was when the main character finds out that his daughter dies of an overdose. He blamed it on the drug dealers, but I believe there is more to the story. I thought it would be interesting to play out the two sides of every story concerning a parent and a child.

When I saw her first, she was daddy’s girl. The cutest and most beautiful baby in the world. As she grows up, she begins to blossom as a person. We need to talk to her about adult things, but we have more time, maybe next year.

I am very nervous about my appointment with Planned Parenthood; but I hear all the kids go there for contraceptive. I fill out a few questionnaires, and some person with a white coat looks me over, and gives me a prescription for contraceptive. I ask if my parents would find out, and they tell me that my parents have no rights to stop me from having sex, or taking contraceptives. They tell me that it is best to not have sex, but everyone does it according to government statistics. I ask what would God think of premarital sex, and the blond woman sitting on the desk said, “ God brought you here”, as she took the completed questionnaire from another teenager.

I get a letter from an ambulance service with an invoice for a service on my daughter. I call her up asking why she needed an ambulance. She states that her friends and her were out eating, when she got food poisoning. She says she was embarrassed about it and did not call us. She said not to worry. I told her I was happy she is well but to give us a call when she needs us. I wonder if it was food poisoning. Yes, it must have been. I will talk to her later on.

I am at a local clinic on my drug addiction concerning my alcohol and drug addiction. I tell them that my parents are never to know about it. They guarantee me that they will never know, and that parents usually make the situation worse. They tell me that government knows what is best for the patient. I want to ask more questions, but they tell me my appointment time is over, since they need to see more patients to receive government funding. I wonder what the bleep????

As I see my daughter’s lifeless body, I wonder what happened, and how we grew so far apart. These evil drug dealers took her away from me. They have taken away my plan for a father daughter conversation, about politics, about religion and God, and most of all about drugs and alcohol that destroy our lives. Yes these evil drug dealers are all at fault.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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