The Scrooge

What do we do with the evil people of the world? What does God do with them? In the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki) is the following:

Looking all over the world and through all ages,

I find no one who is evil. 1-52

Among all mankind, there is no one who is evil.

It is only a bit of dust stuck on. 1-53

These dusts are said to be the path of arrogance, self love, and greed.

These paths are miserliness, covetousness, self love,

greed, and arrogance. These are the dusts. 3-96

If this is true, all mankind is inherently good; and some of us have accumulated the dusts of evil in our hearts. Like the dusts that are easily wiped away from our desktops, the evils of arrogance, self-love can be swept away easily if it is realized. But like the dusts that are imbued in the mirrors, the dusts in our minds become difficult to remove if continue to think or do evil.

So we can say that mankind is not evil; it is only his actions and thoughts that are evil. How easy is it to restore his or her mind to the original purity of our creation. Looking at the events of the world, like the beheading of innocent people, and religions that advocate violence, it appears that this will be a difficult task to change the mindset of these people.

The Christmas Carol the Scrooge gives us hope. It is a story of a man that was pure in the beginning, but life experiences had made him selfish, arrogant, and greedy. By the gift of God, he was able to see his past, present, and future from a perspective of an observer. At the end of this fictional story, the Scrooge becomes a good man, and he lives the rest of his life in joy. Unfortunately we cannot see our future like the Scrooge. We cannot see the relationship between our behavior and our future.

But can we see our future like the Scrooge? In one of the sacred books, God tells us that we cannot understand causality. We see suffering, and we see evil actions. We see people having joy, and we see philanthropy. Could there be a relationship between our actions and thoughts and our future. The Scrooge saw the light of causality.

Look at how causality (suffering or joy) is working in the world, and you will see the journey taken before. January 30, 1892 Instructions (Osashizu)

What do we do to evil people? Let us pray that God shows them their future. It is predicted in the Book of Prophecy that all mankind will be purified, and that all mankind will live a joyous life.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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