The Site of Miracles

In many religions, there is a special site that people pilgrimage to. In the Heaven’s Truth Religion, there is also a special site that is said to possess miraculous properties. The stand, pillar, Ojiba and the Kanrodai are names used to represents this location where the first human beings were created. In the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), the pillar also is said to be the original parent of mankind (Oyasama). Oyasama is said to be the first parent of mankind, who God had prophesized to be reincarnated in the 18th century to save the world.

What are you thinking concerning the stand?

This is because the Parent of Origin (Oyasama) exists. 10-22

Some scholars also believe that the stand represents the purified mind of the original Parent (Oyasama) that was void of greed, arrogance, and self-love.

It is written that some of the early followers of the religion after purifying their minds were immobilized when they walked over the site where mankind was created. The following concerning this event is written in the Book of Prophecy:

Hereafter, bodily disorders will appear here and there.

Know that it is the care being given by God. 8-81

When you come, compare your disorder among yourselves

If the conditions are the same, quickly begin the sweeping to purify the mind. 8-82

Walk over where you have swept (with a purified mind) , and you will come to a standstill.

That place, the Kanrodai (location where mankind was created)

But besides indicating the site of the creation of mankind, the stand or location appears to be the place where God discerns our mind. God compares our minds with the original pure mind of the origin or the Parent (Oyasama).

Among the high mountains, the preparation to distinguish between those

of good (nihon) and those of evil (kara) will be made also by the Pillar. 2-46.

Oyasama and the pillar (some will say is the same), is what God uses to distinguish our minds when we pray for the salvation of others. This is why the early followers prayed toward the pillar, or the location of the first parent. With the acceptance of their sincere prayer, God used the pillar (Oyasama) in distinguishing the minds of the local residents; and from these findings, guides them to salvation.

But on January 26 1887, Oyasama passes away as prophesized in the Book of Prophecy

On the eleventh, the nine will have disappeared, the origin (Kanrodai) forgotten.

I await the 26th of the first month. 3-73

On this day, the mind of Oyasama was freed from her physical body, and her mind becomes a mobile pillar that has its root on the original pillar. God now has the ability to distinguish the minds of the whole world. This prayer now becomes a prayer for world salvation.

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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