How do we remove evil

I hear on the news concerning what should be done to combat the terrorist. Many political analysts on one particular channel suggest finding and killing of all terrorists. But can all evil in this world be eliminated by death? Look in the past. The world has killed Hitler, Stalin, and other evil leaders, but cruel and evil people continue to emerge. If we believe in the everlasting soul and reincarnation, these souls continue to return with their baggage of evil. We definitely cannot annihilate evil people; it does now work.

Can a person be evil by genetics? Is evil a learnt trait? In the Heaven’s Truth Church (Tenrikyo), we believe that there is no one who is evil. It is only because the dust of evil has invaded his or her mind.

Among all mankind, there is no one who is evil.

It is only a bit of dust stuck on. 1-53

These dusts are arrogance, self love, and greed. They permeate the mind, and make man evil. Evil is a learnt trait, that can be detached from the soul.

It is not the body or soul that we must eliminate, but it these evils of arrogance, self love and greed that we must attempt to remove from these “evil people”. But how do we remove these evils from their minds? We can try to reason with these people, but without God’s help, it may be fruitless.

It the Heaven’s Truth Church, God has given us a prayer that will help others remove evil from their minds. We need God’s assistance to help the world remove evil from their hearts. It is this special prayer that will eventually purify the minds of the world. Lets give prayer a chance!

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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