Open the Portal to Level the Ground

In the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), it is stated that since the creation of mankind, God had been a spectator. There is a date in history that God began to help mankind. This important date is January 26, 1887. This is the day that Oyasama, the parent of all mankind passed away. What makes her physical absence so important in God’s plan to help mankind?

Oyasama, the soul of the first parent of mankind was said to have a lifespan of 115 years guaranteed by God. She communicated through God the teaching of the Heaven’s Truth Religion (Tenrikyo). But unexpectedly to her followers, she becomes ill. Through a mediator, God is asked what needs to be done to save Oyasama. God asks, “ Should I open the portal to level the ground or close the portal to level the ground?” The followers reply to open the portal to level the ground hoping that God will save Oyasama. On January 26, 1887, as the prayer service ends, she passes away. Her followers are at loss to what to do. A mediator is again utilized to ask why Oyasama passed away. God replies that he had done what the followers had requested. He had opened the portal to level the ground.

Let us attempt to find out what the opening of the portal means. First what is the portal? There are verses in the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki) that alludes that the Kanrodai (Pillar) may be the portal. What does the Pillar do? In the Book of Prophecy, it is said that the Pillar will distinguish between evil and good minds.

Among the high mountains, the preparation to distinguish between those

of nihon (good) and those of kara (evil) will be made also by the Pillar. 2-46

But what is this Pillar that distinguishes our minds? In the Heaven’s Truth Church, the Pillar is said to be a stand representing the location where God created mankind, specifically the exact location where human beings were created. In our religion, we believe that Oyasama was the first parent of mankind at this location. Her mind is said to be pure. The above verse states that God will utilize the Stand in comparing our minds to Oyasama’s pure mind. Again, God emphasizes that this process of purification of the mind has not occurred yet, but prophesizes that it will soon occur in the future.

In the Book of Prophecy, it is also said that Oyasama and the Kanrodai are the same. They represent the purity of the mind at the creation of mankind.

What are you thinking concerning the stand?

This is because the Parent of Nihon (Oyasama) exists 10-22*

While physically present, Oyasama was said to be the shrine of God, where people directed their prayers to receive God’s blessings. In the Book of Prophecy, God continues to request the followers to perform the special prayer (Joyous Service) with a mind of true sincerity (without greed, arrogance, and self love). But the early followers were indecisive to perform the prayer due to their concerns about the safety of Oyasama. Authorities had continued to imprison her in her latter years for the performance of the prayer service for the salvation of mankind. Many in the Tenrikyo Church believe that God shortened her life by 25 years, so that her followers could perform the prayer without worrying about the authorities taking Oyasama to prison. But can we not also speculate that her soul now has returned to the location of the Kanrodai, where now God can compare the minds of the world with Oyasama’s pure original mind. The prediction of verse 2-46 now becomes real. The Portal or the Kanrodai is now opened as requested by the early followers. Our sincere prayer toward the Pillar now becomes effective. God begins to purify the minds of the world.

With our sincere prayer toward the Pillar, God begins to bring people to us by distinguishing their minds with Oyasama’s pure mind. If evil is present, God then enters them, and places illness on their bodies.

Kara (evil) and Nihon (good) in distinguishing them,

fire and water (illness) will be put in to distinguish them. 2-47

In the mountain, I can see fire and water ( illness )

Can’t anyone see this with your own eyes?  2-40

I see sick people coming one after another.

Can’t anyone see this with your own eyes? 4-10

With our sincere prayer, God brings people to us, so we can teach them about causality, or how our minds reflect what happen to us. We heal their illness and teach them our special prayer (Joyous Service) toward the Pillar. This continues until the whole world becomes spirited.

On this important date of January 26, 1887, Oyasama returns to the original location of the creation of mankind fulfilling God’s prophecy, initiating the salvation of all mankind. God had opened the portal to level the ground.


*It is also interesting to note the similarities of the confiscation of the Stand by the authorities, and the imprisonment of Oyasama by the authorities, both situations causing God’s anger.

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