Racial Conflicts and Arrogance

Ignore the color of the skin of the racist. It is the evil of arrogance in the thoughts that emanate from the soul of the bigot. Arrogance is no stranger to all races. The strife and hate between individual because of the tone of the skin is said to be on the increase in America. The protest in Ferguson is an example of individuals that are imbued with arrogance in their minds. If a machine was able to detect the evil of arrogance in Ferguson during the protest, I am sure that the meter would have determined an increase in arrogance.

It is not a black or white issue. It is an issue of individuals that have the evil of arrogance in their minds. The dust of arrogance will convince an individual that he or she is better than someone. It is a contagious evil, like a virus that becomes imbued in the mind. This evil is not selective to any race, but seeks the mind that does not understand that we are all God’s children.

It is not the issue of race that causes the sufferings that we have recently witnessed. But it is the issue of the evil of arrogance that we must eliminate from our minds. Arrogance not only causes racial conflicts, but it is the source of other conflicts. For example, we see arrogance on our highways, like road rage. We see conflicts in our workplace because of arrogance. We see religious conflicts in the Middle East because of arrogance.

Most people see what happened in Ferguson as a black and white issue in America; but I see it as a congregation of arrogant people that do not know that we are all God’s children. We must first eliminate arrogance from our minds to achieve harmony in this world.



About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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