The Future Health Care in America

Today, the policy is political correctness. Being right or honest does not matter. One only has to be polite and be pretentious so as not to hurt the feelings of a group or faction. This is noticeable in politics and government. But this deceit goes on in business. In business, greed is rampant. It used to be easy to identify the trickster or swindler. But today, corporations (banks, businesses, etc.) have begun to incorporate this policy of political correctness to gain customers. These corporations pay advertisers and consultants billions of dollars to train their employees in gaining the trust of their customers.

With corporations, the number one priority becomes profit. Customer service and product become secondary. The more customers, the more profit; and the less they spend on their products, the more profit. In an ideal business, more customers would result in more research and greater quality; but when corporate greed swallows a business, the revenue collected from more customers will go into advertisement, consultants and profit to their stock holders.

Unfortunately, corporations are now swallowing up the medical field, whether it is large private companies, or companies claiming to be nonprofit organizations. It used to be a private practitioner could open up a practice and live comfortably treating patients with dignity and care; but today most physicians cannot do this. Large corporations have inundated our communities claiming that their doctors can better treat patient than the private practitioner.

Corporations hire consultants, and even government agencies to prove that their providers are providing the best treatments for their patients. All the paperwork, and policies are scrupulously collected and filed to prove to the public that their facility can serve the public best. But what goes unchallenged is the quality of actual care that their provider performs. Actual performance, like if the procedure succeeded is not examined by any of the peer review committee members in these corporations. In support of the corporations, it would be nearly impossible for them to review the success or failure of each procedure due to the high number of patient each provider is expected to see daily. But the public is unaware of this, and is obscured with the myriads of accreditation of the agency. Millions of dollars are spent by these corporations in hiring agencies and people in gaining favorable reviews by the public, where profit and not care is the primary focus of these corporations. The appearance of a caring and receiving favorable transitory patient satisfaction becomes the goal of the company. This hopefully will bring in more patients to an already saturated schedule.

Where can the patient receive the best care? Where can a health provider provide the best care and also have a good quality of life? These two questions will eventually need to be answered in America.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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