How do we eliminate evil?

The actions of a few evil people yesterday have angered the civilized world. How do we eliminate evil people? Our past actions of revenge, of retribution, of killing these people have not subsided the continual onslaught of evil people. Evil people continue to flourish. Eliminating the physical body does not appear to be the answer. It appears that the evil lies in the minds of mankind. How do we eliminate evil thoughts?

What will happen to these people who believe that they will enter heaven by killing innocent people? How does God who created this world let such mass killings occur?   Are these victims destined to their fate? Why does evil sometimes thrive, and why God does not help eliminate the evil? Where are the answers to these questions?

First of all, one must believe in reincarnation. One cannot find the answer by looking at the current lifetime. Like a book, one must understand the previous chapters in understanding the current chapter. As cruel as this may sound, the victims of these brutalities may not always be sinless in their previous lives. But before someone loses his temper, let me explain causality. The concept of causality explains what happens in the world every day. Joy or suffering is the result of causality. Good thoughts and actions result in joy, and evil thoughts and actions result in suffering. God usually does not interfere with the law of causality. This is why it seems that God lets evil thrive. The effects of causality may not blossom until the next lives. As cruel as this sounds, we must always suffer the consequences of what we have done; but causality also gives us hope. With our thoughts or actions of today, we can have a joyous future. Even the most evil of people can have a joyous life by changing their minds today.

Everyone will eventually have joy in the world. Yes, even these perverted son of bitches that killed people in France will obtain joy someday. We are all God’s children, and if we can compare the child/parent relationship. No parent would want their children to suffer. So should it be with God, God would want all his children to have joy. But for some like these terrorists, they will unfortunately continue to suffer the cycle of causality of suffering, until they realize that we are all children of God. Who knows what horrible sufferings they will experience in their next lives?

For the victims of these horrific acts, this is not the end. The disaster can be said to be an erasure of bad karma or innen; but it can also lead to opportunities of joy in the future if one had been good in this lifetime. It is said that God sees the thoughts and actions of everyone in the world. Good deeds do not go unnoticed. God only wants his children to experience joy.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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