Tenrikyo /The Crash of the Stock Market in 2016

Just recently viewed an infomercial about the prediction of the U.S economy. An economist predicted that the stock market would lose 50% of its value in 2016 due to the policies of the government. He cited that we have too much debt (18 trillion), and too less production in our economy. He cited the founding fathers, like Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and Franklin in the danger of having too much debt compared to production. He predicted that the majority of Americans would suffer financial setbacks beginning in 2016. This major economist has successfully predicted past economic conditions.

I found it interesting that this economist was also publicizing his new book and newsletter in which he would tell you how you could profit from the collapse of other people’s financial fortunes. I thought this information was useful, but at the same time the idea to gain from the loss of others brought upon an uneasy feeling.

In the Heaven’s Truth Religion (Tenrikyo), we are thought that true happiness is shared happiness. How can we truly be happen when others suffer? What this economist says makes sense about the present economy and its fate; but why scheme on ways to profit from this disaster? I am not sure one can be truly happy while the majority of people suffer.

Working hard and honesty are the foundation of any prosperous society. Many in our nation have lost this drive, and depend on government handouts and benefits. But where does government get this resource to support the many that do not want to work? It comes from hard working people that pay taxes, once the majority, but now becoming the minority. We in America cannot continue to borrow to support the mass that has become complacent, and lazy. We must encourage all citizens to work hard so we can continue to take care of the people who are in true need. Government must support business and industries that give people the opportunity to work. When people work, they are also helping others in many ways. We support our families. Our taxes also contribute to the nation in many ways. The Japanese word for work is hataraku. Hata means people near by, and raku is comfortable. So by working, it makes others around us comfortable.

We as a nation must encourage our children to work and be honest. Work gives us satisfaction and purpose, but it also has many consequences that are mentioned in this article that many do not even realize. We must again become a nation of workers and givers, than a nation of debt that supports those that refuse to work.

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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