Tenrikyo /The Path of Joy

Some one once asked me what makes my religion so different from other religions. At that time I could not come up with an answer. Today upon reflection, I can say confidently that our religion teaches that an individual has control of his or her future. What does this mean? It means that our thoughts and actions of today will eventually come back to affect our future. It means that good thoughts and behaviors will bring upon joy, while evil thoughts and behaviors will bring upon suffering. This is the principle of causality.

By this principle, those that suffer today, have the ability to create a future of joy, by having good thoughts, and by helping others. Causality explains why even the most evil person can ultimately have a bright future by his or her actions of today. But the conversion of mind does not erase the affects of one’s previous evil thoughts and actions. One must sow what one has planted. He or she has created a time frame of joy that will blossom after his or her sufferings. By this process of good thoughts and behavior, one has the ability to continue to plant seeds of joy in the future, while confronting, and eventually eliminating one’s sufferings.

One can say there is a path of joy, and there is path of suffering. On each path, we meet people of similar thoughts and behavior. It is not by chance or coincidence that we are born or raised in a particular city or country. It is not also coincidence that we are Muslims or Christians. Is it God, or the law of causality, which determines these factors? Does it matter? What is important is, are you on the path of suffering or on the path of Joy?

I remember, few years back, when I experienced people that were angry and sometime hostile. This occurred at work, after work and also while driving. Many times I would experience people who would flip me off on the road. I thought maybe it was the car I was driving that made people angry; but now I realize that God or causality may have brought me on the same path as these people. My thoughts were similar to these angry people. I was on the path of suffering and inconvenience.

Today, it is rare that people become angry with me. I experience friendship and kindness from co-workers, and family. I hope I am on the path of joy; but more important I hope the whole world can someday be on this path of joy.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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