Tenrikyo /The Three Brothers and their Wishes

There were three brothers fishing on the beach, when a vase came upon the sand. Upon removing the cork of the vase, red smoke poured out forming an image of a genie. The genie granted the brothers 3 wishes, one for each of the brothers. The eldest of the brothers wished for riches, the other brother wanted power, and the youngest of the brothers wanted for his brothers to be happy.

The oldest brother found a pot of gold, and soon became the richest man in the village. He spent his hours on pleasure of the flesh, drinking, womanizing, and using drugs. These activities unfortunately did not bring him happiness. He continued to seek more possession hoping more wealth will bring upon joy.

The other brother soon became the most powerful man in the village. His tenure was fraught with bribery, coercion, and illegal activities. Being the most powerful man in the village did not bring him happiness, but he continued to seek power hoping more power will bring upon the elusive joy.

Both brothers in pursuit of their joy began to cross paths. They began to have hostility toward one another, blaming each other for interfering with their goals. Finally the hostility reached a crescendo where one brother killed the other, and took his own life.

The other brother confused at the events, which had manifested, found the vase and uncorked the container. The same puff of red smoked bellowed out and the genie reappeared in front of the disheveled youth. The brother asked why his wish was not given. The genie answered, that both brothers were given their selfish wishes, and that having power and wealth do not cause happiness. The genie echoed “It is the giving, which you wished for your brothers that brings upon happiness and joy”.

The young brother suddenly felt the earth move as he fell to the ground and saw the genie disappear into the vase, which had fallen to the sand. As the youth opened his eyes, he saw his two brothers reaching to help him up from the sand. One of the brothers picked up the vase, and curiously turned it upside down to see what was enclosed in the container. The two brothers looked disappointed at finding no treasures inside the container. But the young brother smiled as he gazed at his brothers. His unselfish wish had brought upon true joy, and a second chance for his brothers.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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