Tenrikyo /Why people Go to Church

Why do most people go to church? They want someone to tell them that there is hope, and a bright future; and that there are extraneous forces that make them suffer.  They want someone to tell them that there is a caring God that will protect them like a parent protects their child.

The evangelist tells us that God places tests on us to prove our faith in him. They recite verses from the bible where God tests the faith of the early followers, sometimes commanding them to kill their only child. They tell us that if we have unconditional faith, God will give blessings that we would have never dreamed about. But why does God need to tests our faith in him, when God already has faith in the goodness of every individual.

The problem with these positive and optimistic sermons is that most people will not experience God’s blessings of health, and fortune that these evangelists often preach about. Yes, there will be a few exceptions by statistical chance; and the evangelist will often give them as examples of God’s blessings in their sermons. But for most people, having faith will not reverse their sufferings or misfortunes. Hope may be eternal, but blind faith sometimes only leads to the bigger pockets of these evangelists and their sponsors.

Hope and faith sometimes diminishes when suffering continues; but these evangelists often tell us that our blessings will come in the afterlife. They often continue to sell their promise of blessing in the afterlife if we continue to have faith in spite of our sufferings

God knows our true heart. He already has faith in our innermost heart because he is our creator. God has faith that we all can be good, without greed, arrogance, and self-love. It is change from within our hearts that provides God’s blessings in the future. We control our own destiny by our thoughts and actions of today.   This is in contrast to what the evangelist tells us. They believe that change must originate from the outside. This change is initiated by unconditional faith in God. God then helps removes the evil external forces, which make our lives, better. It is like a severe infection caused by a bad tooth. We can eliminate the infection by killing the external bacteria, but without the removal of the internal tooth, the infection or suffering will come back. The source of our sufferings comes from within us. Unlike what the evangelist tell us, we must sweep the evils from within us, before God’s blessings are provided. Faith is good, but change from within may provide God’s blessing of joy.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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