Tenrikyo /Pay to Play

One Presidential candidate is accused of pay for play or quid pro quo. For the layman, it is “You scratch by back, and I will scratch yours”. But it is difficult to prove wrongdoing unless the play or quo occurs immediately after the pay or quid. These corrupt politicians know this, and often delay the favors to their contributors. Often the delay in favor or play is what keeps these people out of trouble. The general public sees the improprieties; but the law cannot prosecute these individuals because there are no immediate direct relationships. This is why it appears that evil people get away from prosecution and punishment; but do they?

Ironically, the law of cause and effect work similar to how the game of pay to play or quid pro quo is played by our politicians. The effects of the cause may be prolonged, sometimes taking effect years later or in another lifetime (reincarnation). We see, but we do not understand. We see what is happening to us now, but we do not understand why they are occurring. An example of bad karma is the Kennedy family. What family has suffered the most tragedies? It is well known that the family wealth came from illegal liquor distributions. Their family history reveals sexual improprieties, and possible association with mobsters. Because of the lapse of extended time, most people cannot see why sufferings or inconveniences occur. Again, we see, but we do not understand.

As for the race for the White House, the more evil candidate may win; but like a scorecard, their hearts record each good or bad deed; and these merits or debits in their hearts will sprout its effect in the future. These evil politicians use time in their favor to obtain wealth and power, but when suffering or inconvenience fall upon them or their families, they may not understand that time also is a factor. We see, but we cannot or refuse to understand. Victory may be great now, but their future may be a path of suffering.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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