What is the most arrogant city?

What is the most arrogant city in the country? Seems like a ridiculous question. Recently have been traveling and visiting different cities, and have been driving my car. Everyone knows how difficult it is to navigate through a new city. Due to my unfamiliarity of the road, I have been driving more slowly, and have noticed an increase of people honking at my direction. What is more annoying than someone honking at you when you are trying to be careful? If it is not to prevent and accident, what is the purpose of honking? Is it not the quality of arrogance that someone would purposely honk at another person?

What is arrogance? Some would say it is a sin that we must avoid at all cost. To have arrogance, one presumes to be correct, and the other person is wrong. The facts may often collaborate the presumption, but sometimes we do not have all the details. This is why having arrogance is so dangerous. Arrogance leads to the emotion of anger, and a feeling that we have been wronged. This often leads to a response to teach the other person a lesson. In driving, this could be a honk, a stern look when passing, or even an inappropriate finger. I have experienced once, a driver who purposely drove in front of my car to impede my progress because he thought I had cut him off.

What is more suitable than a vehicle for showing our arrogance? It usually hides our identities, where we are strangers and are not connected. It gives us the ability to leave the scene quickly without any repercussions. It has a window where we can show our emotions. It also has the horn to express our arrogance phonetically.

We have all types of surveys. We have surveys on what are the best cities to live or retire in. Why should we not have a survey on what cities have the most arrogant people? Would this not help us decide where to raise our families or where to retire? I believe that measuring the number of honks (honks metric) can help us find the cities with the most arrogant people. Just my silly thoughts.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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