Tenrikyo /Where Was I before I Was Born

I use to wonder who I was before I was born. I know there are many who would say that we did not exist before; but it is hard to imagine not thinking. Was it not Descartes that said, “I think, therefore I am”. As I am reaching my “Golden years”, I wonder what will happen when I die. Will my good and bad thoughts just disappear with my physical body? Is it not our brains that make us think? Without the brain, do we exist? This is where religion takes over and the soul comes into play to complete the puzzle.

The soul is said to be an intangible positive energy force located somewhere in our bodies. Some call it the heart, as in the expression from the heart. But I believe it would probably locate itself near our brains, where it initiates our thought process in the developing fetus. The pure soul that was originally placed at the beginning of creation would only transport good thoughts to the mind. But throughout time, our positive souls have attracted the negative energies of our thoughts, and have become surrounded by these negative energies. How dangerous are these negative energies that surround our positive souls? They can be revert back to negative thoughts in our minds; but they can also cause illness if released in the body. Some say they can also be released out of the body, and be converted to physical force causing accidents and misfortune to the individual. What happens to the soul when it leaves the body at death?

Most religion says that the soul rises to heaven. But what would God do with the enormous amount of negative energy surrounding the soul? In the Book of Prophecy (Fudesaki), God describes this energy source as his anger and regret; and releases this energy in the form of illness, earthquakes, tidal waves, and natural catastrophes. I picture Zeus with a lightning rod hurling it at the earth.

What happens to the soul in heaven? I often wonder if the soul can operate independent of our brain? Maybe the soul is capable of thinking by itself; or perhaps the soul requires a physical brain to think? Perhaps the soul uses God’s pure mind to meditate in heaven? Some will say that the soul is an aggregate of our innate positive energy, and the negative energy collected from our thoughts. It is like a library of our negative thoughts. But where does this storage go after heaven if it does leave. Eastern religions will say that the soul comes back to earth and finds an environment and family appropriate to the negative energy it has collected. Imagine the myriad of possible placements with 7 billion people on this earth.

I have now suggested the possibilities of disease, natural disasters, accidents and misfortunes caused by negative energies surrounding our souls. The question arises how do we begin to remove the evils around our souls so that the positive energies of our souls can be expressed. In the Book of Prophecy God tells us it is the heart (soul) and the mouth (behavior and actions) that are the sands and filters. We must be aware of the negative (greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness and self love) thoughts that are manufactured by our minds. We must be determined to not to act on these thoughts that are initiated by external stimuli. Eventually these thoughts will not arise due to the pathway becoming blocked. Without the production of negative thoughts, the positive energy of the soul will be unhindered, providing blessing to the individual. It is with this hope that we pray (Joyous Service) daily asking God to help remove evil from mankind.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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