The Brothers, Cause and Effect

Once upon a time, there were two twin brothers name Cause and Effect. Cause was a mischievous and daring child, while his brother Effect was a gentle and kindhearted child. They were both brought up by caring and compassionate parents; but from the beginning there was no bond between the brothers. Both led different lives, and had different friends. Their lives were nothing exceptional until they both turned into teenagers. Cause started to get into trouble, and his parents were often called into the principal’s office. It was at this time also that Effect began to have health issues. His asthma worsened, and he was diagnosed with diabetes. Even with his health issues, Effect was an exemplary student, and graduated as one of the valedictorian of his high school. Cause, unlike his brother was not driven by academics, and was placed into a vocational school, where he was eventually “kicked out”.

In adulthood, Cause continued his life of daring adventure and crime. He served a few years in state prison, and eventually became wealthy by unscrupulous business transactions that destroyed the lives of unsuspecting vulnerable senior citizens. Cause lived a prosperous and healthy life while his brother Effect suffered from misfortune and illness.

Effect was also a religious person and always attended Sunday services at his church. In spite of his dedication to his church, he continued to suffer from his chronic illnesses. He suffered a tragic automobile accident where his wife and children were all killed. In his hospital suite, Effect angrily shouted to God, “ Why have you made me suffer so much in my life. Have I not praised and pleased you enough?” Not expecting an answer from God, Effect with tears in his eyes, succumbed to the effects of the narcotics, and went to sleep.

Upon opening his eyes, Effect was in a mansion decorated with ornate antique styling. He was surprised he was able to quickly spring from his bed. He looked into the mirror but could not recognize the reflection. It looked like the reflection of a tanned handsome muscular figure unlike his weak lethargic facade. He thought the reflection revealed his brother who he had not seen for decades. He also felt a sudden change in disposition and mood. He actually felt evil, like the thoughts of greed and arrogance manipulating his mind. Unlike his innate positive spirit, he felt depressed for the first time. Effect thought to himself, is this a dream. Is God showing me my reflection of what I have previously been in my past life? Is my brother Cause a reflection of what I have been before?

Suddenly the images disappear, and Effect is able to see obscure images of his hospital ward, and a nurse quietly entering the room. The pain returns as the narcotic effect abates; but the dark effects of evil lessens, and the spirit and joy of Cause’s mind returns. It is always the story of Cause and Effect. In this world, we see the protagonist and antagonist, but we do not understand.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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