Tenrikyo /Reincarnation as the Truth

The world is round, and it is not flat. This discovery, which was at first ridiculed, initiated the impetus in science of new discoveries. It is our old and false beliefs that sometimes hinder our progress as human beings. There is reincarnation, and there is no heaven or hell. How much more does the world have to suffer before we realize that we are causing our own sufferings? Our present conditions are what we have done in the past. Our actions of what we do today are foretelling our future. Our future is what we do today. We have control.   God tells us that we see joy and suffering in the world and we see good and evil in the world; but we do not understand the relationship.

The majority of the world is brainwashed into believing that there is a God that wants praise, and worship. But God loves us, like we love our own children. Do we want our children to praise or worship us? We want for them to have a great life. It is the same with God, God wants the world to live in joy. Yet there are religions that advocate the enslavement, and elimination of individuals that do not have their beliefs. But does God want us to kill his own children?

What greater blessing than a system of purification of the mind that God has created? We control our own destiny. If we do evil, we suffer. If we do good, we have joy. We are in control. Yet there are many in the world that only care about themselves or their families, and take advantage of others. They do not realize that they are harming themselves. God tells us that are merits and evils are accounted as credits and debits that must eventually be distributed. It is not God we must fear, it is our evil actions that we must fear.

Yet there is some of my Christian brother that will say that we are good and we believe in heaven. But you must realize that there are other religions that believe in the same concept of God and heaven that you believe in. One side may die for that belief, and the other side may kill for that belief.

Even Jesus said that he would be resurrected after death. Was he talking about reincarnation? Was he telling people, that you can kill my body, but you cannot eliminate the soul, which will come back? One of the bloggers once told me that the early Christians believed in reincarnation; might this be true?

It may not be a belief in heaven that will eventually save the world. It may be the belief in reincarnation that will enlighten our minds, to remove the evils in our minds. This will bring upon heaven on earth. Your thought please?

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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1 Response to Tenrikyo /Reincarnation as the Truth

  1. Jack says:

    The world is flat (地平說) and Shinzō Abe is reincarnation of emperor Meiji: (1) Vibrating Earth globe plus Flat Land-sphere:
    (2) 禔示日本國(垤祋亞述)內閣総理夶臣安倍晉三昰明治兲皇(亞述本命靈)轉世: http://blog.roodo.com/esir/archives/36467402.html


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