Tenrikyo /God Wants Us to Understand the Heart/Soul

God wants us to understand the soul.

Looking all over the world and through all ages, I find no one who understands the heart (soul).  Tip of the Writing Brush 1-1

Why does God want us to understand the soul? Because our souls determine our future. We suffer or have joy depending on what surrounds our eternal soul.

The soul is who we are. The soul is an amalgam of positive energies; by itself it brings upon joy to the individual because of these positive energies.  Because everyone has a soul, one can say that there is good in everyone; but our souls have accumulated negative energy around them; this is why we suffer. Let us further explore the soul/heart.

The soul is an individualized ethereal positive energy source from heaven that enters our borrowed bodies at birth or shortly after; and it leaves our lifeless bodies at death to return to heaven. During our earthly stays, one of its function is to collect our evil thoughts as negative energies; and it gradually releases the negative energies back to us as sufferings. The biblical proverb, “We reap what we sow” appears to be carried out by the soul. But cause and effect is often not immediate, making the awareness and function of the soul difficult to comprehend.

By these inconveniences that the soul delivers, the soul helps us eliminate evil thoughts from our minds; it works to remind us of the evils in our minds. These evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness and self-love. All other evil thoughts are derived from or a combination of these five categories of thoughts; for example anger and hate are derived from arrogance.These evil thoughts when placed into action are what causes sufferings to others; but they also brings upon suffering back to the perpetrators of the evil actions as a result of the soul.

How does the soul eliminate evil from our minds? If we calm our minds and ponder; and do not act on our existing evil thoughts when faced with what the soul metes out (sufferings, inconveniences and temptations), these thoughts from our minds  gradually subside. Our minds  becomes pure, and the evil surrounding our souls are eliminated. This results in a pure soul void of negative energy, which brings upon a joyous life for the individual.

For many people, the purification of the mind will be a long process, dependent on the amount of negative energy they have accumulated around their soul, which is also equivalent to the amount of evil thoughts in their mind. These sufferings that the negative energies manifest will test their resolve of not taking action on their evil thoughts. But if they continue to control their evil thoughts by not acting on them, the evils in their mind will be eliminated.  There is a saying that from  knots (sufferings),  buds (opportunities to remove evil thoughts) will sprout if we understand the soul.

But suppose we do not understand what the soul does? If we act on our evil thoughts when the soul distributes its negative energy, others will suffer and our minds will continue to produce more negative thoughts. This increases the negative energy surrounding our pure soul, causing the soul to bring upon more suffering upon ourselves.  From  knots, knots will continue to sprout if we do not understand the soul. Do not ignore the manifestations of the soul. This is why we must understand the soul (heart).

It is this  soul/heart that will continue for eternity, inhabiting sometimes imperfect bodies, and  sometimes producing unimaginable sufferings; but it is the soul that brings upon these conditions by releasing these negative energies surrounding the soul. This religion explains how to remove these negative energies, so we can uncover the pure heart/soul and live the “Joyous life”.

“In the world’s path, you can do whatever you want and get away with it, so long as no one sees you do it. But in the path of the heart/soul, it all comes to bear on yourself”. Osashizu

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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