Tenrikyo /How Do We Remove Evil?

Ever since the beginning of mankind, we have attempted to distance ourselves from people who have acted contrary to our accepted norms. What do we do with people who commit heinous crimes against humanity? History provides many examples of communities, societies and nations that attempted to take on this problem. But if we look at the world as a whole, has anything changed? Has evil been defeated? We still have governments that enslave their people; we have religions that degrade human dignity by killing those who oppose their beliefs. In our own nation we have criminals that would steal or kill if opportunities arise. How do we remove evil people in the world?

Is it a coincidence that the word evil and devil are spelled almost the same? Although the word origination of these two nouns is from different countries, let us try to associate them from a biblical perspective. If you can remember the passage in the Bible where Job complains to God why he is suffering so much despite his dedication to God. The story blames Satan (devil) in bringing upon Job’s sufferings, to prove to God that Job is only good because God has blessed him with much fortune. Job’s friends try to convince him that Job has done evil, and should apologize to God. Job becomes angrier and curses God for what is happening since he believes he has been good. Eventually Job convinces himself that God is too knowledgeable and great for us to question him; and he promises God to have less pride and to do no evil.

The story serves a message in telling us that God is too powerful for us to understand his actions. Sometimes good people suffer and bad people have joy. It also tells us that as long as we believe in God, no matter how much we suffer, we must have faith in him since he knows more than us. We must not question God. Common sense or reasoning does not apply when it comes to God’s actions. But it also conveys to us that suffering comes from an exterior force such as the devil. Suffering does not come from our own actions. Again the notion that what happens to us, we are not responsible for; therefore we must blame others and act on those who we believe are doing us wrong. This is the “blaming game” which has been over played in the world. Many people believe that we must isolate evil people or punish them physically. Will this eliminate evil? History will tell us that this is not true.

Let us go back to the two similar words devil and evil. Could the Devil be our evil thoughts in our minds? These evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, self-love, anger, hate, envy, miserliness, and covetousness. These evil thoughts cause sufferings when they are placed into action. It is these thoughts that we must suppress if we are to remove evil from the world. How do we convince the world to suppress these thoughts? We must understand the soul. Please visit heaventruth.com to understand the soul.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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